Friday, May 22, 2009

  See Ya & Douchebags shouldn't work at banks!

Well, I don't want anyone thinking I'm ignoring them by not posting on their blogs or by writing anything here. I've been sort of in a blog rut since I was working on something else...the ground work for my new company :)

I might be on Saturday during the day since our plane leaves at 930pm :) I'm going to be in Cuba for the next 7 days!! I'm soooo excited. I have never been. My husband has gone a few times and he always loves it. Apparently Cuba is a very tame place to go. You don't get the urge to explore every nook and crany. It's like "here is your 5star resort, here is your beach, check out in 7 days."

I can soooo used a vacation. I feel so burnt out lately. Hopefully this trip to Cuba will help relax me, get me some inspiration for writing not only in my blog but continuing the novel I've been working on, think of my company some more and come back with lots of ideas!

Everyday after work this week I've been running errands, getting things together, shopping for the trip, spa treatments! UGH I had to go to the bank today to deposit a check into my parents account and I used my father's debit card and the guy at the bank looked at me as if I was a fucking criminal. Ummm I'm power of attroney on my parents accounts you fucking douchebag. He was all annoying and just being a pain in the ass (have I ever mentioned how much I hate this one particular bank branch?) Basically I swiped the card, entered the pin, he deposited the check, he gave me cash and then AFTER hes like "Oh wait,.... I can't do this" and he made me give him back the money and he reversed all the transactions.

I was FURIOUS. I already had the cash in my hand. He tried to take my dad's card away from me until I told him that if he touched my fucking bank card I would punch him square in the jaw. (Yep, I do have a loud personality eh?). I told him if he cared about his bank policies soooooooooo much why didn't he check the name on the account BEFORE taking the check, stamping it, marking it, depositing it, and handing me cash? I know for a fact the minute you swipe your card all the information shows up on screen!

I asked to speak to his manager and she was just about as useless as he was. How useless was he? I dunno, lets say as useless as a woman with no holes (hey don't take it sexist okay!?). I hate her. I've hated her for the past 5 years. So I tell them to then deposit the check into my account and then I'll TRANSFER the money into my parents account. Ohhh nope. I didn't have MY bank card on me and they can't do it since its not my home branch? Ummmm explain to me what the purpose of having mulitple banches is if you can't interbranch bank? I can only deposit at my HOME branch if I left my bank card in my other jeans?! Then after douchebag reversed all the transactions he won't give me a print out so I can make sure he hasn't fucked up. UMMM I HAVE THE RIGHT TO THAT PAPER. I HAVE POWER OF ATTRONEY ON THIS ACCOUNT!

So what do I do? While standing at the teller (not letting other clients be served) I call the customer service number for the bank. When it asks you to state what you are calling about I stated "COMPLAINT" and had someone on the phone within 3 seconds. I explained to the person on the phone about how this one branch is filled with morons and how this one particular bank teller was a total douche bag. I complained about how there are 25 people in line but only 3 tellers working because thats how smart the manager is. Its a Friday...a pay day...and only 3 tellers working~ I explained the situation with stupid douche bag. I told the person on thephone how furious I was and how I understand they have policies but when I'm listed as power of attorney on the account, have ID to show that I am who I say I am, and I've been a customer of this bank for the past 10 years and have given the bank ample business (2 house mortgages, numerous acccounts between myself, my husband, and my parents (all accounts or joint or I have POA) and how often I deposit large sums and NEVER had a check bounce how I expect some kind of freaking service and no attitude from Douchebag.

End result? Customer service guy made douchebag take my check, depsoit it to my parents account using my dad's bank card and ME entering the PIN and giving me cash for the deposit. Waived my banking fees on all my accounts for a year :)

So next time I'm going to go back to my normal branch where I walk in and they welcome me with open arms all the time. Where they love to see me and are happy to serve me. But I will call that customer service number for a week when I get back from Cuba to I will call everyday and make a complaint. He'll be the 3rd person from this bank branch to get in trouble due to not knowing how to properly serve customers. Do I feel guilty for this? Nope. I don't. I'm sorry but stupid people shouldn't be working with money.

Anyway, hopefully thats the worst thing that will happen prevacation. I'm counting down the hours!

I hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

  I'm Hung Up....Hung Up On You

Is the song stuck in your head yet? It's been in mine ALL day as I was trying to think of what to title this blog. So what prompted this blog? A Facebook quiz. Yep. Facebook, a new tool for my "blogging experience".

There was this quiz that was titled "Are you Over Your Ex"and I wanted to see what kind of stupid questions the quiz would have. Obviously, I'm over my ex. I'm happily married and moved on with my life and I wish my exes all the same thing.

So I took the quiz and the result was something along the lines of "You are Almost There". According to this I'm still a bit hung up on my ex although I'm trying to move on. I'm almost there and have a little further to go. Apparently the quiz writer doesn't know me right?!

I had left it at that until one of my friends commented on it with a little smiley wink thing. Because some people know an ex or two of mine they assumey they knowwho was in my mind when taking the quiz. Well, when doing the quiz I kept 3 exes in mind when it came to answering questions. 1. B.K. (for those of you I went to HS with, NOT B.K. Byrd, we never dated!) 2. D.R. and 3. L.C.

The questions were along the lines of:

1. It's your ex BF's bday, what do you do?
a. Send him a gift, I still can't believe we aren't celebrating this together
b. Give him a call or send him a text or email
c. Who the fuck cares he's a loser anyway

2. Do you still talk to your ex BF friends?
a. Friends, What friends?
b. Only the ones we had in common before the breakup
c. Of course, how else am I going to know what he is doing

3. What did you do with all the pictures of you and your ex?
a. I still have them and take them out to look at them occassionaly
b. I burnt those a long time ago
c. They are still displayed in frames all over my room.

So did you notice a trend in the possible answers? Either you are a psycho who can't take a clue that its over with, or you are a cold hearted bitch, and if your answers are semi normal then you are "almost there".

I don't get it. In order to be over an ex I have to hate him?I do have pictures of my ex and I still. Why would I throw away (or delete) perfectly good pictures of me!? My past is my past and its made me who I am today. I dated different people which brought me to the place I am today and I'm not ashamed of it. I have a huge picture box that is filled guessed it PICTURES! Pictures dating back to high school all the way up until a couple of years ago. I have pictures on my laptop and on my desk top. Are there pictures of me and my ex bfs on the computers and in the box. Of course.

I don't set an alarm or jot the note in my calendar but if I notice its the birthday of an ex, I'll call, write, or send a text. Obviously I'm not going to do this with an ex that I had a horrible breakup with but the ones that ended on decent terms why not? I don't think its wrong or disrespectful (to my husband) to call. Hell, I exchange emails with an ex every few months just to check in and see how life is. How is his wife, his son? Is work still going good....

So my question dear readers is this...according to this marvelous facebook quiz, are you still sort of hung up on your ex? Do you have pictures of you with an ex? Do you call them on their birthdays? And more you think its wrong? Does your spouse think its wrong? My husband is perfectly fine with it because like he says, they were my past and he is my present and future.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

  An attack on my personality?!?

Seriously?! Like c'mon? Seriously? How can anyone attack my wonderful little, well okay, huge personality?

So maybe you guys need a little background information so you don't think that I'm insane or just rambling nonsense which I am in fact very good at! I'm a very loud and outgoing person. I'm an extrovert to the T. I don't hold a lot in and I'm not the type of person who beats around the bush, I prefer to beat the crap out of the bush. Basically, I get straight to the point without pussyfooting the subject. Maybe its a lack of tact but I have always preferred honesty and I like a plain delivery instead of a sugar coated one.

So below you will find two stories where I've felt that my personality has been attacked and why it bothers me oh so much.

About two years ago I had finished my schooling (for the 3rd time!) and ready to find a job in my field. I was so depressed because I couldn't find anything that seemed interesting to me and didn't require french. Living in Quebec the jobs were vastly limited because of our bilingualism. I went to one interview that was in the fashion industry, not too far from home, and right in the pay I was expecting to get. I walk into the office and I knew right away I could not work there. Sure its in the fashion industry, sure its great money and close to home but....the office reeked of smoke. I don't mean it smelled a little bit like smoke. It was like smoke had embedded itself on every single textile in the place, on the floors, in the wood work. I wanted to gag. I got an offer from the company a few days after my interview and I turned it down.

My spirits were dropping. I had been really selective about where I was applying because of the language laws and wouldn't just apply to anything because it was an English only speaking job. Finally a head hunter contacted me and asked me to come in and they'd help find me a job. This woman was amazing. She instantly fell under my charm and told me what a great personality I had. She loved my flair for life and the ability to talk to anyone about English that is!

So she called me back a week later and told me she had an interview lined up for me at a company that writes medical journals. I'd be calling people to purchase ad space, help with the layout, and plan their seminars, tradeshows, and any other marketing stuff. Sounded like fun to me! I get dressed and go for the interview and meet with the boss. We talk a bit about life in general and then we get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the job. After about an hour I leave the office and head home. I get home and the head hunter calls me back and tells me that the company I just interviewed with would like to offer me a job! I was sooooooooo excited! I got my very first adult job that NO ONE helped me get. (By no one I meant I didn't have to ask my dad for help, ask my husband for help, or anyone I know personally because we all know in this world its about who you know and hardly about what you know!). We had decided that I would start in 3 weeks because the company was closing for two weeks for summer holidays and I decided I would take that time to drive to Texas to see my parents.

I spend two days driving to Texas, 11 days seeing my friends and family, and another 2 days driving back. I had cut my vacation short in order for me to be in Montreal, well rested and relaxed and ready to start work. I get to the office 15 minutes early on my first day and the boss calls in and talks to one of the girls telling them that he would be late and that I should spend the morning getting better aquainted with the girls I work with and to find out their job functions so that our working together will be smooth. This way I'll know what they are doing and if they can help me, if I can help them and all that jazz. So I spent the better part of my morning watching people do very simple jobs, in my opinion. The boss comes in and decides to treat us for lunch. After lunch we go back to the office and I sit in with the boss to talk more about what is expected of me and what my first task should be. I sit in with the guy who is in charge of the layout and we go over all of the office equipment.

It's now about 2pm and the boss calls me in and tells me to go home and we'll start fresh tomorrow. No point in starting to work at 2pm only to leave in 3 hours right? So I say thanks, tell everyone goodbye, and I head out to the parking lot. As I am driving home I'm thinking how incredibly quiet everyone is in the office. They hardly talk to one another. They all have MSN and use that to communicate and if they have to show one another a file instead of getting up to talk about it or show someone something on another screen they do an MSN file transfer. The office was reallllly quiet. No music, no talking. I felt kind of like it was a morgue instead of an office. Oh well, I can adapt right!?

Well lo and behold. By the time I got home I had a message on my anwering machine from the boss saying that I was basically "unhired" because my personality didn't fit in with the rest of the office. I was too bubbly and happy for their office environment. Yes, those words were used in the message. I was crushed. I was freaking defeated, sad, mad, pissed, hurt, fuming, and highly annoyed. I put the phone down and started to cry because I was confused. How could me being happy effect a job? I would understand if I worked in a hospital and had to tell people that their loved ones have passed away but I worked at a company that published medical journals. I worked with young 30 something year olds who seemed equally alive as I was during lunch. I found out I had no recourse because every single job you start in Quebec automatically comes with 3 months probation to where you can be fired at any given time within those 3 months for any reason whatsoever.

I called my mom and blamed my parents for my lack of being able to find a job. They raised me in Texas where they don't speak a lick of French. Even the French teachers in high school had a horrible southern drawl that made it hard to understand. I was about to get married in a few months and didn't even have a job (the daycare job didn't count because my husband to be owned it) and that was partially my parents fault.

I blamed the fat bastard boss that just unhired me because hes obviously miserable in his life being fat and unable to find someone to love him. He was just a miserable prick that decided to rain on my parade.

I was incredibly pissed off. Not only was I pissed off but I stopped to think about how I was as a person. Was my personality really that big of a turn off? I thought about my life and how many people I was surrounded by and were they really my friends or were they just humouring me? I know I have a strong personality that can rub some people the wrong way but for the most part, everyone found my openness refreshing and found me to be rather humorous as well. I thought I was a great person, a lot of other people did too so why didn't this asshole? It really made me question myself.

Now lets fastforward to a couple of months ago.....

I have a facebook profile that is private or for friends only. I don't just add any random person to my facebook in order to make it look like I have a lot of friends and most of the people on my friends list I actually know personally or make an effort to speak to them on FB every once in a while (comment on photos/statuses). I had two "friends" on there that I had gotten into a huge tiff with a few months earlier. I have a few circles of friends and this one circle had just completely stopped making an effort at all. Not just with me and George but with everyone in that small group. I called everyone out on their fakeness and a whole riot ensued. The end result was that everyone was hurt and didn't mean to make it seem like they didn't care anymore. I decided to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and made plans for everyone to go for sushi. Everyone showed up, everyone talked, everyone had a great time and at the end of the night this was heard bouncing off everyone's mouths, "Wow I had a great time. We should do it again soon!". I said perfect! I would wait to see if we would do it again soon. I made the effort so lets wait and see now..

One month. Two months. Three months... Out of that group of 5 that got called out 3 made the effort. The three people would call to go for dinner/coffee/drinks/movies/just hang out. The other two (married couple) just fell off the face of the earth. So I decided since my profile is for friends only, why will I have these non friends, or rather fake friends on there. I deleted them. No phone calls, no text messages, no emails. Nothing. I went about my life in a merry fashion. Who was I to care if people wanted to be fake? I don't tolerate fakiness so I just moved on. I didn't make a huge deal out of it. I just deleted them.

I came home and told my hubby what I did and if he heard anything from them about it this is why. I explained to him what I just wrote above. He shook his head and said something about people getting offended but said that my life is my life. Well Sunday at church, at a memorial service for George's mother, something happened that I promised I wouldn't write about. What happened pissed me off not because it was something offensive towards me but because I feel that there is a time and a place for everything and a memorial service is not the time to be a child and be upset that you were deleted on Facebook.

After the memorial service George and I are driving home and I tell him what happened and he said he'd speak to a mutual friend about it to find out why something happened. I told him he wouldn't have to look too far the reason it happened was because of being deleted from FB. So the hubs calls the mutual friend any way only to be told that I was write it was due to FB. After my husband finished his conversation he tells me, "You know, your attitude is going to cost you a lot of friends."

I felt like slamming on my brakes in the middle of the highway. Are you fucking kidding me? My attitude (personality) is going to cost me friends because I don't tolerate bullshit? Just because person 1 and 2 are fake doesn't mean I'm going to stoop down to their level of fakiness. My attitude isn't costing me friends. It's helping me declutter my life. I don't have enough time to see all of the people that I want to see, having two fake people less in my life is great. It's a freaking relief.

I turn to face George and I tell him that he married me knowing very damn well the type of person that I was and my personality. I'm loud. I'm opinionated. I don't hold back. How is that costing me friends? Again, I took it as an insult.

I thought for a few minutes before continuing to speak and then I told George something along the lines of "Out of 30 people that know both you and I and the other couple how come everyone can't stand the other couple or doesn't get along with them? Why is everyone always talking shit about the guy and feeling so sorry for the girl? How come we are driving to a baptism that all of our friends are going to be at and they weren't even invited?" How is it that my personality is going to cost me friends when they are the couple that no one likes?

I guess the bottom line is this: I am me, if you don't like me then go away. Stop using my personality as reason for not being able to get along with me and just fess up that sometimes, not everyone has to like everyone and get along with everyone else. My personality isn't the problem, its your lack of one that is the problem.

Monday, May 11, 2009

So this morning I am sitting at my desk trying my hardest not to blog about what pissed me the hell off yesterday at church and I decided to get on Facebook. One of my therapies is to read blogs using Networked Blogs.

Well the lovely Mary McCarthy over at Pajamas & Coffee posted a blog on the Mommy Wars. It reminded me of something that I had written over the holidays on my Facebook "notes". I'm reposting it here as it got a lot of feedback on Facebook and it goes so well with what Mary had to say, although she posted in more more eloquent words then my angry self ever could!


Okay so this isn't really a bitchfest or anything like my last note but this is something that gets on my last freaking nerve. The subject of HOW to raise your children, to be exact, should you or shouldn't you put your children in daycare.

I think that this is a very personal subject and its not up to someone else to judge what is right or wrong for your family. Some families can afford to have the mother stay at home for 10 years to raise the kids while other families can barely manage for the mother to stay home for 10 days. It's not up to you or me or anyone else to decide what is best for the kids or best for the family.

It seems that everytime we are at a family get together this subject comes up. One of my very overly righteous aunts goes on and on about how her daughter has sacrificed for her children by not working since she was first pregnant....over 12 years now. And how said aunt didn't go work for 9 years after she first started to have children. She believes that its the ONLY way to raise children. "If we were able to make do years and years ago why can't you guys make do now."

That irks me to no end. Maybe you were able to make do because you were used to having less. Maybe you were able to make do because your expenses weren't the expenses that people have today. Maybe your daughter is able to make do because she lives in her mother in laws duplex for free? Maybe all of that is why you think that staying home for years on end doing nothing is PROPER and RIGHT for children.

I dunno, I mean, I want to have children and I love children to death but I don't think that I have to give up everything in the world to raise them. I know that sounds wrong but I can't find the right words to say it in. I went to school and got an education to get my career. I love my career and I love my pay. Because of my pay and my husband's pay we were able to get ourselves a very nice house and we have a certain lifestyle that we want to maintain and do the same for our children. Just because I have kids doesn't mean I want to stop wearing designer clothes or drive lower end cars... I want to have that still. I want to have my kids living in a nice and spacious house, I want to drive my nice car still, I want to dress myself and my children in nicer clothes and if that means that my kid has to go to daycare so that I can go to work I will.

The government of Quebec gives you 1 year materinity leave when you have a child. You can take two years but only have one year paid but you are still guaranteed your position back at your job. I plan on doing that or going back to work after 18months. I don't see a problem with children going to daycare. I don't think its wrong, I don't think its abandonment. I do have a problem with parents who take their kids to daycare at 7am and pick them up at 6pm and spend no time with their the same time I have a problem with stay at home moms who just talk on the phone all day and pretty much ignore their children.

But all that being said, I don't think that anyone has the right to say what people should or shouldn't do with their kids regarding daycare. If you want to stay home for 15 years, thats your decision. If you want to stay home for 3 years, thats your decision. If you can only stay home for 6 months thats up to you. You do what you have to do for your children and no one has the right to say anything.

I can't wait to have kids and have my aunt say something about it. I'll have a few choice words for her :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

  I hate you....

But because I love my husband and out of respect for him I'll only say that. I hate you.

Oh yeah, and church is not a place to act like a spoiled 5 year old twit brained little dicked two faced child.

Have a nice day :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

  Keyboard Confessions Pt 2

Yippe! More Confessions from the desk of moi!

1. I think that the UPS, FedEx, and CD Consultants guys all bring me bad luck. Every time they come to deliver something my phone rings. I hate it when my phone rings.

2. Hilary at Second Cup tells me everyday that I look cute. I am starting to wonder if its sarcasm!?

3. Although I'm trying to watch what I am eating I cannot stop myself from getting my daily Iced Vanilla Latte. I'm actually addicted to it.

4. I have a very addictive personality. If I try something once and like it, I always want it. I'm very happy I've never tried heroin or crack.

5. I need a vacation like a fat kid needs cake!

6. I also need a raise but I am uncomfortable discussing money and have no clue how to ask for one. I mean I can't just walk in and say "Hey. I'm super valuable so you need to front more money!"

7. Can I?

8. I've been tagged in various blog games but can't play because I don't have the pictures they require (HS prom and such). Stupid moving.

9. Speaking of pictures my mom is hounding me to pick my pictures for my wedding album. I mean, its only been 15 months. Sheesh relax lady. Picking 85 pictures out of 600 is VERY hard!

10. I went to the doctor last Thursday for a test. I didn't know how painful this test would be. I cried the entire drive home. I wanted to punch the doctor square in the nose. Asshole.

11. I have a high threshold for pain which is why I wonder why this test hurt so much. Stupid doctor.

12. I have to find someone who knows about aquariums and filters to write reviews for our new redesigned website for the company I work for.

13. I am really valuable to the company. My ideas are saving them tons of money and catching them up to 2009. They should be THROWING money at me!

14. I miss Matt. I don't think I've seen him since ummmm January?

15. I'm sort of actually looking forward to my high school reunion but I'm so freaked out by the fact that I've been out of high school for 10 years already.

16. I think these next few months are going to require a lot of travel. Cuba (May), Texas (For Heidi's wedding in August I think), Vegas/Texas (Sept for work), Texas (October for HS reunion).

17. Isn't it funny how after so many years you start to feel close to people you weren't that close with during high school? I feel that by leaving Texas right after graduation I missed out on a lot of great friendships.

18. Oddly comforting thought, if George and I were to ever get a divorce I could go back to Texas and probably have a handful of guys to pick from...but none of them would compliment me as much as Georgie does.

19. I used to write a lot on and I haven't posted in forever. I keep getting emails of people telling me to hurry up and post an update.

20. My un-spiration in writing has really started to bother me!

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