Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping? Baking? Where did the time go?

I'm really freaking out because I thought that this year I was more into the holiday spirit, that I was doing a great job getting ready for Christmas. Apparently, I'm not. I put my tree up in November and thats about it. I've hardly decorated and honestly thats because I don't have that many decorations... I was never into decorating for holidays but now with Demi on the way I figure I should be more into it. I'll be going shopping on Boxing Day (Canadians version of Black Friday) and picking up 50-60% off holiday decorations. I already have a mini tree for Demi's room though!

I started my baking yesterday and figured I'd get some done today but I didn't have time. I got home late, ordered dinner, ate dinner with George, picked colors for the basement and Demi's room, wrote Christmas cards, looked up some addresses for my sister's wedding shower and wedding (seriously, are we still sending these damn things out!?). I seriously considered just putting together my list for my baby shower invites but since the invites aren't ready yet and I haven't heard anything much from the designer as of late I don't know where we stand. I honestly think that if the invites aren't ready or at least a proof ready by the end of this week I'll just look online like I had done for my wedding and wedding shower invites.

I might bake more tomorrow but who knows how I'll feel after work? I thought about maybe baking on Wednesday but I have two doctor's appointments back to back, and then run an errand for my sister's wedding and then come home. I might be in a sour mood by the end of the day. Actually maybe not, on Wednesday we find out if Nicole and Rody are having a baby boy or a baby girl. Which really means I'll find out what George and I are going to be the God parents to. A part of me wants her to have a baby girl so that I'm not the only one with a girl...and another part of me wants Demi to be the only little princess in the group. She is the first to be born so I know shes going to be the boss. It makes it easier if there aren't two little girls fighting for the Queen role. If Demi is anything like me, she'll definitely be the ring leader of this group (and eventually the world... I just feel it!!)

I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping yet. Like seriously! On Saturday night we are having our groups little Secret Santa...which isn't really a secret since I know who everyone has. I was going to order something online for the person I got but I'm afraid the gift won't be here in time not to mention that it will probably end up costing more with rush shipping, duties and taxes... and if I get it delivered directly to Montreal instead of to George's warehouse in the US is the added cost of international shipping plus brokerage charges. Gosh, I'm happy we have that warehouse in the US.

I just feel that all of this time is passing by so quickly and nothing is getting done. Sure I'm putting small dents into everything but NOTHING is 100% complete...well I did manage to get out all of the corporate gifts for work but I still need to think of what to get my boss. Yes, my in office co-worker and I always buy our boss something. He's honestly treated us great and always gives us awesome gifts so we try to return the favor on a smaller scale.

My first year at work I was only there for 3 months when Christmas rolled around. Daniel bought me a gorgeous pink rolling luggage carry on thing. Everytime I've taken it ANYWHERE I get compliments on it. Everyone nudges their friend and goes "Oh look how cute that is! Isn't that nifty". I sent him an Edible Arrangement since I barely knew the guy right!?

Last year he gave me a 500$ gift certificate to Best Buy that I used towards the purchase of a 60" television for our basement (George and I paid the difference). My co-worker and I went to a store called Tin Dex (I think thats the spelling) that sells a lot of collectible products. Daniel has a real penchant for Coca Cola products. Like, seriously loves them. He has a cabin "up north" and he has one room that has EVERYTHING Coca Cola. So Ernesto and I bought Daniel a Coca Cola clock that has the neon red light around it and a Coca Cola napkin holder.

I told Ernesto we should go back and continue his collection of Coca Cola products. Daniel has no idea where this store is, not many people do. I only know of it because George is in the toy/collectible industry and they deal with each other. I'm completely out of ideas on what to get Daniel. Daniel has EVERYTHING he could ever ask for! His other hobbies are just too expensive to contribute towards. He loves to water ski (barefoot too!) Um actually that's the only hobby I can think of. Last year his wife recommended that we get him some accessories for his iPhone but Daniel has everything related to his iPhone possible. I was thinking either getting more Coca Cola related things or getting Daniel a gift card to Swiss Ski School in Florida which is where he goes at least twice a year? Maybe $100 from each of us? It wouldn't be much but it is a one night stay there.

Opinions? Ideas?

By the way: Are y'all done with your shopping!?

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  1. I haven't started shopping yet. Bad, bad Heather.

    The Swiss Ski School, I think that's in Clermont.

    I want your boss to buy me a Christmas gift! hahah

  2. Im done my shopping, and had a ball wrapping everything last night. Got myself a yummy semi-festive snack (egg nog and white fudge covered pretzels), put on House reruns, and got everything wrapped. (I didnt have much. Exactly 18 gifts... and I had exactly 18 gift tags!)

    I bought my prettiest decorations at target, 50% off last year. I love them so much. Even more because I got a good deal!

    Are you going to start a cute tradition, like a special ornament each year, for Demi? My mom and I started a Build-A-Bear for Christmas tradition already for my niece/nephew. She made a puppy wearing a santa outfit, and I made a bear in jeans to match my sister's bear that I made for her last year.


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