Monday, June 22, 2009

The Problem with Young People Today....

is that they don't respect anyone. That includes themselves.

I don't even know how to start this blog especially because I never know who is reading this blog. I'm not trying to be "private" or anonymous in writing this blog but for the sake of people involved I don't want to give out too much information. But this story NEEDS information, it NEEDS details.

Do you guys remember my post from last week My First Reality Check? Well this past weekend I found out that someone else very close to me had their first real reality check too regarding young relationships.

A kid I know, a great kid in fact, has a girlfriend. Let's call these kids Dan and Marie. Dan is a great kid with a huge heart. He hasn't really ever gotten into any trouble, no attitude problem. He's far from perfect but he's a great kid. Dan has been in a relationship for a while with Marie. Dan treats Marie amazingly. He is always taking her out, going to her place, having her at his house. He's introduced her to a lot of his extended family.

Well guess how Marie decided to repay him? Yep, she totally cheated on him! Gasp! Yeah a 16 year old little slut cheated on Dan. I know, it freaked me out. She actually cheated on sweet little Dan.

How do I know this? I won't go into details but the mother, a cell phone, and some spying was all involved. What we were able to come up with was this Marie cheated on Dan by giving head to another guy.

I'll wait while you all pick your jaws up off the floor.

So not only is she having sex regularly with her boyfriend, Dan, she is also giving head to random guys. Um Where exactly is the self respect?

I know, I get it, people are having sex younger and younger these days. Hell, they were apparently having sex young during my time too. I mean Corrie fucked Wayne and she was young. Dan and Marie are having sex and they are young.

It makes me shudder to think what kind of things MY kids will grow up to see.

Aren't you parents of young children completely freaked out by things like this? How do you plan on raising your kids to respect their bodies? What age is the "right" age for starting to have sex?

BTW: An alternate title for this blog was: "She put it in her mouth".


  1. I would kill my kid. My mum's method of keeping us virgins was the threat of giving us the abortion herself and making us work, and the uppercut. The right age to have sex is when you can take care of yourself. Outta momma's home.

    If I had a kid, I'd do as my mum did. And keep tabs on the little skank.

    I don't want kids.

  2. The sad thing is, it happens and I know a lot of girls like this. I'm proud to say I'm not one of them.

  3. I always have a hard time with the concept of kids having sex at such young ages. They were talking at work today about some 12 year old being pregnant. When I was 17, it was still the "giddy if he holds my hand" thing! But now kids are already working on their second kid by 17! And heck, I'm barely older than them, but they've done so much more... I really don't understand it.

  4. Hmm I have young kids and yeah it scares me.

    Great blog... to the point and makes one think. Great job!

  5. read your post from today while I was in t he car (relax people! I was stuck in a traffic jam so I turned off my car and read it on my BlackBerry) and I wanted to run over everyone after I read it.

    I feel horrible for Dan because I've been in his shoes. It's just terrible. But what really makes my blood boil is how girls - of any age - don't have any respect for themselves or other females. Marie basically just said to the world, "I'm completely disposable so use me as you please."

    I think I need to blog about this because I've had two stories about cheating land on my lap in the past 48 hours and I'm livid!

  6. Ugh. I graduated from high school 3 years ago, and I can't even count how many I know are pregnant or have kids. And this includes those still in high school! My sister, who is 17, went to a friend's baby shower before I did, and has been to more than I have. Its disgusting.

  7. I so badly wanted to stay up and read your new post with all the juicy details but after running 12.92 miles (yes, the .92 is vital haha) I am too tired to stay up any later. I'll be reading first thing in the morning tho!

  8. I certainly wasn't sexually active at 16 years old. I was terrified of sex at that age. I guess I was a late developer or something.

    When I first found out that some "kids" in my family were having sex I was shocked. Not only were they having sex but the parents knew about it and didn't choose to do anything about it. I mean, you can't stop your child from having sex. If they really want to have sex they will find a time and place to do it.

    So I wasn't even thinking of sex at 16 and here kids are knocked up at 16 and cheating on people at 16.

    I spoke to one of my friends and this is what they said about what happened between Marie and Don. "Thats just unforgivable. I mean, she put another guys dick in her mouth." I guess its more forgiveable to overlook a girl and guy dancing drunk at a club (Why are they drunk at clubs at 16!?!?) and making out with someone then your girlfriend giving head to some other dude.

  9. I loved your alternate post title. LOL.

    I think relationship discussions regarding younger people are always interesting.

    It's a topic all to itself, but I'd love to debate why these kids feel like they need to have s*x in the first place. It's because they feel like they have to in every relationship they are in. Then they develop into little slutbags, like the girl you mentioned. Oh, then teen pregnancy comes into play.

    Sorry, got a little side-tracked there. Good post. Got me going!

  10. Respect is out the window these days... and it scares me.


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