Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Friday?

Of course, just my luck. The minute I sit down to blog my friends come over. I just told my best friend to give me some time that I have to blog because I have my commitments. Remember, part of blogging was to find time for myself because that apparently disappeared and seriously, if I have no time now just imagine what is going to happen when I have the baby.

You know how everyone says TGIF? I wasn't too pleased that today was Friday. Not because Fridays are always bad but because this Friday was just hectic. I got a bunch of stuff done but it really doesn't feel (or look) like I got a lot accomplished. My desk is still overflowing with paper work and things that need to be done. Believe me, its not fun! I spent the first two hours of my day in the office with my boss just basically reviewing everything that I did, have to do, and of course what he has to do...which is nothing! Everything in the office seems to fall onto my shoulders! It's okay though, we all realize that I thrive when under pressure.

Um wow. I wrote that and then went away for about 3.5 hours because my friends were over and we ate dinner and all that good stuff. I completely lost track of what I was talking about. I am going to blame that on my pregnancy. It's like placenta brain or something, my baby is sucking my brains out.

So my mommy called me today at work bitching for a good two hours about a situation that happened last night and it honestly pissed me off. It irked me that my mom lets things bother her, it irks me that people can't be responsible when they should. The entire world isn't going to always be there to pick up YOUR messes but hey, who am I to talk?

Anyway after work I came home and went with George to go to my mom's house to unload some things that she had sent to my sister as part of her wedding dowry and of course my mom smuggled some things in for me. :) Actually I wasn't too excited to see what she got me (things for my house, some pretty bathroom rugs and new decorative towels) but more for the things that she got Demi before we knew if we were having a boy or a girl. Well its very obvious that my mom was hoping for a boy. The outfit was brown and cream with a little airplane pilot and the other one was white with little teddybears and lions and looks pretty boyish. I mean, sure Demi can wear them because they ARE gender neutral colors but they are just boyish looking. I don't mind. I'll still put my little girl in clothes from Grammy. I'll just be sure to wear them on her when shes home... with just mommy and daddy.

So yeah, its nearly 10:40 and I totally lost the steam that I had when I started this post so I'm going to end it now and read all the great blogs that are in my google reader.


  1. You def need some alone time! We'll figure something out so you can blog.

    Sounds like a stressful day. And from what you were telling me on Twitter today! It seems like you are the cornerstone of your family. Your mother calls you to talk, your sister needs your help to run her life and you have to take care of yourself too!

  2. Its so hard to find gender neutral stuff!!! I've only gotten one thing for my sister's baby, because EVERYTHING is blue or pink. I adore yellow and green, but I'm having a hard time finding stuff.
    I got an adorable green sleeper, but thats all.


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