Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm annoyed and considering quitting

Gosh, I really hate writing in my blog only when I'm annoyed but I guess that is the only time I feel truly inspired. Oddly enough when I'm really annoyed/pissed off I also tend to clean the house.

So why am I so pissed off? Well, today started off fairly okay. Like it wasn't a great day but it wasn't a horrible day either. It was just an okay day. By mid-morning I got a text message from my boss informing me he wasn't coming in (hey it was a gorgeous day, I wouldn't have come in either if given that chance) BUT he had a few things he wanted me to review. I took notes on what he wanted and had everything completed by 1pm. My boss writes me back saying good work.

Then around 1:30 I realized I hadn't gotten an answer from my graphics artist regarding an ad I needed created for this company. Before I could pick up the telephone to call her my computer alerted me that I had an email. It was from the graphics artist. I reviewed what she did and it was what the boss wanted but I forwarded the email to the boss. He copied my co-worker (Stupid Ugly Bitch) on his reply so that she could see the ad since it was for her territory. I don't mind especially because SUB had come up with the concept for this ad.

Boss, SUB, Graphics Artist and I send a few emails back and forth regarding the layout of the ad and possibly changing the wording. I said that I would email the person in charge of the company that we are running the ad for in order to find out if it is "okay" and if we can change the wording to something or if that would be violating their rules. My boss says "Let me know".

I write back to my boss and copy SUB on it saying, "Spoke with X and they said ad is fine as is, we can not make the changes you want because its violating their rules. Am sending the file to the printer now for 2000 copies".

So now this is ALREADY at the printer right?! I get copied on an email from SUB to person X at that company saying "here is our draft please let me know if its okay or not...." Um excuse me? Do we not look stupid now as a company? Completely disorganized if 20 minutes after ANSWERING me he gets another email from another employee asking the same thing? And get this, the attachment wasn't a sample of the ad it was sales figures!!!!

SUB is constantly complaining about how person X thinks our company is disorganized, how we don't follow the rules, how we this and how we that...Don't you think you are adding fuel to the fire but crossing your job description lines and trying to do my job when I already had an answer to the exact same question? When I already had the ad printing in Texas?

I sent SUB an email and copied my boss saying: "SUB I already emailed X and got his reply. This is already at print as I got his approval. Please STOP doing my job as it makes our company look very disorganized. By the way, you attached the wrong file to that email" (which by the way went to 6 people not just person X, myself, and my boss).

She didn't reply. Of course not, everytime I call her out on her shit she never sends a reply. She gets her tail between her legs when she is informed that she is wrong. That was the SECOND time today the she had contacted person X at the same company to ask him something I had already asked him (I emailed him last week regarding a promotion we wanted to run and he told me on what items he was willing to accept a discount). The first time I didn't get too wound up about it because I wasn't sure if I had informed her of what we'd be doing promotions on.

Then another issue happened when a customer noticed something but I managed to find a loophole. I emailed SUB and Boss and told them that althought something looked like something it specifically said something else but I could see where someone would be confused but it doesn't change the fact that there is a loophole.

SUB writes back to me and my boss saying, "Jenny, please don't take my email personally as an attack on your work but blah blah blah blah blah blah". I write back to SUB copying my boss, "SUB, STOP telling me to stop taking things personally because I don't. In fact, I, personally did not work on any sell sheets so its not my work to get offended at any errors. I simply found a loophole for you to be able to use until we can all discuss this when Boss is in the office and figure out a way to work around this".

This is the second email that shes written to me telling me not to take something personally. Bitch I don't take anything personally other than you crossing the fucking line and doing my fucking job. You know what, why don't I just quit my job and you can feel free to do mine as well as yours? Oh wait, maybe I should take half of your pay because I spend a lot of my time trying to fix your fuck ups.

I can not wait until my boss comes into work tomorrow because I really feel I have to talk to him. The first time I emailed him about SUB and how she's been behaving apparently accomplished nothing. This time something will happen. I'm annoyed and can't see myself continuing my position and always having to deal with someone like SUB. I don't care how old she is, how long she has been in the industry or whatever. She's annoying, constantly crosses the line, and has no idea how to speak to people. She might be older than my momma but that doesn't mean I won't tell her where to shove it.

I'm honestly at a cross road and have no idea what to do regarding this issue. I'm seriously considering just putting in a letter of resignation and finding a company where I don't have to tolerate people like this. Not only that but there was recently an issue with a pay increase that I've been trying to figure out how to address. I just feel like lately I'm not happy at the company.


  1. I would definitely talk to your boss. And let your boss know that you are seriously considering putting in your 2 weeks noticed due to the behavior and lack of effort by SUB.

  2. You really should talk to your boss about all of this. Let your boss know where you stand and why. You shouldn't have to be doing everyone's work and not being acknowledged for it and compensated for it. I know when I graduate, I'm not dealing w/ that anymore.

  3. Though it might be time to move on, I would wait til you talk to your boss... it doesn't seem like you're the one at fault here. And as we all know, there are stupid ignorant people like SUB everywhere (you should see my office! ;) She seems like she needs to be reprimanded... regardless of if you decide to leave or stay, if the boss does nothing, I'd go higher on the chain of command. No one deserves to get away with the crap SUB is pulling.

  4. What an unbelievable story. I agree with the above-comments. Talk to the boss and put this stuff out there. Even if you end up quitting, you'll feel better.


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