Wednesday, October 28, 2009

  I've been doing some thinking

So, I've been doing some thinking and wondering why in the heck I can't post on my other blog. I'm just so uninspired. The URL isn't me and I'm far too lazy to come up with something else that suits me. I am Giftedly-Outspoken and I will continue to be. I can't post behind a fake name and actually feel real? Who cares if people know I'm talking about them? Since when have I been one to hide behind a computer monitor? Yeah for those of you who actually know me in real life you'll know that I don't roll like that.

Anywho, so the reason I had moved the blog in the first place is because one of my co-workers found my blog a while back and complained to my boss about it. Why? Because my blog mentioned how she was a lying bitch and a few other choice words. I'm sure scraggly cunt was one of them. I know, I'm so gifted with words. Oddly enough my boss never said anything about it. I guess he figures as long as we can work peaceful with one another who really cares what our PERSONAL feelings are towards one another right? I mean, I don't like all of my co-workers 24/7. We have spats, we have different opinions but we all get over it.

Well mostly get over it. I don't care if she stalks my blog and reads this. I still think she has been faking nearly everything "dramatic" that has happened. I think she faked the pregnancy in order to avoid getting heat for being a bitch (of course if my boss excused my emotionalness based on being pregnant it was a perfect excuse for her too!), I think she lied about the miscarriage and subsequent D&C, and now she is supposedly suffering from H1N1. I just don't believe it.

Why not? Let's see, I get the wonderful joy of checking her expenses and she'd have coffee daily (yes, they are allowed because they are travelling sales reps and they get X amount of money per day for meals, so if they wanna use it on coffee more power to them!), she'd enjoy her glass of wine with her meals at trade show dinners, and she had sushi more than once or twice, oh and large caffeinated beverages daily! After her "miscarriage" she went straight to work.

My boss brought her up to Montreal to discuss all of our issues (no I'm not the only one in the office with issues regarding her). He asked me before our big meeting what my problems were with her and I explained to him that I prefer to keep it professional and only mention my WORKING issues with her and nothing personal. He agreed. In our meeting I told her how I did NOT like how she had a bad day with one of our distributors and how she tried to place the blame on me. I also told her that I didn't really like it when her parents were sick in the hospital (supposedly okay?) and she emails me telling me NOT to email her as she is taking personal time. I totally get that you are taking personal time because something has happened to your family HOWEVER if part of my job is to send you emails. It is up to you to choose when and where you respond. Like, am I supposed to remember every sick day that everyone takes and make a mental note not to forward them information or maybe I should set my email on a delivery delay to accommodate someone else's schedule? Oddly enough she agreed that in both cases I was right and she was just having a poopie day both times. Seriously, not my problem.

When I'm having a poop day I just kind of avoid people. I keep my emails short and to the point and avoid all long conversations if at all possible. I don't start bitching at the first person who crosses my path.

So her first official day here in the office we had that meeting which lasted for 4 hours. Then we all went to dinner together and that was pretty fun mainly cuz my boss' wife is HILARIOUS!

The next day my boss makes me take her out for dinner. It was so much fun (sarcasm is ultra heavy here). She checks her messages on her phone (text) and is like "OMG. I'll be right back I have to make a call. A friend's friend just committed suicide." Now there I am sitting at a table with a glass of water for 30 minutes alone. I was ready to kill someone at that point. She came back, apologized for leaving me waiting and we had dinner. Over dinner I got to hear a lot of stories most of which I think were fabricated. I mean she told me about this school that someone she knows goes to, its super posh and very Catholic...and guess what? Will Smith's son Jayden goes there... Wait...aren't they into Scientology? I doubt that Jayden goes there but I kept my mouth shut and just pretended to believe everything.

Friday she leaves. The following Friday we get an email talking about how she has H1N1 Flu and how she got it leaving Montreal at the airport most likely....but it hasn't affected her job AT all! She was still going to visit how thoughtful of you to take your disease ridden ass all around the LA area spreading this horrible virus you have. Wait...don't H1N1 make you extremely weak and tired? How do you have the energy to go visit all these stores and spread the virus? And weren't you one of the people who was saying how inconsiderate sick people were going to work and getting everyone else sick? Hmmm pot calling the kettle black I think....

So thats my latest update on the DQ co-worker. Everything is just about the drama. I feel like telling someone, "Hey if you think you are having a bad day just call DQ and I guarantee you that you'll feel better about your life because she leads the most dramatic life EVER!" In the past few months she's been in a car accident, both her parents sick in different hospitals in different states, pregnant, miscarriage, and now the H1N1 virus. I'm sure there are smaller things in between that I just can't manage to remember.

Anyway, other than that crazy bit of drama with the co-worker I am excited to announce that on Nov 11th I'll know if I'm carrying a baby boy or a baby girl. I'm not telling you what I reallllllllly want because what I realllllllllly want is a healthy baby with all its limbs in tact and nothing extra! We've already settled on a name for a baby boy or a baby girl. Elias if its a boy after my father, and we'll nickname him Eli....Dimitria if its a girl and we'll call her Demi. My best friend is also pregnant and she find out around Xmas if its a boy or a girl...and a close family friend is also pregnant and she is having a baby BOY!!

Between my sisters wedding shower, wedding, my baby shower, and best friends baby shower we have a very busy Jan thru Feb for 2010. I'm also excited to announce that whatever Nicole (my best friend) is having that my husband and I will be baptizing! I'm so excited that I'll be baptizing a baby in the Orthodox church. This will be my second God child but the first one to do with my hubby! Also, after my sister gets married and pops out one of her own Nicole and Rody will be baptizing her kid! Our family just keeps on expanding more and more!

Alex's wedding invitations and wedding shower invitations are in the mail as of today and should be here within a week! If you ever need anything designed I seriously suggest you check out Art By Ellie Awesome prices, great custom designs! I'm so impressed by the proofs I saw. I can't wait to get everything!! ;)

Oh yeah.... I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK! I have over 1000 things in my Google Reader that I will not get to. I'm going to try to go back a few days to catch up on things but if I haven't replied to your blogs in a while I'm sorry. I'm starting fresh!!!

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