Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wedding Bells

Again, its 11pm and I'm just NOW sitting down to write my blog. Seriously, something has to be done about this. I'm not finding time to blog, instead I find myself rushing something else to be able to sit down to write and then of course the post is crappy like last night.

Either way, todays topic is about wedding bells! Nope, not mine! My sister is getting married in 6 weeks, yep you heard that right 6 weeks. Jan 30th is the day and I thought it'd never get here. In fact it really seems like this is the longest engagement in the history of the world.

My sister is not much of a wedding planner. She didn't really help me out with my wedding planning and she hasn't really helped out anyone with the planning of her wedding. I've given up on doing anything "wedding" related as far as the "big day" goes. If she doesn't have any flowers its not my problem.

My best friend is my sister's koubara (like a maid of honor) and together we are PLANNING her show (my momma is paying, I just do all the leg work!) So far the venue is booked, the invitations went out, and the RSVPs are rolling in. The problem here? Her registry kind of sucks. It's really not her fault. It's my mom's fault. My mom has bought EVERYTHING for my sister and her hubby to be. Pots and pans...check. Tupperware...check....towels...check (like 19820392 of them)....bed linens....check and double and triple check (duvet, comforters, and sheets all 7 sets of each)....toaster oven, slow cooker, coffee maker...check check check.

See why its hard to blame her for a bad registry? Not only that but I went with my sister to register and she didn't want to add anything to it because she thought that everything was priced too high and she didn't want anyone to feel obligated to buy her what she asked for. I told her to do it anyway. Some people will be willing to spend the money on the gift and others won't. Thats why you put items from different price categories onto the registry. Someone may only spend $40 (placemats for the table) while someone is willing to spend $150 (those photo frames sets...)for big ticket items a few people may pitch in get her something really nice. Nope, she kept her registry pretty bare and all the good things were already purchased by her koubara as well as koubara's mom.

Now I'm stuck taking the RSVP's and answering the question: "Is there anything Alex wants that isn't on her registry?" How do you explain to them that anything needed for a house is already purchased and she just wants decorative knick knacks... oh but shes very picky and has taste like my mom? It's almost too easy to say "Yeah I think you should give her cash" but that sounds greedy and makes the shower look as if its a money grab which its not and shouldn't be.

I remember when I was getting married I was on some wedding forums and people said the tackiest thing in the world was to be told "no box gifts" or "they couple is collecting cash for X reason". Let's be honest, part of the fun of a wedding shower is to watch the bride open her gifts, not to watch her open envelopes and count cash.

So now I have to come up with some fun and interesting games that can be played with people of all ages, get some prizes for these games, order the cake for the shower and just wait for the shower to be over with....then start the bachelorette party...then the spa day and then wait for the wedding to get here....all while fat and pregnant and in my 3rd trimester.

I'm going to be 31 weeks at my sister's wedding. I had to order a tent for a dress....seriously, I'm not joking. The dress was ordered when I was 3 months pregnant and they sized me and guessed where I'd dress is a size 24. Yes, thats TRIPLE my CURRENT size... I guess I'm spending a boat load of money on alterations!!

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  1. Is your sister planning anything for her wedding? IS she doing any of the work herself?

    I can't wait to plan my wedding. But I know I'm going to be a horrible bridezilla. But it's fie because my best friend will be too. And we already know what to expect from each other.

    Why is your best friend her koubara? Is your best friend also her best friend?

  2. Heather my sister works 2 jobs so on average about 15 hours a day is spent at work! The crappy thing about Montreal is that everything closes at 5pm Saturday thru Wednesday. Seriously? How do you expect people to go shopping or run errands if you finish at 5pm which is the same time most companies are shutting down too?

    I thought I would be a bridezilla just based on my personality but I really wasn't. The only thing I was really fussy about was the flowers. I went nuts on the flowers. They had to be perfect.

    Alex's koubara is our mutual best friend. I'm baptising Nicole (thats koubara's name) baby, Nicole will baptize Alex's.... we like to keep it in the same circle apparently!

  3. I say tell her to go add the expensive things on her registry. You never know. Or go open up a new registry (like if she hasn't registered at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond or whatever she can go there) and ask for frames, candle holders, lamps, whatever. People will feel better buying things she wants and SHE'LL feel better getting things she likes, instead of dealing with having to return stuff.


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