Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Ramblings of Boredom

I have written an opening sentence to this blog over 10 times already. I have no idea what I want to write about but I do feel compelled to write. I don't know, I'm sure there is something else that I can be doing. Maybe I could be working on my event planning courses, maybe I could be writing my book that has hit a standstill for months now, maybe I could even be cleaning my house (I know that sounds so odd coming from me).

I think that part of my boredom stems from my iPhone breaking. Well rather, it just died. My nephew had unlocked my iPhone so that I could download any type of apps for free and change the look of my phone (fonts, text message keyboard and all that jazz) and I wanted to update the firmware. In order to do that I had to do a complete restore on my phone. Well now my phone is stuck in a loop. It keeps on rebooting but thats as far as it goes. You can't access anything. I went to bad last night hoping it would be magically fixed by the time I woke up. I woke up and it wasn't fixed. As I'm walking thru the kitchen to tell my husband that I have to fix my phone at Rogers today it swings out of my hand and cracks on the bottom. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you know how many times I've dropped that stupid phone and it never even got a stratch on it?

I called Rogers and got rerouted to iPhone support and they are sending me a new phone. Apparently, something about spending over 100$ a month on my cell phone and me being extra nice on the phone got them to just offer me a phone without asking any questions. They didn't ask if I had done anything to it, dropped it, or anything. I'm happy for that. Sad I will have no phone for the next few days. Just give me a freaking phone.... I am considering making my husband buy me an iPhone 3GS and I'll give him my iPhone.

So now when I'm driving I can't just call someone (hey I use an ear piece okay?), can't check FB or Twitter while waiting in line at the bank, in the grocery store, or in my coffee shop.

Whatever. Then I've been thinking of something to blog about and nothing is coming to me. I guess after talking about what happened in junior high I just don't have anything else that "shocking" to talk about.

Anyone have anything they'd like me to write about because I'm feeling totally uninspired.

Oh, I gained weight my first week on weight watchers. How about that for fun. But I started new medicine so I'm thinking that had something to do with it seeing as how it is a side effect.

Lately I've been noticing younger girls looking more and more whorish then ever.

My birthday is in 8 days and I'm not asking for too much:
Day at the Spa
Michael Kors/Prada/Marc Jacobs bag
Prada Sunglasses (like the ones I kinda broke a few years ago)
Gift Certificate to a book store

I'm looking for new and interesting reciepes to cook but I can't think of along what lines.

I've updated my blog roll and removed a bunch of blogs. It's not becuase they weren't blogs but it was because the content was always the same day after day. One person who was on my blog roll used her blog as a freaking personal photo album. Really only so many times and places I wanna see you and your dog somewhere in matching dresses.

I think I'm going to the Casino on my birthday with Hubby, Nicole, and Rody (her hubby). Nicole has never been to the Casino and I love their resto. I went on my anniversary.

I'm looking for new and interesting blogs to read. Anyone have any recommendations?

George and I are going to take Dallas to Old Montreal tonight for a walk and to watch the fireworks.


  1. I still want that recipe for the green iced tea with Rose Water!!!

  2. Oh shit. I was writing it to you on FB when it kept telling me "Error". That should have been my first clue that my phone was going retarded.

    A pitcher with a tight lid filled with water, sugar to taste (I use like half a cup), throw in 4 teabags, about 3 tablespoons of rose water. Put the lid on and leave the pitcher in the sun for 4 hours. You'll notice the water actually getting darker but remember its green tea...don't expect the water to get super dark.

    I need to start a recipe exchanging club. George and I whip up some seriously insane foods here!

  3. I havent even had my blackberry that long, but Id be seriously lost without it.

  4. Aww Ashley reads your blog now! Yay!

    I'm like Ashley. But you knew that. You also knew I'm a BB snob. We already discussed all of this haha.

    There are a pair of Michael Kors shoes that I want. But every time I got to buy them, I always end up getting something else instead. And I just got a new pair of sunglasses too! So now I have my Dolce &Gabbanas and Guess pairs. There's another pair of D&Gs that I want too.

    A spa day would be so amazing!

  5. Jenny, I was sorry to hear of your iPhone issue.

    And I agree with what you did with your blogroll. I am the same way - very particular about who is on my blogroll! But you're on there of course my dear Jenny.

    I hope you had a great weekend.


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