Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Hung Up....Hung Up On You

Is the song stuck in your head yet? It's been in mine ALL day as I was trying to think of what to title this blog. So what prompted this blog? A Facebook quiz. Yep. Facebook, a new tool for my "blogging experience".

There was this quiz that was titled "Are you Over Your Ex"and I wanted to see what kind of stupid questions the quiz would have. Obviously, I'm over my ex. I'm happily married and moved on with my life and I wish my exes all the same thing.

So I took the quiz and the result was something along the lines of "You are Almost There". According to this I'm still a bit hung up on my ex although I'm trying to move on. I'm almost there and have a little further to go. Apparently the quiz writer doesn't know me right?!

I had left it at that until one of my friends commented on it with a little smiley wink thing. Because some people know an ex or two of mine they assumey they knowwho was in my mind when taking the quiz. Well, when doing the quiz I kept 3 exes in mind when it came to answering questions. 1. B.K. (for those of you I went to HS with, NOT B.K. Byrd, we never dated!) 2. D.R. and 3. L.C.

The questions were along the lines of:

1. It's your ex BF's bday, what do you do?
a. Send him a gift, I still can't believe we aren't celebrating this together
b. Give him a call or send him a text or email
c. Who the fuck cares he's a loser anyway

2. Do you still talk to your ex BF friends?
a. Friends, What friends?
b. Only the ones we had in common before the breakup
c. Of course, how else am I going to know what he is doing

3. What did you do with all the pictures of you and your ex?
a. I still have them and take them out to look at them occassionaly
b. I burnt those a long time ago
c. They are still displayed in frames all over my room.

So did you notice a trend in the possible answers? Either you are a psycho who can't take a clue that its over with, or you are a cold hearted bitch, and if your answers are semi normal then you are "almost there".

I don't get it. In order to be over an ex I have to hate him?I do have pictures of my ex and I still. Why would I throw away (or delete) perfectly good pictures of me!? My past is my past and its made me who I am today. I dated different people which brought me to the place I am today and I'm not ashamed of it. I have a huge picture box that is filled guessed it PICTURES! Pictures dating back to high school all the way up until a couple of years ago. I have pictures on my laptop and on my desk top. Are there pictures of me and my ex bfs on the computers and in the box. Of course.

I don't set an alarm or jot the note in my calendar but if I notice its the birthday of an ex, I'll call, write, or send a text. Obviously I'm not going to do this with an ex that I had a horrible breakup with but the ones that ended on decent terms why not? I don't think its wrong or disrespectful (to my husband) to call. Hell, I exchange emails with an ex every few months just to check in and see how life is. How is his wife, his son? Is work still going good....

So my question dear readers is this...according to this marvelous facebook quiz, are you still sort of hung up on your ex? Do you have pictures of you with an ex? Do you call them on their birthdays? And more you think its wrong? Does your spouse think its wrong? My husband is perfectly fine with it because like he says, they were my past and he is my present and future.


  1. Oh, then according to this quiz, I too am still hung up over my exes. I still have pictures of a few of them. I still have gifts. One of my exes first NHL jersey he wore is currently hanging in my current boyfriend's closet. My current boyfriend is actually a huge fan of my ex (oh how awkward it is sometimes haha) and prefers that the grubby, grungy jersey hang in his closet. So does that mean my boyfriend is also hung up on my ex... Actually, I think it does haha

  2. LMAO. I so can't see my husband being like that towards my ex. My hubby is really laid back and chill but one of my exes has actually left a really bad taste in his mouth.

    Tell your boyfriend to get over your ex already. Shame shame!

  3. Hubby gets jealous and wouldn't be happy if I stayed in touch with my exes and I respect that. To each their own. I have no desire to, but sometimes wonder how certain exes are doing (because I'm curious like that). I live in a place where I'm constantly bumping into people and luckily I haven't bumped into any exes yet (now I just jinxed myself!).

    I do still have pictures, but I save all that kind of stuff because I consider it a memory.

  4. According to this quiz I'm probably not over mine either... but I am! We have been friends so long, it's only natural to have some mutual friends, old pictures and remember his birthday - although I would only send a quick text. Coming from someone that has been dumped more than once for a former ex-girlfriend I take it as a MAJOR red flag in a relationship if the guy is still good friends with an ex.

  5. Jenny, as always, an excellently written thought provoking post. Very interesting.

    From the guy's perspective, here's what I can say. I have run across a few ex's on Facebook and had some conversations with them. It was harmless catching up, but I don't go out of my way to seek them out, look at their pictures, etc. My wife could care less, similiar to what Jenny's said.

    But in a guy's world, I do think this is a little more of an issue, similar to what Jules said. I may not necessarily react that way, but a lot of guys would.

    I literally just had this discussion the other day with a female friend. She said her husband "forbid" her to talk to any of her former BF's. I thought that was a little controlling, but I'm sure at the same time it's probably pretty common.

  6. On a completely different note, Jenny, I see that you like the music of Kate Voegle. She's from the town right next to mine and has become quite a sensation since My Space Music signed her. I just saw that and wanted to comment. Sorry for the side-bar.

  7. Wow. I'm a bit shocked that the hubbys around are so insecure. Maybe my hubby is more laid back because two of my three major exes live in the US instead of somewhere near by. The 3rd ex moved from Montreal to Toronto so all my exes live far from me!

    Again, I think it depends on the reason that the couple broke up and how it all happened. I'm not best friends with all my exes but I am friends with 2 of the 3, better friends with 1 of them.

    CC -- I love love love Kate Voegele. Her CD is going to die in my car its all I listen to. I thank One Tree Hill for introducing me to her!

  8. I came over from the Constant Complainer's blog from the story about Facebook. In your comment, you mentioned Sam Houston High School in Arlington. I went to Bowie, way before your time, and it was still in the old building.

    I enjoyed reading your blog and I'll be back!

  9. ReformingGeek,

    Woah what a small world! :) I didn't even know that Bowie was an old Bowie before the new one. Everyone hyped it up so much when the new building opened. I went there for summer school (to get ahead not because I failed) and I couldn't help but notice how the school had a mall appeal to it!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the blog!


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