Thursday, June 11, 2009

Work Gripes & A Giveaway

So I guess its about time that I get back to my regular posting schedule which was sporadic at best. But I figured I'd blog about something other than just a giveaway and get your advice.... but wait...first...a give away. LOL

As you guys probably know by now I'm helping my husband get his blog off the ground for his company (Hey I'm doing the same thing for my work too...Trying to catch them up to 2009 instead of 1989!) So now is following in my footsteps and doing a giveaway.

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And now back to our regularly scheduled bitchin'.

As some of you may remember reading a while back, I had a huge spat with one of my co workers. In fact, I think I may have gone as far as calling her a cunt which is a word that I normally reserve for really really really bad people. People have to push me in order to call them that but this lady has done nothing but get on my nerves. Each time when things are starting to smooth over she'll do something else to get me riled up and when I get riled up I remember everything from the past. My memory can be my downfall because I NEVER forget.

So what happened this time to where Stupid Ugly Bitch (SUB) pissed me off? I was in the office enjoying a quiet day. It was only me and my co-worker in the office. My boss was out for the day tending to his sick kid and the rest of our "office" is sales reps and they are always in the field. I'm sitting at my office doing my daily work, minding my own business when I get an email from SUB. SUB asks me if I have another companies item number for OUR product. I email her that "you were provided a listing of all items that Xcompany carries of our products with our item number, their item number, the product description, UPC code, and price". She writes back "Okay so since you don't have that item do you have these two items?" And I wrote back, "SUB, please see the attached file that you have been e-mailed numerous times. It has ALL the info that I have. If there is something missing you need to contact the buyer at Xcompany."

She leaves me alone...for about an hour. She then emails me and asks me about a project that i was working on a few months ago and completed long ago. She ask if its ready yet. It is. It has been for a while now. It's even been emailed to her. Numerous times.

Now lets get something clear, SUB has pissed me off many many many times in the past. (including earlier in that day) I always go above and beyond my job description to help her out (mainly because I think she is more stupid than gold fish that has an average memory of ummm 3 seconds?) but nope, not today. Instead of just automatically emailing her the file I decided to pull a bitch move. I type in the name of the file in my SENT messages folder and saw HOW many times I've emailed the file to her. I then write her an email in reply:

Dear SUB.

I have already emailed you this file on the following dates (enter dates here). Please check your old emails and save the file to your desk top or in another easy to access place as you will need this file. I cannot constantly resend you the same files. Please organize yourself.

LWP (Lovely Wonderful Person:) )

She then writes back and COPIES my boss and my co-worker in the file saying something along the lines of how my work isn't organized and how I shouldn't name files FINAL because its never the final copy and I should name files like SUBannoysthefuckoutofme06-10-09.xls instead of SUBannoysthefuckoutofmeFINAL.xls Apparently its more organized that way and a "standard" in all major companies and we should KISS.

EXCUSE ME? FUCKING EXCUSE ME? Do you kow what KISS stands for? Keep It Simple, Stupid. Yeah that dumb fucking cunt called me STUPID and thought that I was just going to sit there and take it. Well, I took the high road...kinda.

I reply to her and copy my boss and co-worker into it.


As I mentioned in my earlier email this file has been emailed to you numerous times on the following dates. The problem does not lay with me not sending you the correct file or the way that the file is named. The file I sent you is a FINAL copy therefore the word FINAL is in there. Even though I have emailed you the file numerous times the file NEVER changed.

My suggestion to you would once again be to save all important files to your hard drive, on your desk top, or in another easy to access place because apparently you don't like looking through your emails. I will NOT change the way that I name files and send them out. The rest of the company does not seem to have a problem with this, only you.

Thank you.

I'm angry. I'm steaming. I'm about to blow a gasket. My co-worker who is in the office with me sees this and decides its best for him to stay away from me. I then open a new email window and begin typing.

I write an email to my boss.

Dear Boss,

As you know of over the past few months SUB and I have been having problems working together. I don't want this to reflect badly on me or my work but I find myself no longer wanting to work with her or to help her. The tone that she uses towards me on the telephone and in her emails is rude and downright disrespectful. In her last email she wrote that I should just KISS which means keep it simple stupid. I'd love to tell you that she didn't mean it like that or that she is unaware of how its used but she knows. We both grew up in Texas, we both went to school in the same district and she and I know the same meaning of that expression. I don't tolerate that kind of disrespect.

I would really like it if you could talk to SUB about her attitude towards me because I can not see our future work relationship working out very well if this type of attitude continues. Boss, I really love my job and I love this company and I would have to see that jeporadized because of someone else's actions.

Thank You.

So to this day my boss still hasn't replied to me so I don't know if I should bring this up again. I know for a fact that he barely reads emails from me because I email him and them right away follow up vocally so there is a possibility that he is unaware of my email, or maybe he knows and chooses to just ignore it and hope that everything will blow over. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you bring it up? Let it pass?

The reason I'm blogging about this today is because again today she decided to be a bitch. My boss was in the office and asked me to send an email to the sales rep to get them to try to push a product. PUSH a product not INTRODUCE a product.

SUB automatically emails me back asking me what is the item number, how much does it cost, and wanting to know all the details since we've never sold this before. THIS IS A FUCKING PRODUCT WE'VE BEEN SELLING FOR 3 YEARS...THE DISTRIBUTORS ALREADY HAVE THIS FUCKING INFORMATION BECAUSE WE'VE FUCKING SOLD IT TO THEM BEFORE YOU STUPID UGLY BITCH.

The other sales rep wrote back "What do you mean we've never sold this product before. Isn't this the product number a Xcompany selling at this price?! If there are only 200 left to sell across the country we shouldn't have a problem"

SUB writes back "No that was a different product. This is just the dispenser."

I write back,"No its not. It's the same product. Here are the two listings for this from Xcompany. Its the complete unit not just the dispense. Why would we sell a consumer a car and just give them the body and no interior or anything under the hood."

SUB calls me and asks if I'm sure. YES I'M FUCKING BLOODY SURE!!!!!!! I repeat this to her more than once and then just hang up the phone. I'm done with this bitch.

So there is my rant :) Happy reading...

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  1. sounds like its time for you SUb and the boss to have a meeting

  2. Maybe give it a week or so and then bring it up to your boss again. Except this time, actually speak to your boss. Ask for a meeting and very professionally bring up the problems you are having.

    Maybe by saying, "I am really having problems working with SUB. It seems ad if we cannot communicate properly. For example, last week she asked for the item numbers of some products and I emailed her back that I had sent them to her numerous times in the form of an attachment. When I mentioned this to her, she first assumed I did not have the information and then emailed back asking again for other products. You may have read our later discussion which was CC'd to you. This is just one example, however this is a continuous, if not daily, occurrence. As I love my job and I love this company, I believe this situation is not out of my control and I would appreciate it if you could offer some advice or possibly step in."

    And then maybe you could list some alternatives for your boss so that your boss doesn't think you are trying to sabotage SUB. Maybe just by saying, "I know you are hearing this from my side only, so perhaps we could all sit down and have a meeting and try to figure something out as a group? Or maybe you'd like to call her in to speak to hear what she has to say about my work practices so you can get a better understanding of the situation as a whole. I would love to find a resolution for this so we can continue working as a team to represent this company to the best of our abilities."

    I just think it would make you look very professional and level-headed. Your boss will see that you are frustrated however, you are working proactively to put an end to everything. I think your boss will see that your trying to take initiative without trying to place all the blame on SUB (even if it is her fault...).

  3. You write "Cunt" as if it's a bad thing to call soneone ;-)


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