Saturday, December 12, 2009

So Much To Do

First of all, I'd like to really apologize for not blogging last night. It was actually the first time in a very long time that I had the house to myself and I really wanted to enjoy it. I was on the computer for a short while and then decided that vegging on the couch with a bowl of sunflower seeds and my doggie cuddling me! It was a great night and although I felt a bit guilty for missing a day of NaBloPoMo I didn't mind too much. I mean, my mental health or writing a blog? After I write this, and before I get ready for the Xmas party I will read/comment on my friends blogs too, cuz thats just how I roll.

Well last night when George got home from the Daycare Staff Party (he owns a daycare) we discussed what we had to do on Saturday. Our schedule was something like this:

George- wake up, watch tv, relax a bit, make some breakfast (Um he wakes up at like 5am) and wait for me to wake up, go pick up tiles for basement bathroom when he hears the water start running.

Me - Wake up around 10, take a shower, get ready for running errands and complain the whole time how I'm hungry because he ate without me.

US- Go to bank together to do some transfers from one account to another, do some Christmas shopping, go grocery shopping for ingredients for my huge bake-fest tomorrow, put away the groceries and gifts, relax for a little bit and then get ready to go to Joe & Rolanda's for their Christmas party.

Instead this is what happened: George woke up, watched tv, relaxed, went to pick up his nephew when he woke up, pick up our tiles for the bathroom, went to get McDonald's for me so I wouldn't complain about not having breakfast, while I ate him and Mimi started to bring things from the basement to upstairs to make room for contractors. As I finish eating and I start to write my shopping list I hear a loud OWWW and then Mimi running up the stairs saying "I need ice and aspirin". I get the ice and put it in ziplock bags, I grab the aspirin and water and rush...okay waddle...down the stairs where I see George on the floor and the contractors surrounding him. I see his ankle and get an icky feeling. His ankle is swollen like 3 times its natural size and it looks like a softball is coming out of the side of it. Ew.

Go to hospital, check in, wait, be seen by a doctor, leave hospital, pick up medications and an ankle compression wrap and an ankle brace (for in a few days). Ask Mimi to take Dallas for a walk, get my grocery list done and go shopping with Mimi (he's such a helpful kid!) and we talk about going home to get a jump start on the backing since we aren't going out tonight. While shopping George calls me and asks me to pick up a bottle of porto to take to Joe and Ro's because he still plans on going even though he can't put ANY pressure on his ankle. Rush home. Watch George in pain while I blog and screw around on Facebook. I think around 7 we'll be going over there so I'm just trying to relax..and do laundry...and put away groceries...and feed the dog....and all kinds of other things!

I don't mind that I didn't get too much done today. When driving George to the hospital we drove by a couple of malls and I thanked my lucky stars that I was NOT doing any shopping today. I would have punched someone just to get into the parking lot and then when in malls apparently I have a sign on me that says "please bump into me" and of course I'd lose it again.

So now banking on Monday....Shopping for gifts on Monday during lunch....and baking still stands for tomorrow.

Hope you all have a lovely night!

NaBloPoMo: 10/31


  1. His nephew's name is Mimi? Is it short for something? I thought Mimi was a grandmother (it's what I called one of my grandmothers). Sorry!

    I hope George feels better soon!

    I wish I could eat McDonald's. That makes me so jealous.

  2. Oh! And want to know something weird? Today I randomly thought of you and thought, "I wish I had Jenny's number. I feel like I need to check on her." Then I decided I was being stupid because why would I need to check on you? But I just kept thinking, "Why is she in the hospital?" And then I would think, "I don't know she's in the hospital! I'm crazy."

  3. Okay mental health day sounds like a good excuse. I forgive you. :)

    Shopping did suck today, trust me, I know.

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