Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dallas Armani - My First Born

Today I was looking through pictures I have on my computer of my dog, Dallas Armani, and I can't believe how much he has grown. Dallas is a Weimaraner which is a German hunting dog that was originally used by royalty. This breed of dog is extremely smart, hard headed and very regal. Regal to the point that when Dallas lays down he crosses his front paws and rests his head on them. Regal to the point that his high class ass can not sit on the floor...he needs a carpet or a blanket to be able to be set apart from the rest of the ground.

This dog is too cute. He's always jumping around forgetting his size. My body is constantly bruised from him pouncing on me because he is under the impression that he is a lap dog. When you tell him no nd you have a smile on your face he'll bark at you. When you offer him a treat he'll go through the tricks routine before you can even say "Sit, shake, other paw, lay down, kissy kissy". He's a cuddle bug. He wants to be wherever you are. He follows you to the bathroom, watches you shower and barks if you lock him out. When we have guests at our house late at night he'll smile when they leave...a real genuine smile. He is 100% full of personality.

We got Dallas in January and now I can't imagine a day without him being in my life. I never in my life thought I could love a dog more than Cookie but I do. Cookie still has a special place in my heart but Dallas owns my heart....well co owns it with Georgie.

Here is a little picture walk through of his growth....and I promise to get back to posting about bitchy things on Monday or something.

This is Dallas the first day we were allowed to bring him home. We live in Montreal and had to drive to Kinburn (about 2.5 hours away). On the way back to Montreal we stopped at my uncles house and the family that lived in Ottawa came over to see him. This is my cousin's daughter Aggeliki with Dallas. She loved him so much. He we a bit scared of her. I was so sad when I took Dallas away from his family. He was born with 10 brothers and sisters and 10 half brothers and sisters (two dogs from our breeder went into heat at the same time and they both got pregnant by the same male). He went from being one of 21 to being just by himself. I was really proud that he didn't get car sick on the ride home.

Dallas and his mommy. :) I was so happy to bring him home and he's already showing Montreal team spirit by wearin his Montreal Canadiens collar.

Yeah I don't like this picture of me very much but its one of the few pictures I have with Dallas alone.

Daddy was very happy when Dallas got home! (I went with my mom, dad, and sister to pick him up). George didn't want to come because he was scared that Dallas would throw up in his car (he did have a Porsche Cayenne at the time so I kind of understand). I didn't want to drive because there was a lot of black ice on the road so my father agreed to drive and my mom and sister came for the ride...and to see the family. When my dad saw Dallas his heart melted just a little bit. When George saw Dallas he didn't stop smiling. Dallas was my belated Xmas gift. I knew I was getting Dallas but we couldn't bring him home until after he was 6 weeks old. He wasn't old enough at Xmas.

The above pictures are of him at 6 and 7 weeks. Isn't that face so precious? The picture on the left is my favorite picture of him ever.

Here he is at 8 weeks old. He wanted to help me do laundry. See all the little wrinkles on him? They are all going away now. He's growing into his extra fur/skin. Oh did I mention that he sheds VERY VERY little? Thats amazing. I hate dog fur andI hate cleaning so if I had a shedding dog I'd go insane!!

I also should have told Dallas that Mommy doesn't do laundry. Our cleaning lady does it. Our job is just to put the clothes in the hampers and then Daddy takes them to the laundry room and they are magically washed, ironed, and put away!

He is 4 months old here. He had just taken a bath and I dried him the best I could but he was shivering so I put him in a hoodie. It's not a dog hoodie but there is a reason for it. I can't buy him any clothes until he stops growing which should be at a year old for a breed this size. No, I'm not going to dress my dog in prissy ass clothes. But since Montreal winters are harsh I am going to get him a jacket for when we go for walks in the winter. If I'm wearing gloves, a jacket, a scarf, and winter boots the least I could do is get Dallas a jacket to protect him from the harsh elements.

Here he is at 7 months old. He wasn't very happy with the goings on at my house on June 24th. He knew it was a French holiday and they were supposed to get drunk but he didn't understand why all of his Greek family was getting drunk. He also was not happy with the amount of food people were trying to feed him. He only eats raw food and people were trying feed him hot dogs and hamburgers and chips. Yuccky. He's above all that.

He is finally getting used to the water. This is one of our few family pictures. Isn't it adorable? I love how George's top matches Dallas's fur. Why is George wearing a top in the pool? When Dallas gets nervous he stifftens his paws and his claws dig in deep to anything he finds...which is usually George because I'm a bit far from them. :) I don't need any more scars.

If anyone is a friend of mine on Facebook they can see the pictures of Dallas in his album "Dallas Armani" and there a lot of other pictures in the "Moblie Upload" album as I seem to never have my camera on me but my phone is always at the right place at the right time.


  1. Weimaraners always remind me of the dogs they use on Disney to teach kids how to count.

    What made you decide to name him Dallas? He is absolutely adorable and I love him!

  2. I LOVE my dog too. I saw a news story about how dogs are being given up due to the economy and I cannot bring myself to even try to understand. I think I would live in a tent before I'd give up Buddy. I'd definitely survive on soup kitchens first. I guess things may change once I have a real child, but he is always going to be my forever dog.

  3. I love your dog has a middle name. Im assuming thats what Armani is anyways. I just commented on Heather's blog, because our cats all have middle names and such too. Haha.

  4. Heather he got his name because although I was born in Montreal I was raised in Texas. I wanted to name him something really meaningful and thought Arlington (city I was raised) to be boring so I went with the next best thing. Dallas. It's a strong name, its my favorite football team, and its close to my heart.

    I originally wanted to name him Prada but my husband said it was too "girlie". He doesn't know much! We are THINKING of maybe getting another one. We'd love for Dallas to have a brother and we are going to name him Houston Versaces.

    Ashley all of my dogs have had middle names from the time I could remember.

    Cookie Lynn (she looked like a chocolate chip cookie and I couldn't think of what went with Cookie)(My first ever puppy (Pitt Bull))

    Bruiser Douglas (named after Buster Douglas, first guy to KO Mike Tyson...but if my dad knew that he'd kill me) (Cookie's son/Pitt Bull)

    Buffy Elizabeth (I'm a HUGE BTVS fan... like huge) (Random dog my parents employee bought me. Pitt Bull)

    Princess Annie (Anne was Buffy's middle name)(Random dog my parents employee bought me. Pitt Bull)

    Buffy Isabella (I adopted a half pitt half boxer from the pound and her name was Isabelle, I wanted to call her Buffy....Buffy Is A Bella...)

    Roscoe Chino (This is Bruiser's son. He needed a tough name and Chino is a tough part of CA (according to the O.C.))

    Ace Jace (Because it sounded cute. Shortened version of Jayson) (1/2 wolf, 1/2 german shephard)

    Obviously we didn't have all these dogs at the same time. Cookie we had until her death, same with Brusier, and we still have Roscoe (in Texas). Dallas and Buffy Isabella are the only dogs I've had in Montreal...

    Musings I would sacrafice in order to be able to keep my dog. Dallas is such an important part of our lives I couldn't imagine giving him up. From what I've seen though, people would rather eat less so they can feed their dogs. In some ways I think the world cares more for dogs than humans at times!

  5. I just learned I can't post comment on your blog from my BlackBerry because the verification words don't show up. So I'm forced to use my laptop haha.

    So as I was writing before:

    I meant Sesame Street, not Disney.

    I like the name Arlington but I think I like it better as a girl's name rather than a boy's name.

    None of my pets (except for one) had human names. Well, if I was a celeb I bet they could be human names... Because they have some pretty strange names. Right now I have Smudge Pudge (she is my old, black and white, super fat cat who was my very first cat) and Carlisle Optimus Prime (who I wish was named Optimus Prime Cullen like I had originally planned).

  6. Jenny, you seemed to have disappeared. I don't know how your birthday weekend went, I don't know how your Canada day went, I don't know anything! Come back!

    Well, I do know that you're really good at ideas for revenge (my downstairs neighbor... UGH!) but other than that, you've disappeared!

  7. Very cute pictures. I showed them to my daughter and she was like, "Daddy, I want one."


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