Friday, July 31, 2009

  The Talk

So, those of you who have been reading my blog regularly know that I have had some issues in the past with my co-worker(s). You can read my last post for the latest as well as a link to the issue before that if you want more information.

I had also posted something on another blog about another issue with a co-worker and I listened to every one's advice, because seriously, why ask for it if you don't listen to it?

My biggest issue is related to my last post. I work with Stupid Ugly Bitch (SUB) and I hate her. This week I found myself doing a lot of things out of character such as wishing she'd get hit by a bus, trying to plot ways to make her fail at her job, dreaming of her getting run over by a steam roller and only her big head remaining, and things of that sort...Okay, so maybe its not that out of character for me but it is regarding work situations. I've always been highly professional at work.

Anyway, on Wednesday my boss came into the office and the morning was really busy so I didn't have time to talk to him. I had made a comment to my co-worker about this article on MSN about 43 strange things said during a job interview and my boss suddenly piped up, "Why are you looking for another job." I replied, "Not at the moment." We let it go for about an other hour or so.

I had a few messages I had to give to Boss so I went into his office and told him about the two calls that came in earlier in the day and about a marketing opportunity that we had. As I was turning to leave his office I said, "Hey Boss, can we talk about SUB?" He goes to me, "Do we really have to? I'm just not in the mood to talk about SUB." I said to him, "Fine, I just want you to know that I'm extremely uncomfortable at work and no longer want to be here and shes one of the reasons." and with that I broke down.

Yep. Me. I broke down at work. I actually sat in my boss' office and fucking cried like 3 year old. My boss looked at me in complete and utter shock. Quickly handed me some tissues and then got up and closed his door so that no one else could hear our conversation or see my reaction. He was shocked that something bothered me so much because I usually have very thick skin and in fact have never even shown that anything bothers me at work. I've always taken things with a grain of salt. I try to compose myself and manage to mumbled that I'm embarrassed that I'm crying at work. He says its okay to just let everything out.

I basically told him that I understand that SUB is older than me (and older than my mom too) but I do NOT tolerate someone talking down to me, treating me like I am stupid, or crossing the boundaries and attempting to do my job. If thats the case then I might as well just pack up my office and go home. He can just pay SUB to do my job too...although she's proven she'd be very very bad at it.

My boss goes on to explain to me that truthfully speaking he doesn't like SUB either but right now we are stuck with her because she is all we have on the East Coast and my boss's boss likes SUB. He told me how she annoys him and how he cannot be on the phone with her for more than 5 minutes before he wants to stick a pen in his eye, how he hates travelling with her because shes just that annoying. The unfortunate thing is that he doesn't think she will ever change. He doesn't think she will learn how to work with people and that its just her character.

I mentioned to him (I'd stop crying every now and then long enough to make full sentences and then I'd cry and then I'd have to stop...UGH!) that if she treats her co-workers like crap (another co-worker HATES her mainly because she is so condescending and bitchy) how does she treat stores? How does she work with her distributors and dealers? Boss said that its pretty much 50-50. 50% love her the other 50% could live without her. I don't think those are good numbers. I mean half of her territory could live without her? Thats HORRIBLE! Then I told my boss, "Look, I'd think I was being an overly sensitive PMSy person if I was the only one who couldn't stand her but out of 5 in the North American office 2 hate her, 1 is annoyed, 1 is indifferent and the 5th person is SUB herself. She obviously has issues working with people.

My boss and I ended things pretty well. He told me that he would have a talk with her without bringing me up. He didn't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that she got under my skin. I told my boss that if SUB were to call my cell, text my cell, or email me at my personal email even during work hours I would not answer. My personal stuff is for people I consider to be friends (and I did clarify with him that he and my other co-workers fall into the "friends" category). I also told him that if SUB lived in Montreal we would be having this conversation from prison.

After I left his office I went to wash my face and try to put myself together before going back to my desk (he actually asked me if I wanted to go for a walk or to leave for the rest of the day just to get my head on straight again, I said I just needed a few minutes). I went back to my desk and got back to work when he came out of his office and puts his hand on my shoulder and said, "Jen, I want you to know that I always have your back. ALWAYS. I will always take your side. Next time please don't wait so long to talk to me about something bothering you."

I smiled and enjoyed the rest of my work day.

Yesterday we went for lunch and had a nice talk and did a lot of laughing but of course he asked me like 20 times "How are you, are you okay?" Oh did I mention that at one point during our conversation he says to me, "I don't mean to get personal but is there a chance that you are pregnant? I mean I've never seen you so emotional." I just laughed and said no that when things piss me off enough I cry... but when I get sad I want to hit.

SUB of course pissed me off yesterday. She was blatantly disregarding my orders and finding 20 reasons not to do her job. Oddly enough I got a response the minute I wrote to my boss and copied her on it kindly explaining to Boss how the show stopping was on a standstill because SUB thinks its outside of her job description to decide what items to pull and show at the tradeshow.

Today Boss didn't come into work but of course he sent me a text message, "How are you today." I wonder if my boss now thinks that I am mentally unstable, will that breakdown always be on his mind? He dealt with my crying well, he talked until I was ready to end the conversation but I hope he doesn't think he has to worry about me and treat me delicately.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

  I'm annoyed and considering quitting

Gosh, I really hate writing in my blog only when I'm annoyed but I guess that is the only time I feel truly inspired. Oddly enough when I'm really annoyed/pissed off I also tend to clean the house.

So why am I so pissed off? Well, today started off fairly okay. Like it wasn't a great day but it wasn't a horrible day either. It was just an okay day. By mid-morning I got a text message from my boss informing me he wasn't coming in (hey it was a gorgeous day, I wouldn't have come in either if given that chance) BUT he had a few things he wanted me to review. I took notes on what he wanted and had everything completed by 1pm. My boss writes me back saying good work.

Then around 1:30 I realized I hadn't gotten an answer from my graphics artist regarding an ad I needed created for this company. Before I could pick up the telephone to call her my computer alerted me that I had an email. It was from the graphics artist. I reviewed what she did and it was what the boss wanted but I forwarded the email to the boss. He copied my co-worker (Stupid Ugly Bitch) on his reply so that she could see the ad since it was for her territory. I don't mind especially because SUB had come up with the concept for this ad.

Boss, SUB, Graphics Artist and I send a few emails back and forth regarding the layout of the ad and possibly changing the wording. I said that I would email the person in charge of the company that we are running the ad for in order to find out if it is "okay" and if we can change the wording to something or if that would be violating their rules. My boss says "Let me know".

I write back to my boss and copy SUB on it saying, "Spoke with X and they said ad is fine as is, we can not make the changes you want because its violating their rules. Am sending the file to the printer now for 2000 copies".

So now this is ALREADY at the printer right?! I get copied on an email from SUB to person X at that company saying "here is our draft please let me know if its okay or not...." Um excuse me? Do we not look stupid now as a company? Completely disorganized if 20 minutes after ANSWERING me he gets another email from another employee asking the same thing? And get this, the attachment wasn't a sample of the ad it was sales figures!!!!

SUB is constantly complaining about how person X thinks our company is disorganized, how we don't follow the rules, how we this and how we that...Don't you think you are adding fuel to the fire but crossing your job description lines and trying to do my job when I already had an answer to the exact same question? When I already had the ad printing in Texas?

I sent SUB an email and copied my boss saying: "SUB I already emailed X and got his reply. This is already at print as I got his approval. Please STOP doing my job as it makes our company look very disorganized. By the way, you attached the wrong file to that email" (which by the way went to 6 people not just person X, myself, and my boss).

She didn't reply. Of course not, everytime I call her out on her shit she never sends a reply. She gets her tail between her legs when she is informed that she is wrong. That was the SECOND time today the she had contacted person X at the same company to ask him something I had already asked him (I emailed him last week regarding a promotion we wanted to run and he told me on what items he was willing to accept a discount). The first time I didn't get too wound up about it because I wasn't sure if I had informed her of what we'd be doing promotions on.

Then another issue happened when a customer noticed something but I managed to find a loophole. I emailed SUB and Boss and told them that althought something looked like something it specifically said something else but I could see where someone would be confused but it doesn't change the fact that there is a loophole.

SUB writes back to me and my boss saying, "Jenny, please don't take my email personally as an attack on your work but blah blah blah blah blah blah". I write back to SUB copying my boss, "SUB, STOP telling me to stop taking things personally because I don't. In fact, I, personally did not work on any sell sheets so its not my work to get offended at any errors. I simply found a loophole for you to be able to use until we can all discuss this when Boss is in the office and figure out a way to work around this".

This is the second email that shes written to me telling me not to take something personally. Bitch I don't take anything personally other than you crossing the fucking line and doing my fucking job. You know what, why don't I just quit my job and you can feel free to do mine as well as yours? Oh wait, maybe I should take half of your pay because I spend a lot of my time trying to fix your fuck ups.

I can not wait until my boss comes into work tomorrow because I really feel I have to talk to him. The first time I emailed him about SUB and how she's been behaving apparently accomplished nothing. This time something will happen. I'm annoyed and can't see myself continuing my position and always having to deal with someone like SUB. I don't care how old she is, how long she has been in the industry or whatever. She's annoying, constantly crosses the line, and has no idea how to speak to people. She might be older than my momma but that doesn't mean I won't tell her where to shove it.

I'm honestly at a cross road and have no idea what to do regarding this issue. I'm seriously considering just putting in a letter of resignation and finding a company where I don't have to tolerate people like this. Not only that but there was recently an issue with a pay increase that I've been trying to figure out how to address. I just feel like lately I'm not happy at the company.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

  Being Stalked -- Not So Fun..Especially TWICE

Hey guys,

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post this on my blog so I put mine up as well. I hope you guys read it and comment. These are both TRUE stories and both have scared the living daylights out of me.


I’ve had a scary situation happen to me twice, yes, the same situation twice which kind of makes you think that maybe I am the cause of the problem but I don’t really think that’s the case very much. However, it has changed the way I view things and what things about myself I reveal online.

Back in 1999, yes a full 10 years ago, I was stalked by a guy I had met on the internet. For this blog’s sake lets call him Jeremy.. This guy seemed rather normal at first and we had met through in a chat room and hit it off and we added one another to the chat program ICQ. We’d talk all the time. He was older than me by a few years and lived in Nebraska, I lived in Texas. We had never spoken on the telephone but we had seen pictures of one another from our wonderful geocities webpages. I hadn’t realized at the time how much information I was giving out over the internet. I had just turned 17 years old and was a little chatter box. I had mentioned the city and state I lived in, he knew my last name from my outgoing emails, I mentioned what high school I went to, and he had seen a picture of me in my wrestling uniform that had my schools name and mascot on it.

I wasn’t really too worried about the things I had told Jeremy because he was talking to one of my other internet friends (who lived in a city near by) and they were talking about dating in real life. Often when I’d talk to Jeremy we’d talk about Kelly and how things were going in their relationship. They spoke on the phone a lot and were planning a trip to see one another. Well one day suddenly Kelly didn’t want to talk to me anymore, in fact she hated me. I didn’t understand why. Turns out that Jeremy had broken up with her because he had feelings for someone else. He had feelings for me. I didn’t return those feelings. I was 17 years old and dealing with my own screwed up relationship. Some douchebag that I went to Homecoming with was spreading rumors how he banged me and half the wrestling team was trying to murder him and he ended up transferring schools. I didn’t need an online boyfriend, the real life one I had proved to be more than enough headaches!

Well, a few weeks after my Homecoming debacle my parents went on two separate trips. My mother had gone to Greece to visit her parents and my father went to South Texas for a business trip. I must had brought that up in conversation with Jeremy because a few days later I notice a black truck parked outside of my house during daylight and night hours. It was a truck that didn’t belong there. The people who lived across the street from me had moved out so it was no way that it was their car. This car would follow me to school and back. The good thing was that I was never alone. My friends were always keeping me company and my house was never empty for that reason.

I went to take my senior pictures with my best friend Amy and the truck followed us again. I rushed into the parking lot of the mall and ran inside. Once I was finished taking my pictures and walked out of the studio Jeremy was there. He started to talk to me and I just asked him basically, WTF are you doing here? He told me had had to see me and he got my address from the telephone book. Seriously, not too many people with my Greek last name living in Arlington Texas. I freaked out and told him to go away, go back to Nebraska and leave me alone. He got into his truck in the parking lot and sped off.

I went home with Amy and we chilled for a while and then she had to go home. I was home alone and I didn’t mind it. I got on the internet, I watched some movies, I just tried to occupy myself. It had gotten late, about 1am, and I finally went to sleep. There was a tap at my window and I froze. I didn’t know how to react. I tried to think quickly if all the doors and windows were locked. There was no way anyone was coming in through my back yard as I had 2 pitt bulls back there. I rolled off my bed quietly and crawled on the floor to our spare bedroom and looked out the window. I saw that the black truck was back. I crawled to the living room and picked up the cordless phone and called 911.

I informed the police that there was a strange car parked outside of my house for a few days, that I knew who it was and know they were knocking on my window. They asked me if they had a weapon and I said, “Not that I know of but I’m inside and they are outside”. A few minutes later the police showed up and made Jeremy leave the state; Something about stalking underage kids that didn’t sit well with the APD.

Now fast forward a few years. I’m now older and more aware of things. I no longer use my full name on emails unless I know you personally (two email addresses) my Myspace and Facebook profile don’t have my full last name, I’m very vague about where I live and work. (Right now my FB profile has my full last name but is on a private profile, reason for the full name is for high school reunion, people are looking for me!) Well in 2006 on Myspace I had bumped into a few kids from high school and they got me in contact with others and we all started talking again. We went from Myspace messages to MSN conversations and occasionally telephone conversations. One kid (we’ll call him Ruben) that I had graduated with (and went to elementary school with too) and I realized that we had a lot in common in regards to our favorite t.v. shows, what we ate and what we didn’t. We just had a lot of similarities. He started to call me at all hours of the day and night, he would message me all the time on MSN and basically wanted to know what I was doing every minute of my life. It didn’t bother me too much because he was in Texas and I was in Montreal. Not too much he could do right?

Yeah…right. That is until I decided to take a trip to Texas to visit my parents and of course friends. At first everything was okay. Ruben would call me to see if I needed a ride out to where all of our friends were meeting or if I wanted to pick him up (oh at this point I really should mention that we live on the same freaking street, just different blocks! Like I lived on the 1400 block of Noname St. and he lived on the 900 block of Noname St.) Once, I agreed to let him pick me up because I had decided that I would drink that night. Big mistake! He ended up trying to put the moves on me and I wasn’t having it. I was like, oh no…. I stopped hanging around him and I told our friends that if he was invited somewhere I could not go because I refused to be near him. Our friends obliged and they wouldn’t invite him out with us (they saw how he was acting towards me and the entire situation and he ended up alienating a lot of people because of his attitude).

Well a while into my trip it was time to celebrate my sister’s birthday (Oh we drove from Montreal to Dallas TOGETHER…ALONE!) and I had a surprise party for her. I had invited a lot of her friends and one of her friends brought a guy friend, lets call him Guy. Guy and I really hit of off and we ended up dating while I was in Texas (3 months folks!) I decided that it was time that Guy met my friends from high school because although we had gone to the same high school Guy graduated in 1995 and I graduated in 1999 so we ran in different circles, but some circles crossed. My sister graduated in 1996 and I dated guys from class of 1997 and 1998 and we ALL hung out. Well my friends had invited Ruben out to the place that we were all going to be at. Guy and I were sitting there talking with everyone and occasionally stealing a kiss here and there. Ruben was there and he just straight up stood up and called me a bitch. Guy wanted to beat his face in but I told him to relax. Guy and I left and went to another party where his friends were. It was about 3am when Guy dropped me off at my parents house and I noticed a black truck parked across the street (déjà vu anyone?). I recognized the truck instantly. It was Ruben’s. I passed his house EVERYDAY going anywhere as it was on the way to the high way. I ran into my house and sent him a text message asking him to leave. He wrote back saying no. I wrote back asking how he’d feel in about half an hour, when my dad gets up to go to work, when I tell my father how some strange dude is parked outside of my house watching me? I heard the ignition start and Ruben was off.

I woke up the next day and the truck was there again. I’d go to the mall, I’d go run errands, I’d go to Guy’s place and he’d follow me. The problem with that is that Ruben lived in my city, he had all the rights to be on the same roads as I was, he lived on my street and had the right to be there. There was nothing anyone could do and the last thing I wanted to do was tell my father. My dad would end up in jail for beating the crap out of Ruben.

Final straw was when Guy and I had headed to a party in a city about 45 minutes from my house. We are on the high way and I noticed the truck. I didn’t pay attention at first thinking maybe he was going somewhere and would get off at a different exit. He continued to follow us even though I was making Guy take weird exits, random turns, and just aimless driving. Guy picked up the phone and called the police. The police were made aware of this situation, for the second time now, and we told the police where we were, what we were driving, and what Ruben was driving. We told the police about the route we were taking and they met up with us and pulled Ruben over informing him of the laws about stalking people. They had a stern talking to and the police were monitoring my street even more for the duration of my trip.

I think the second stalking was worse then the first case because it was soooo obvious and it was being done by someone I grew up with. One would think that if you get stalked twice that you have something to do with it but that couldn’t be more wrong. People just get obsessed.

  Guest Post: Blog Swap

I don't know if I had mentioned it on my blog or not but I participated in a blog swap hosted by 20something bloggers. I got paired up with Kelly and we decided to write our blogs on the same topic. We came up with "Scariest Thing To Happen to You". Below you will find her post as well as a link to her blog. I will repost my blog here tomorrow as well as I found my situation terrifying and of course I'd love to share it all with you. If you can't wait, then be sure to check out my post on Kelly's blog!


I started blogging January 2008 and have very much enjoyed sharing my life with anyone looking for a good laugh. A couple weeks ago I was meandering through and signed up for their annual blog swap and was paired with Jenny. Shortly thereafter, our conversation regarding blog topics ensued and in the end, we both decided we could have some fun blogging about the scariest thing that ever happened to us.

Now, we’ve all been scared out of our wits at one point or another in our lives, right? Imagine my surprise when I tried to weed through my memory bank to pick a good scary memory and came up short. Boo! Then it hit me and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this immediately!

When I was 24, I moved to a very unique apartment. It was a private residence and on the grounds was a carriage house that the owners transformed into two apartments. My next door neighbor was great and I loved living there – for the first 3 or 4 months anyway. One day, I was at work and got a phone call from my next door neighbor. We had been robbed! I’ll never forget that moment; even now when I think about it my heart skips a beat. I could hear the panic in her voice as she told me I had to come home. Fortunately, I didn’t live too far from work and thank God the cops must have been on lunch break because they would have had multiple reasons to pull me over; swerving, speeding, running lights. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

When I got home, my heart was pounding out of my chest because I had no idea what I was going to come home to. My mind was picturing a complete and total invasion of my home. My privacy. My space; stolen TV, things thrown everywhere, pictures and mementos broken and thrown all over the place, clothes piled in random spaces, and doors and windows broken. Fortunately, my mind’s picture was worse then what I actually encountered. My door was busted in and lying on the floor, a few things had fallen off the walls, but nothing too major. The most frustrating thing was I couldn’t find my cats. I had no idea how long it had been since my lovely visitors had left and was scared to death my cats had gotten out, because on their way out, my visitors weren’t kind enough to pick my door up off the floor. Jerks! Later that evening I found my cats. They were huddled not only under my bed, but had clawed their way up into my box spring and were hanging out there.

That happened November 2006. Fast forward to November 2007, one week short of the “My House Got Broken Into for the First Time” anniversary. It was in the middle of the day and I had stopped at home on my lunch break and guess what? Can you guess? Yup, I had been broken into once again and this time they took my laptop and, once again, busted my door down off the hinges. (Cats were eventually found, yet again, under the bed).

The second time, I felt more anger and down right rage, then fear. I gave my landlord a piece of my mind and moved out of that apartment very quickly.

Getting robbed sure did scare the hell out of me and it took me a while to feel truly safe and secure, even in my new apartment. However, it did teach me one valuable lesson; scary things are bound to happen to everyone, we can’t change that. What we can change is how we react to the situation. It’s like Randy Pausch used to say, “We can’t change the cards we’re dealt; just how we play the game.”

Thanks for reading and if you want to hear more about the life of a blonde, single, 20-something, learning to navigate her way through this world, feel free to visit me at

A great big huge thanks to Jenny for hosting me, it’s been great fun!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

  That Kiss (an old blog from years ago!)

Okay so tomorrow I'm going to have a guest blogger here thanks to the Blog Swap hosted by and I was looking for an old blog to get my inspiration for the topic we both decided to blog about and I came across this jewel.

Oh how much someone can change in just a matter of a few years.....

************ Original blog posted ages ago****************

As much as I like to think that Im good with words and I have a way of expressing myself it seems like I cant ever get out my true feelings. Sure I can bitch and moan about things that bother me but I struggle a lot when it comes to expressing what I feel and what I want. In fact Ive started this blog like 5 times and constantly go back and delete everything but the title of it.

So why not delete the title of this blog? Youll find out later on I guess. Have you ever met someone that was so perfect for you but you never got a chance to be with them for some reason or another? They managed to slip away because the two of you werent on the same page or one wasnt ready for the commitment that the other was? You would refer to them as the one that got away, right? Well what do you do if the one that got away somehow found a way to slip back into your life? Do you see that as an opportunity and seize it or do you sit back in the shadows and watch it slip away again?

What if the situation isnt as cut and dry as that? What if there is a third party involved? Do you keep your mouth shut and say nothing because someone else is in the picture or do you follow your heart and go after what it really wants? See my situation isnt that cut and dry. There is a third party and there is all this damn distance. I sit here and I think of everything and a part of me wonders if its not a real attraction on both of our parts, more like a tease but then I really think of what I feel and what I know is true and I dont think its a game. I know on my part its not a game. I have feelings for someone that I had feelings before in the past and never perused, and Im sure even if I had mentioned my true feelings that things would still end up like this. 10 years ago neither of us was in any sort of position to make any kind of commitment to one another, besides didnt I flee the country 8 years ago right after I walked across that stage? (Thats another story all in its self that you dont need to know about.)

So now Im stuck in a situation that I dont find fair to anyone involved. This is the point in life when Mr. Anderson pops into my mind with his little expressionm Rule Number One. Life is not fair. I wonder if Mr. Anderson ever found out how truly right that expression was.

So without putting any pressure on anyone, I feel like my entire life can be fixed by one simple kiss. A kiss that will tell me everything. A kiss that will let me know if the feelings are the same on both parts, a kiss that will tell me what to do with my life. You know, the type of kisses that you see in movies where fireworks go off and the girls leg goes up in the air? Ive been waiting all of my life for a kiss like that and I truly think that this one person in my mind can give me a kiss like that.

That kiss is the only thing Im looking forward to.

********************The Aftermath*********************

So what happened after "THAT kiss"? Were lives shattered? Was everything happily ever after? Did the Earth standstill? Did the world still go on?

Without getting into too many details:
Lives chaged, the world went on, friendships were lost, hearts were broken, and people never spoke again.

Sometimes, THAT kiss is better left as a thought instead of brought to reality. Sometimes having such high expectations ends in upset and hurt.

Friday, July 17, 2009

  Dating a Greek...DRAMA

So Heather and I really seem to be on the same page with a lot of things regarding what we blog about. I do consider her to be some of my blogspiration. Maybe we both just feed off of each other.

Well the other day I was THINKING about blogging about something and I ended up not blogging but she did. Her topic was very similar to mine and we hadn't even talked about it. I found it strange. Maybe we are kindred spirits or something. I personally find it freakishly hilarious.

So what was I going to blog about? An ex boyfriend of course!!!! So what brought this one? I don't remember exactly what it was but it was something my co-worker had said. He mentioned something and I started laughing saying, "Oh yeah?" and then I made a mental note to blog about it. I misplaced my mental note until just now.

So without further adieu I bring you "Dating A Greek.....DRAMA".


(Names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent)

When I first moved to Montreal 10 years ago I started hanging out with my God brother Peter since everyone else related to me was much older or they were my age but thought that marriage at 18 was a great idea. Peter and I, along with his brother (my other God brother) Bobby would hang out. They'd take me out and introduce me to people. They introduced me to Peter's friend Billy. Billy was hot. I was told I couldn't date him because he was my God brother's best friend. I understood but I hated it. I hated being told what to do. I got pissed at Billy for following direct orders from Peter. What was he a dog(In hindsight I respect Billy for not dating his best friends godsister)? Needless to say I stopped hanging out with my God brothers. I was upset okay?

Now my two uncles who are about mine and my sisters age (so we actually call them cousins although they are our uncles) decide to take me under their wing. There was a Greek dance party and they invited me to join them and their friend Lazo. I said I'd come just to get out but 1. I don't like Greek music 2. I don't dance to Greek music and 3. I can't freaking dance. They take me anyway because hey, who can resist a good night out meeting new people.

They pick me up and I go to their house to get ready. I meet Lazo and I'm interested. He's cute but a little short for my liking (hey at 5'9" A LOT of guys are short) but cute nonetheless. We get into the car and we go to the club. Everyone is really nice and buying me drinks. Lazo wants to teach me to dance and I tell him that I'm horrible, I have 2 left feet. He teaches me anyway and I start to have a good time (I think the liquor is helping at this point as its the first time I'm drinking anything non beer like, hey legal drinking age in the US is 21. I'm 17 in Montreal and drinking!)

They drop me off that night and I tell them I had a great time and that we should do it again soon. I speak to one of my uncles a few days later and I ask him whats up with Lazo, what the 411 on him. My uncle tells me that he wouldn't dare date me because he's a womanizer and my uncle would break his legs. I am down with that. I don't want my heart broken!

My surgery gets scheduled. I go in. They cut me open. I'm not enjoying life at all. Canada sucks. Cute guys but all non datable and they freaking cut me open? I want a refund. I want to go back to Texas. Guess who visits me at the hospital? LAZO! Yeah, strange eh? He won't date me but he shows up to see me a day after my surgery when I'm in dire pain, hair all messy, and bad breath because the nurses won't let me brush my teeth. Wow, just how every girl wants a cute boy to see her!! He says hi, sticks around for a while while I drift in and out of consciousness. My uncles show up. They talk. And some how I'm hearing the Bible story of Lazarus for the first time..and I wake up thinking Lazo died while I was semi awake. I get over that pretty quickly. End result is after I leave the hospital Lazo and I still aren't heading for datesville and I don't mind. I mean, I have to un-enroll from college, stay home for 6 months while I heal properly, and wallow in self pity being in a country where I know NO ONE!

So being in a new country with people I didn't know and hardly any friends (college hadn't started yet) what was I to do? I had gotten online and installed a nifty little program named ICQ. I added some local people, I added some folks from Texas and blah blah blah. I ended up talking to some dude named FingerElven. My chat name was Prigkipsha (Princess in Greek (horribly misspelled)). We spoke almost every day but we NEVER met up!You know why?! He KNEW my Godbrother! FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!

Blah blah blah blah blah fast forward to about 3 or 4 years later (my time lines are horrible). I had just broken up with my boyfriend
L.C and was just dating people. My mechanics son (John) (yeah from when we were on good terms!) was looking to hook one of his friends up with someone and I was looking to hook up my friend with someone. It sounded perfect. Oh, I should mention here that John had a huge crush on me but I was totally oblivious to this. John and I said that we'd take our respective friends with us for coffee and see if they hit it off. We all meet up and my friend decided to invite someone else, my friend Joe. Blah! 5 people set ups were kind of strange. When you are 4 people you force the two you are trying to hook up to sit next to each other and then you just ignore them...that wasn't going to work now.

Well during conversation I noticed that Costa (John's friend) wasn't interested in my friend. He seemed to be paying more attention to me, talking to me more, and I didn't really mind because like I said, I was dating too! I was single and mingling, going on random dates. I tried to see if my friend was interested in Costa or not but it didn't appear to be the case. (Turns out she invited her BOYFRIEND that she hadn't told me about yet but didn't want to let me down so she still showed up!!!). Anyway, as we are talking John mentioned that I had just moved from Texas a few years ago and then he called me Prigkipsha. Costa's face looked like a light bulb went off. He asked me if I had ICQ and if I used to chat with someone named FingerElven. I was shocked. 3 or 4 years later I end up meeting a dude who wouldn't meet me because of who I was related to. The night ends, we pay our bill (well, the guys paid) and we all said our good byes. No telephone numbers exchanged, no email addresses, nothing.

A few weeks go by and now I'm hanging out with one a guy who ended up not dating me because he was friends with my uncle. (Dude, the Greek community in Montreal is small. You can fart and the whole Greektown will know about it!). After seeing me again after so many years he told me that now that I was older and more settled he didn't mind hanging out with me. He wasn't afraid of my uncles, he just didn't want to be the first Canadian/Greek boy I dated. I thought that was cool and didn't mind hanging out with him. We were hanging out for a while (and by hanging out I mean, like dating and making out. So now Lazo and I had tickets to go see a Tori Amos concert but something happened and I had to go to the hospital. Lazo came with me but somehow my car ended up with John who was on a date. After I got home from the hospital I called John (this is before texting was super popular and people still called one another)to tell him that I was home and he could drop off my truck whenever he was free. John rushed right over thankful to get away from his date that was apparently going crappy. He rings my apartment number, I buzz him in. He asks for me to make him an iced coffee and he and Lazo are sitting at my kitchen table talking. John is going on about how his date sucks and how she was a crazy chick and she asks Lazo "Do you have a girlfriend" and he answers, "yeah shes making you coffee right now." I almost dropped the glass because at that point I didn't know that Lazo and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. I thought we were still getting to know one another and we were just dating. I wasn't seeing anyone else as all my free time was with Lazo but whatever. I was happy and smiling.

Lazo left to take John home. Everything is fine.I go to Lazo's soccer games which was really odd because I'd never gone to any of my uncles and they are on the same team. I was a girlie cheerleader for them always screaming and shouting for them to win. My uncle's girlfriend was there too so it was fun. Everything was great. For now. Lazo and I go to a soccer banquet. I run around with him to pick up some decorations and pick up the flowers that were donated. We go home, get ready, and then go back to the banquet for the reception. Lazo was having a great time dancing and mingling. I wasn't having such a great night. I'm not a dancer and my disease really limits the amount of dancing I can do as I get tired super easily. I was mingling with some of the girls there (that from conversation I picked up that a few of them had dated Lazo, a few wanted to date Lazo, and that I was not so well liked because I WAS dating Lazo). Anyway at the end of the night I was taking Lazo home when he asked me if instead I wanted to go to a Greek dance bar that was a hole in the wall. I told him that no, I'd rather go home I was very tired and just wanted to sleep. He got upset and broke up with me that night because we were too different (yes one had a disease that made us tired and the other had a chip on his shoulder!). I was all like, okay. I was sad but I'd get over it right?

The next day I called my friend Joe (who had broken up with my friend by this point) to see what was up and we talked and I told him about what happened with Lazo. He suggested we go out and party. We did. I think its the first time I ever lit a cigarette and put it to my lips. I wasn't stressed but it was a huge shock to me to just be broken up with because I didn't dance. I was actually angry. Joe suggested that we go home, pack a suitcase and go to Toronto for the weekend. I was game with that plan. We did. We did a lot of bonding on that road trip too. He told me why he and my friend had broken up, he told me how he was hating his job and all that other stuff. We got to know each other and I understood why he and my friend broke up.

We came back to Montreal a few days later all well rested and me being a non smoker again. I was over this BS with Lazo. A few weeks after the break up John calls me to see what I'm doing. I tell him all is well. He asks about Lazo. I tell him about the break up and he said thats why he hadn't called. He didn't want to be calling a girl who was in a relationship. I told him its stupid. We are friends, friends hang out whenever. The subject of Costa came up and John told me that the night he had come over he was going to tell me that Costa kept asking about me but with me dating Lazo he didn't think it was the right time to bring it up.

John did the nice friend thing and invited me to hang out with him and some of his friends, Costa included. Costa and I spoke, we got to know one another more, and eventually we started dating. Go figure. It's been long enough right?

One day I had gotten sick but had plans to meet with John and Costa at a coffee shop near my apartment. I called John and told him that he had to come get me because I didn't feel well. He told me he was sending Costa and I was refusing. I didn't want Costa to see me sick...I mean didn't that cost me my relationship with Lazo. John told me that Costa should come and he had his reasons for it. Costa shows up. Before we go to the car he sits me down in this little lobby area of my apartment building and explains to me that he had an exgf who had cancer. He wasn't very supportive when she had cancer, he didn't know how to handle it and they broke up. I was floored. I was expecting another "See ya". He told me that he regrets that and he'd never do that to me. Thats when he told me he loved me for the first time. It was sweet. I almost cried. He helped me to the car and helped me into the coffee shop (where ironically enough my friend and Joe were there getting together again! LOL).

I was in school and guess who was in one of my classes? Costa's bestfriends girlfriend. We recognized one another from the few time's we'd all hung out together. We made arranagements for just the girls to go out one night. Everything was going great. We'd been together for months and everything was perfect. We'd all go out as big groups, just the two of us, just the girls, just the boys, double date with my sister and her boyfriend at the time (Kosta....yeah thats weird. We both dated a Nick at the same time too). Life was grand.

Then everything isn't so perfect anymore. I was at the coffee place by my house with John and we were talking about what everyone was up to. I told him Costa was working late and I'd be seeing him later. He gave me a look. I looked at him and demanded he spill the beans. He told me Costa wasn't working late but was at his firend's house just hanging out. I was furious. I was angry and of course confused. How do things go so well and then just kind of die? And for no reason? I called Costa as soon as I got home and told him I didn't want a bullshit answer but to be straight up with me. Why would he lie to me? His answer: "Baby, I love you but you aren't dating material. You are marriage material and I'm not ready for something that serious right now." I was shocked, I was confused, and I was just plain fucking pissed off. Guess what smartass? I'm YOUNGER than you and not looking for marriage right now EITHER! I hung up the phone and was just.... I don't even have the words for it.

Fast forward another 2 or 3 years. I'm at a concert with my friends and boyfriend (now husband and at the time we were engaged). As I'm walking to the bathroom guess who stops me to chit chat? Costa and John. John and I hadn't spoken in about a year or so because he decided to inform me that he liked me and I was apparently too stupid to see it. He was mad because I dated Costa....Umm buddy, you hooked us up! Costa is looking at me like I was an alien. John walked away. We exchange the greek air kisses and a hug and ask how we each are doing. I inform him I'm engaged now and he looked shocked. Whats so shocking? Aren't I marriage material? He tells me if I wanted to come join them what table I could find them at and then as he's hugging me good bye he whispers in my ear, "I was stupid to let you get away." I wanted to laugh and let him know that he had really left me heartbroken because I just didn't understand why we broke up. I wasn't pressuring him to get married, to move in, to meet his parents. We were just taking things day by day. A few months after our break up I sort of wondered if maybe what happened with his ex happened with me too. Maybe he couldn't handle dating someone who was sick? Yes, my disease affects my everyday life but not THAT dramatically. I whisper back in his ear and inhale the wonderful scent of Jean Paul Gauliter that he always wore, "Yes you were, but thank you for doing it."

I could probably go on writing for days on end about my experiences dating Greek guys here in Montreal but I'm gonna end it here. Obviously things worked out for the better. I ended up getting married to George who treats me like a princess. He spoils me rotten and worships the ground I walk on. I love him to death and we are happy together. All of my dating experiences just made me stronger.

Guess what? Costa is still single.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

  I've been tagged!

1. What is your current obsession? Writing. Okay, so writing has been my obsession for ages and ages but I've put it on the back burner lately and its just now coming back around.

2. What is your weirdest obsession? Candles. I don't know if its weird but in April I ordered $600 worth of Party Lite Candles, in June I ordered $100 worth of Party Lite candles and I know that I will order more in August when my friend does the sale. I can't help it. I love candles....

3. Recall a fond childhood memory? I think the first time my parents and sister and I DROVE from Texas to Montreal. It was great. We did a lot of family bonding and I think it was our first ever real family vacation.

4. What’s for dinner? You'll have to ask my hubby. He cooks most of the time. I hope its not pasta!

5. What would you eat for your last meal? Probably sushi because I eat so much of it that I always feel like dying right afterwards.

6. What’s the last thing you bought? A Smiroff Vodka last night. Oh no, Coffee this morning.

7. What are you listening to right now? Nirvana - Lithium

8. What do you think of the person who tagged you? I just "met" Ashes recently. Shes very funny. She likes cats.

9. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished, anywhere in the world, where would it be? Okay, 100% totally beach front property in Hollywood/L.A. I NEED to be in Cali.

10. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? Only for an hour? Probably to Texas to have lunch with Trevor since I haven't seen him in a while and may not get the chance to see him in October :(

11. Which language do you want to learn? I'm sure I should say French since I live in Quebec but, Fuck 'em....I'd like to learn how to write Greek.

12. What’s your favourite quote (for now)? “Suck a Dick, Save a Life" said by a comedienne last night. HILARIOUS skit!

13.What is your favourite colour? Brown

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? Most definately the dress I wore to my Engagement party if that doesn't count then my Michael Kors silk white/black halter top.

15. What is your dream job? Published Author/ Actress

16.What’s your favourite magazine? I totally don't read those things!

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on? Pair of black shoes to wear with anything. A casual pair.

18. Describe your personal style? Man I can't. I have a lot of high end pieces that I mix with low end pieces. My style isn't really trendy but its stylish. Casual and dressy.

19. What are you going to do after this? Probably get back to work?

20. What are your favourite films? Se7en, Legends of the Fall, The Notebook

21. What’s your favorite fruit? My parents have a fruit/veggie distribution company I love em all.

22.What inspires you? Myself. You shouldn't look to others for inspiration, just yourself!

23. Your favourite books? Twilight Series, Shopaholic Series, Anything by Jane Green, Emily Giffin

24. Do you collect anything? Do shoes count?

25. Any advice from bitter experience? Have no regrets in life and learn from your mistakes. Don't regret something because you learned from it and grew. I'd rather regret NOT doing something than doing it!

26. What makes you follow a blog? The writer has to use vivid language or write about things that I can relate to. I hate reading blogs where people live on cloud nine and never have mishaps. It's stupid. I'll give any blog a shot for a while and then I'll be like, um yeah..NOT

I tag: MaryMac, Pursuit, Kearsie, and Laura

Monday, July 13, 2009

  Weight Watchers...The Post

Okay. Well I had promised Heather, (who is doing a giveaway really soon!) that I would make a post about Weight Watchers so here it is.

A while back I had written this post about joining weight watchers. I joined 5 weeks ago instead of in May. I found it to be pointless to join Weight Watchers and then run off on a vacation. It would be counter productive. So I joined a week after coming back from my vacation.

The way WW works is with points. You get X amount of points for your weight, age, type of job you have, and if you are breast feeding or whatever. I get a whole freaking 22 points. Do you know how hard it is to eat only 22 points worth of food? An average breakfast is 6 points, an average lunch about 8-10 points, and an average dinner is about 12 to 14. If I stick to the average type of meal I'm in the negatives DAILY! The good thing is that WW gives you 35 bonus points a week to use when you need some extra help and if you had a really bad day you can always work out and gain activity points which are redeemable towards food. It's great right?

Well let me give you a run down on my weight loss since joining WW.

Week One: +.8 pounds (yes I gained weight)
Week Two: - .8 pounds(so now I'm back to even)
Week Three: +.8 (Ummmm can you fuck off already!?)
Week Four: -.8 (Okay I'm really fucking annoyed here)
Week Five: -2.0 (total weight lose 1.2 pounds because of that first .8 pound gain...)
Week Six (today): +/- NOTHING.. NO WEIGHT CHANGE

You could imagine my frustration. WW basically has to open a second class for the amount of people that we come with. Our WW group (family only) consists of two kids, my husband, my husbands partner, my husband's partners wife, and myself. Todays weigh in EVERYONE lost a minimum of 2 lbs.

Yes I understand I am smaller than the rest of the group that I attend with, in fact I am one of the smallest people in the entire meeting. I understand that its harder for me to lose weight but c'mon only 1.2 pounds in six weeks!? My husband's partner has lost 8 pounds in two weeks! Of course I'm pissed off, of course I'm frustrated.

I feel like I work out so hard...that I stick to this diet (aka life style change) daily and rarelyuse my extra points (I'd rather do activities and earn points then just take extra points). I bought a Wii and the Wii Fit in order to motivate me to work out more. I kick my ass and bust a sweat nearly every day and the scale isn't moving. My WW leader has no words of encouragement of me other than..."be patient" you fucking be patient. You lost 50lbs I can't even lose 2!!!

Then while talking among my little group we decided maybe I wasn't losing weight because I'm now working out and my fat is converting to muscle which weighs more than fat. It's great and fine and dandy and all that but why is this just happening to ME? Everyone else in our group uses the Wii Fit or does physical activity (my George mows the lawn, walks the dog, and all that other non fun stuff) and he is getting muscle AND losing weight? I'm just so frustrated I feel useless going to these meeting.

I put time and effort in going to the meetings. I am often available via email and telephone for my "support group" (the 6 of us that go together plus 2 parents that just come for encouragement) to help them figure out the points values of foods, I look up recipes and calculate the point values and print them up for the WW meetings so everyone can have access to tasty healthy food! I've become a little mini WW leader and I feel so stupid now seeing as how I am the ONLY one not losing weight and I hate it.

I do work out, I do follow the diet, I do tell George what to cook, I do healthy grocery shopping, I am in control of what I eat, I have cut down on bad snacks, I've made a complete lift style change and I'm not seeing the results of this.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that WW is bad, or horrible. I just think that maybe its not meant for me? I might need something else because I just get discouraged when I see the scale not move or move in the wrong direction even if its only a couple of ounces. I've decided I'm going to give WW another month for me but in the mean time I'm going to actually MEASURE myself. I want to know how many inches across everything I am and then track that because maybe I am losing inches (rather cms) but not pounds? I'm just afraid if I stop WW that so will my husband and then he'll be all depressed when he gains the weight back.

Fuck my life. This sucks and now I'm feeling all negative. :( Thank God for my sushi dinner!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

  If my house could talk

If my house could talk it would say a lot of things.... A LOT.

The Kitchen:

Dear George (That's Hubby) even though you have state of the art everything in kitchen there are some things that the appliances and fixtures can not do. As of yet LG has not invented a dishwasher that loads and unloads itself. Also, the dishes sitting in the sink will not automatically jump into the dishwasher. Side note from the dishwasher: George those prongs in the racks are for holding dishes. Stop putting the glasses NEXT to the prongs and instead put them ON the prongs. This will stop the glasses from breaking and your wife from yelling at you.

The kitchen table would like to let you know then when you finish eating your dinner, the olives will not magically jump into the fridge again. How is it that you can always remember to put everything away but the olives? Did they do something to offend you once?

The Bathroom:

Dear Jenny and George why oh why did you buy an all glass sink if you don't feel like cleaning me every time someone uses me? I hate having spots all over me all of the time. Maybe a porcelain sink would have been more your style considering you think cleaning is a curse. Also, George, can you please ask your father to stop peeing on the floor? The toilet is there to catch the pee and poo, not the ceramic tiles. Jenny told me that she doesn't like to always have to clean pee off the floor when he's finished.

The Laundry room:

Dear George, there are hampers in this room to throw dirty clothes and towels in. Please stop throwing dirty shit on my floor. I don't walk around your house and throw dirty things all over the place do I?

The Laundry baskets:

Dear Jenny, once your cleaning lady washes the clothes, irons the clothes, and puts them back nice and folded into a laundry basket can you please find the time to put the clothes away? You currently have 3 full laundry baskets of clean clothes in your room. Put us away PLEASE! No it doesn't count when you quickly throw your clothes in drawers when the cleaning lady shows up because you know she'll need more laundry baskets. The drawers are getting empty and the baskets are getting heavy. Please lighten the load a bit!

The Bed:

Dear Jenny, ever since you took the Michael Kors bedding off of me you no longer make the bed. Thats not fair. I'm the most disheveled room in the house and it makes me feel like I'm an outcast. The other bedrooms and furniture make fun of me all the time. How come you only straighten me out when guests are coming over or a few minutes before getting into bed? I understand that you like to sleep in a freshly made/soothed out bed but I like to enjoy the full day all made up and pretty. You don't go out for dinner with wrinkled clothes and no makeup (actually you hardly wear makeup)...well I don't like to stay home alone all day in wrinkled sheets. Please make more of an effort to make me daily....pretty please. Oh yeah, I really liked the Michael Kors bedding, can you buy me more?

That is all I can think of for now. I wasn't really in the mood to blog but I was sure I needed to. LOL

Oh a side note: I deleted a bunch of blogs that I follow due to them no longer writing things I enjoy (its always them trying to win giveaways, hosting give aways that aren't open to Canadian residents, lack of writing blogs, and finally lack of commenting on blogs. Poop on them!)

P.S. How do you guys find new and interesting blogs to follow/read/enjoy? I keep landing on the WRONG blogs! Help me find new people to read please!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

  Just Because I'm A Girl....

Before I start my mini rant I'd like to say sorry to everyone for not reading and commenting on blogs. I've had an ear infection (still have it) and its making me feel very strange. I can't take medicine for it because of my disease...antibiotics and I are NOT friends and I'd wind up even more sick so I suffer thru the pain. I promise you (and Google Reader) that I will try to get to every one's blogs before this weekend is over.

A lot of things have been bothering me lately but one that really tickles my freaking pickle is my father's mechanic. Okay, so most of you already know that I'm a spoiled rotten little twerp right? My parents have always footed the bill for any car repairs, oil changes etc. After I got married they stopped doing that so I found another mechanic (one my husband preferred). My parents will still occasionally send me money (send because they live in Texas and I in Montreal) to cover the cost of some bills; especially if they are high. My sister still brings her car to my dad's mechanic.

So why do we go to this mechanic, who will go unnamed? Because my father is LOYAL to the owner's father, its really convenient to my daddy when he comes here for a visit and best of all, after the repairs are done we don't have to pay him straight away. We can take our car and go home and my dad will send money a while later or he'll just pay when he comes to Canada in the winter. That's probably one of the best reasons for going to this specific wait...thats the ONLY reason you'd go to this garage.

Growing up I was very tom-boyish. I'd help my dad with repairs on all of our cars, I'd mess around with them and I'd learn the various names of things under the hood and their function and purpose. I learned to pick up on certain sounds and if it indicated a problem and if something went wrong with the car I could probably narrow it down to a couple of reasons why. I know what a starter, alternator, transmission, shaft, bushings, bearings, axles, differentials are and what they are meant to do. (But sadly, no I do not know how to change a tire!). So normally when I take my car to the garage I know what the problem could possibly be.

So lets rewind about 4 years ago. I had a 1999 Dodge Durango for a few years. Suddenly the alignment on the car was off. I took it to the mechanic who gave me his professional opinion "It's an SUV it will never have perfect alignment". Ummm then do you care to explain to me why its been driving perfectly straight for a few years?! I already checked the tire pressure and all of that was fine and dandy. I left shaking my head and just saying "okay whatever. If the mechanic thinks its okay its probably in my head." (Very believable because I ALWAYS think my tires look low...ALWAYS!) A few weeks later the problem feels even worse to me. I take it back and I get the same answer from the mechanic. I ask him to take the car for a spin to see if he can FEEL the problem. He does, he says there is no problem. It's an SUV, a few years old, and won't drive straight.... I say fine and go home. Now my mom is in Montreal visiting because my parents just bought a house (and didn't even see it! I saw it, I called them, we did power of attorney and I bought their house...with their money). So I'm taking my mom shopping for some patio furniture for the house and while I'm on the highway I ask her to see my problem. At 120kph I let go of the steering wheel and instead of going straight the car goes straight....towards the barrier on the right hand side of the road. My mom says that OBVIOUSLY there is a problem with the car. We drive to the mechanic and I insist that he put my car on that thingie to make it go in the air. I tell him that the alignment is off, way off and that I am not imagining, I am not crazy, and its not that its an SUV and won't ever have straight alignment. Lo and behold, his employee goes "Um, you might want to see this," to his boss. My mechanic goes over and says "Uh, you need a new bearing. If you would have hit a pothole your tire could have come right off." Oh jeez, THANKS! Because the first 2 times I brought the car here your explanation was it was an SUV. Thanks. You just saved my life dickface.

Now, we leave the car there to get fixed and my boyfriend at the time (now Hubby) came to pick up my mom and I....because apparently we go to the ONLY mechanic in the entire province of Quebec who doesn't have a courtesy car. Luckily for us, we have a spare car (uh, had a spare car, we sold it last year). George took us home and I got the extra car and I went shopping with my mom. Life was fine. While shopping I was explaining to her that I don't like this garage that much because I feel that he thinks because I am a girl that I know fuck all about cars and he can pull a sheet over my eyes. Let's be honest guys, my parents NEVER look at the bill for the garage. They look to the amount that is circled and pay without ever asking questions...EVER!

So, another problem...the Durango again. It's a reoccurring problem. Every summer my air conditioner would be a steam room and every winter my heater was an instacooler. EVERY year. Whatever "fix" the mechanic would give would be a temporary fix. It was seasonal. In the garage every 6 months to undo what he did the last time to make it the right temperature. I asked if we changed the heating core, the answer was yes. I asked if we changed the thermostat the answer was yes. Do you know that the answer was to my heating/cooling problems as per this mechanic? "Your car is old its time to get a new one." Hmmmm if you have that much money that you can just buy a new car every time your car breaks down/ needs repairs/ gets a few years old why are you driving a shit box?

So, now I'm in college and I've been having some problems with my car. It keeps on over heating. I take it the garage they fix the problem. I drive to the US to run an errand for my husband's car and while I'm waiting at the border (to get back into Canada) the temperature gauge SKY ROCKETS! I'm about to shit bricks. Great, my car is gonna die on the other side of the border. I call George and he tells me to roll down my windows and put my cars HEATER on as hot as it goes. The car has to expel the hot air and quick. The problem was solved for a bit. I crossed the border and went straight to the mechanic and was like "Uh, problem still exists, car almost left me at the US border," they look under the hood, fiddle with something and say problem solved. I leave. Three days later I'm driving to class to take an exam and then going to get my hair done as a reward for a successful semester complete. As I'm driving to school my car starts smoking. Yeah... my car is totally smoking. I'm freaking. I roll down the windows, i turn on the heater, I'm melting. I call the garage and tell them I'm on my way but if I'm not there in 10 minutes it means my car BLEW UP or caught on fire! (Now, I've already checked at home to be sure that all my fluids were filled up for the radiator. I know that an empty rad can literally make your engine explode!...from experience....) I get to the mechanic and now I'm fuming just as much as my car is.

Here is the scene:
J (thats me): *pulls up with smoking engine while on the phone with my dad explaining my near death experience*
M (thats the mechanic): Whats the matter Jenny?
J: *crying from anger* Whats the matter? Do you not see the smoke coming from my car!?!? I thought we FIXED this problem TWICE already....FUCKING TWICE!
M: Well whats the problem?
J: *to my dad* Wait up Dad, *to Mechanic* Do you know what you are? You are like a doctor for cars. I'm the cars mom. I come to your hospital and explain to you my cars symptoms and your JOB is to narrow down what the problem is with a series of tests and FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM. Can you NOT see the symptoms? My car is here for the 3rd time and its SMOKING from UNDER the HOOD! *to my dad* No I will not lower my voice I'm so fucking pissed off daddy, I nearly died and I'm going to miss my hair appointment now!
M: *not saying anything looking at me like I'm an alien with 3 heads and 72 toes.
J: Welllllllllllllllllll?
D (thats my dad): I'll call you back in 15 minutes.
J: Um okay. So Mechanic, whats the deal. Can you fix this or not because I dont like thinking my car is going to catch fire and I'll be burnt and then need surgeries and skin graphs...
*my phone rings* Hello? Yeah dad...Oh okay...Thanks... *hangs up* So my dad said fix the problem. His friend is coming to pick me up for my hair appointment.

So that's the type of shit we have to put up with. Now my sisters car has been at the garage for a WEEK AND A HALF and they still don't know what the problem is. They had the car since July 1st. I went with my sister to drop off the car. We said something is wrong with the alarm, windshield wipers and automatic door locks. We also explained the the bearing the should have been replaced from her car accident still wasn't fixed. I called on Friday, July 3rd to see if the car was ready. I was told that they hadn't even looked at the car yet...they were waiting for a guy from BMW to come see what the problem is. the electrical problem couldn't be fixed while waiting..but why not fix the bearing?

I called yesterday, July 8th, to see if the car was ready. Still nope. I'm told the car has been taken apart to find the problem. I get mad. I call my mom. My mom says tell him to put the car together and that I'm gonna take the car to the garage that services my car now. (I go to a mechanic that only works on European cars since I have a Mercedes and George has a Range Rover). The garage calls me back and wants to talk to my sister. I tell the mechanic that shes at work but as we all know I'm responsible for all car related problems for any car my father owns and that the message from the boss (my momma) is put the fucking car together and I'll pick it up today. He got mad (he is soooooo stupid to lose business from my family). He said he wanted my daddy to call him. I call my dad I tell my dad what mom told me to say to the mechanic. My dad calls him. "If the car isn't fixed by noon tomorrow, the car is going to BMW...."

So now I'm waiting...let's see.... Oh, and my parents swore they'd never go back to this garage...ever. This isn't even a QUARTER of the stories I have with this mechanic. You should hear how he fucked up my husbands Porsche and my daddy's Caddy.... how I almost died because they didn't fix the brakes properly....

It's just that I have to go now because my lunch is over and my boss is working today...I think. He said he'd be back in 45 minutes....2 hours ago!

Oh, and I just LOVE how now the mechanic thinks I'm a bitch...Um dude, after 10 years of fucking with my family, I think you more than deserve some bitchiness okay?

Friday, July 3, 2009

  Evil Eye or Evil Bitch?

So many of you know by now that I am Greek. If you didn't know it you are so late...or maybe you are just now reading this blog for the first time? Anyway, being Greek I believe in the Evil Eye. A lot of different cultures have this superstition or belief.

It's funny because the evil eye is said to be a form of black magic and against many religions but the only day to teach someone the prayer is on Good Friday. It's become so ingrained in our culture that one would think its a part of our religion. Most people wear the evil eye (pictured above) to protect them from the evil eye on the same chain that holds their cross. I don't have a eye like the one pictured above. I have a xandra which is a light blue stone and it goes on the same chain as my cross.

So what is the evil eye? We believe its something sort of like a curse that is put on you when someone is very jealous of you, compliments you and means it from the bottom of their heart or just plain old envies you. Even though I wear the xandra, it hasn't stopped me from getting the evil eye. I'm forever calling my sister, my grandmother, my aunts, my husband, and my friends parents to remove this little curse from me but lately, its completely untamable. It's like it can't be reversed.

Everyday around 3pm I feel suddenly void of all energy. Usually with the evil eye the person who gets it had a sudden headache and feels like vomiting. I've never had that symptom. I just get struck with sudden loss of energy to where every single one of my limbs feels extremely heavy. I've had days when driving home felt like a chore because I couldn't keep my arms up to hold the steering wheel or having to drive with two feet because it required too much energy to move my foot from one pedal to the other.

Someone obviously has a lot of time on their hands. Someone has nothing better to do then sit around and talk shit about me. I mean, I guess I should feel flattered that people just sit around and talk about me when I don't even care if they exist or not but its really getting annoying. I've been told by a few of my friends to just go to a priest and have him bless me to see if that can protect me from this evil douchebag cunt. (Yes, I do have a feeling I know who said evil cunt is).

But its really got me pathetic is your life to where you talk about someone who doesn't like you? To talk about someone who just likes to pretend that you don't exist? How fucking miserable is your life? That is very very sad. I get bored too at times, but I don't talk smack about people I don't like or don't like me. I call my friends, get on facebook, write in my blog, do something productive. See wasting your time talking about people who mean nothing to you is counter productive and well....stupid and pathetic.

So here is my message to the pathetic, stupid, douchebag cunt who continues to give me the evil eye: I hope you eat a dick and choke on it you stupid whore. :) Have a great life.

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