About Me

I guess this is the page that I talk to you about me. I have no idea where to start. I'm just an average person. I'm ALMOST 30 but not quite there yet, first time mom to Baby D (04/15/10), a first time wife to Geez (02/23/08) and a dog owner of Dallas (11/20/09).

We live in Montreal where I have a boat load of family and you know what comes with family? A boat load of drama. I'm serious. So this is where I come to write about the everyday happening of my life. This is where I write what is happening, what happened, what pissed me off, or whatever.

Oh, you know how there are people on the internet that suddenly try to act hard and say things that they normally wouldn't say in person....well that isn't me. Anything I write in my blogs is stuff that I WOULD say in real life and HAVE said. Apparently I was born missing the brain to mouth filter.

You can think of my blog as an online public journal. If you have any questions, blog post suggestions, or anything you are free to email me. :)



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