Wednesday, February 26, 2014

J'Adore VoxBox - Influenster

I've got to say that social media kicks some major butt and by butt I mean ass. It seriously kicks ass. I have been on social media for as long as I can remember and I even do it as part of my job. Basically I'm on the computer a lot and its great to be rewarded for spending your time online. One of my friends, (Dana had posted a picture of a "VoxBox" and I was like... "What the heck is that? People just send you stuff?" And she told me "Well, yeah." Then I thought about it. It made sense. Because of my Klout I'd been able to test drive a high end luxury car, test different body washes, get insoles for my shoes, and countless other things. Why wouldn't companies put their stuff together in one package. I immediately went to Influenster to sign up. At first I was sad that my score was so suckage, like 20.... and then it shot up and I started getting emails with a questionnaire in order to see if I could qualify for a VoxBox! I finally qualified for the Valentine's VoxBox!
What did I get in my box? Red Roses Tea - Creme Caramel x 3 and Lemon Chiffon x 1 John Frieda - 3 day straightening serum (by far my favorite thing in the box!!) Hershey's Kisses - A huge bag of chocolates that my daughter is going to systematically going to devour! (Hello dentist bill!) Boots Botanic Clay Mask - A face mask! A clay face mask! I'm in love. KissLashes - This one I'm terrified of. I've never used fake lashes before. Vaseline Spray Lotion for men! So here is a quick run down on these products!

Red Roses Tea I have to admit, I was really hesitant to try this tea. Why? I'm a huge fan of David's Tea and I can't stand caramel. I was originally going to force my co-worker to try it and tell me his opinion since we always carve a bit of our day out to have a tea. He told me that it wouldn't be nice of me to NOT review something I was sent and I agreed. I boiled two cups of water and poured them for the both of us. I was actually shocked that I liked it. I didn't need to add any sweetener or milk to the tea. The tea tasted like a cup of chocolate with a hint of caramel. I loved it. I also liked that Red Roses included a coupon for $1 with every sample. That is great marketing and a nice way to get more people to try the product. I'm going to try the Lemon Chiffon tomorrow after my morning coffee.

John Frieda Hair Serum I love John Frieda. No seriously, his products are a God send for hair like mine. I am one of those people who over process my hair. I change colors every few weeks and have lately been rocking the blue hair which needs touch up every 2 weeks. I blow dry my hair ALL the time because curly hair and I are enemies. This product feels my hair silky, smooth, straight, and free of fly aways. I would recommend this product to anyone who blow dries their hair. I will be adding this to my pharmacy shopping list. I wrote on their Facebook wall praising how awesome they were and they replied back. That is great customer service!

Hershey's Kisses - Do you seriously want to hear my opinion on chocolate? I love chocolate. Chocolate and I get along like a fat kid with cake. I see it, I eat it and then I tell my daughter that eating too much chocolate is bad for her (as I'm writing this I'm slowly unwrapping my chocolates and eating them!) I think I am going to try the reciepe that is on the bag for the peanut butter blossoms and give them to my sister since she's a peanut butter lover. When my husband and I first started dating he bought me this huge silver Hershey's Kiss which was loaded with Kisses and every time you pressed the button to get a chocolate it would sing the chorus of a popular song with the word Kiss in it. I don't remember all 3 songs but I remember Faith Hill's "Just A Kiss" was one of them. I still have that huge Kiss. I might refill it and give it to my kiddo to have fun with.

Botanics Clay Mask - I'm a mom, a busy mom and I hardly have time to pamper myself. Finding a few minutes a day to wash my face is a challenge in itself. I decided to buckle down and spend a few extra minutes on my face (while watching trashy reality tv) and gave this product a whirl. First of all, it says its recommended for normal skin and my skin is fairly sensitive and I had no problems with this. I have combination skin, oily T zone and dry cheeks. I'm always afraid that masks and washes will over dry my skin and then it feels like sandpaper. That wasn't the case at all with the Boots Clay Mask. I love how you can feel the skin tightening and then visibly see the blackheads disappear. That is my big problem and I love this product for helping me kick them to the curb. How do you know this product is working?! You can see dark spots on the mask where the product is pulling out all the crap from your skin...and by crap I mean black heads and dirt/oils. This is my new go-to mask!

Kiss Lashes - I've honestly only used fake eye lashes at big events like my wedding or when I became a God mother. I don't normally use anything near my eyes because they are so sensitive. I will wait to try this until my current eye condition goes away (right now its super sensitive to the light and it burns!) I don't want to risk putting anything near my eye that will make it more uncomfortable than it currently is!

Vaseline Spray Lotion for Men - We did a little test here at the office. I had my coworker put Vaseline Spray lotion on his right arm and then Aveeno Active Naturals on his left arm. At the end of the day I took my nails and clawed his arms to see which would leave the "dry" mark stratch. Guess which arm didn't leave a mark? The Vaseline arm! It's goes on so easy and your skin absorbs it right away so you aren't left feeling greasy which is a common misconception about Vaseline products. I also love the scent. It smells so manly I just want to cuddle up to my co-worker. I'm sure my co-worker's girlfriend and my husband wouldn't mind...too much! LOL This is also being added to my next pharmacy shopping list!

Overall, I was so pleased with my J'Adore VoxBox! I can't wait to get my next one! Who doesn't like free full sized samples that you get to give an honest opinion on?


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