Friday, July 3, 2009

Evil Eye or Evil Bitch?

So many of you know by now that I am Greek. If you didn't know it you are so late...or maybe you are just now reading this blog for the first time? Anyway, being Greek I believe in the Evil Eye. A lot of different cultures have this superstition or belief.

It's funny because the evil eye is said to be a form of black magic and against many religions but the only day to teach someone the prayer is on Good Friday. It's become so ingrained in our culture that one would think its a part of our religion. Most people wear the evil eye (pictured above) to protect them from the evil eye on the same chain that holds their cross. I don't have a eye like the one pictured above. I have a xandra which is a light blue stone and it goes on the same chain as my cross.

So what is the evil eye? We believe its something sort of like a curse that is put on you when someone is very jealous of you, compliments you and means it from the bottom of their heart or just plain old envies you. Even though I wear the xandra, it hasn't stopped me from getting the evil eye. I'm forever calling my sister, my grandmother, my aunts, my husband, and my friends parents to remove this little curse from me but lately, its completely untamable. It's like it can't be reversed.

Everyday around 3pm I feel suddenly void of all energy. Usually with the evil eye the person who gets it had a sudden headache and feels like vomiting. I've never had that symptom. I just get struck with sudden loss of energy to where every single one of my limbs feels extremely heavy. I've had days when driving home felt like a chore because I couldn't keep my arms up to hold the steering wheel or having to drive with two feet because it required too much energy to move my foot from one pedal to the other.

Someone obviously has a lot of time on their hands. Someone has nothing better to do then sit around and talk shit about me. I mean, I guess I should feel flattered that people just sit around and talk about me when I don't even care if they exist or not but its really getting annoying. I've been told by a few of my friends to just go to a priest and have him bless me to see if that can protect me from this evil douchebag cunt. (Yes, I do have a feeling I know who said evil cunt is).

But its really got me pathetic is your life to where you talk about someone who doesn't like you? To talk about someone who just likes to pretend that you don't exist? How fucking miserable is your life? That is very very sad. I get bored too at times, but I don't talk smack about people I don't like or don't like me. I call my friends, get on facebook, write in my blog, do something productive. See wasting your time talking about people who mean nothing to you is counter productive and well....stupid and pathetic.

So here is my message to the pathetic, stupid, douchebag cunt who continues to give me the evil eye: I hope you eat a dick and choke on it you stupid whore. :) Have a great life.


  1. Three o'clock? That is what we Catholics consider to be the time Christ was Crucified. Maybe turning to the Lord is better than wearing and believing in the Evil Eye. It's pounded into our culture, and I am a whiz at burning cloves. I used to wear the eye right next to my cross. Then I said unto myself that I am not a believer in Christ if I wear such things. When has that ever protected me?

    Sure I have an Evil Eye zit for like ever right now on my forehead and I keep bumping my head, but I know that the Lord is watching over me. In fact as a guilty feeling Cat-lick, I believe He loves me too much to protect and bless me the way he has.

    Keep in mind that a hex is a hex. Praise the Lord and ask him to keep you safe. Illness is illness; you cannot always escape. However, you can ask Jesus to heal you in all ways possible.
    For the first time in my life, I don't much care about anything but feeling content.

    The Lord, Polly...have faith in Jesus and The Holy Queen!
    Watch Joel Osteen sometime. There is a reason why people love him and hate him. He is full of so much passion and blessing from Our Almighty God.

    But I do know where you are coming from. I just can't put faith in it. Remember though, sometimes the closest people who love you too much also can put the eye on you. A picture of my mum and I was let loose to one of the worst Voodoo, not evil eye, hookers on this planet. She got what she wanted, but the Lord fought her back.

  2. I'm so glad you're not dead! Otherwise I'd miss posts like this way too much.

    I was raised Catholic, went to a Catholic private school from kindergarten thru high school, went through all the sacraments (except for marriage, becoming a nun, and dying). And I now find myself not quite sure what I believe in (I think the Catholic religion was so much forced upon me that now I'm rejecting it). But I totally know where you're coming from.

    But people are just pathetic and don't have anything else to do with their lives. I know it's impossible to ignore them but it doesn't hurt to try. It also doesn't hurt to take revenge... That was probably wasn't the right answer haha but it's the Heather answer

  3. I know NOTHING about Catholicism... I feel like I should, because some members of my family are. I honestly had never heard of the evil eye before. Very interesting.

  4. Hey Ashely,

    I'm not Catholic either. I'm actually Greek Orthodox which is pretty different but we have the same basic beliefs..if that makes sense!


    Believe me I've thought about it but at the same time I wouldn't bother to give this cunt the time of day. Revenge requires you to actually think of the other person.. I don't think of her.

  5. Ash, have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? They're all Greek Orthodox. Similar to Catholicism but very different at the same time... Not sure if that made sense.

    I was just pointing out my up-bringing and that I could commiserate with Jenny. As Catholics, we don't believe in the Evil Eye. But I have friends who wear the blue stone.

    Different dogma, for the most part same core beliefs. That's a good way to describe Greek Orthodox and Catholicism.

  6. I was raised Catholic too... in Pakistan and the whole evil eye put on people is believed in here as well. A Turkish friend of mine once gifted me with two blue evil eyes.. One is big enough to hang on a door, and the other is a little pendant, I wore for a few years on a chain. I still have the one on my door, I think it's cute :)

    As for people who talk smack about you... it's just sad that they have nothing else in their life which to give importance except hate.

  7. I was baptized Russian Orthodox. The same belief systems are spread through the Church, but a little different. The Evil Eye is all over the continent of Asia. I have the pendants and I have had one break right in front of me into three. But I still have to believe in Jesus.

  8. I don't believe that just because you believe in the Evil Eye it means you don't believe in Jesus. I follow my religion somewhat (Yeah totally not a Bible thumper here) and I still believe in the evil eye. If you believe in good you must believe in Evil. If you believe there is a God you must believe there is a Devil.

    But this post isn't meant to be about religion, its meant to be about an evil bitch trying to put a curse on me!

  9. I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT! It's super duper!

    Hahah anything about religion always brings up people's personal beliefs. I was just stating that I grew up Roman Catholic and so I understand where you're coming from for the most part.

    I wasn't Coptic Catholic so I was never taught about the Evil Eye. But even if I don't believe it it or learned about it, I totally get the whole bitch thing haha

  10. Love the new layout. i moved to for about 10 bucks a month. Check them out if you're ever interested in paying for something you can get for free ;)

    Great layout!


  11. Dude. You dropped the 'c bomb' on your blog, which I have never had the guts to do, so rock on witcha bad self! Woot! Love the new layout. Saw your FB status and am now scared I am the one who doesn't comment? I try to! I heart you and your blog! Also, I want you to know I hope the cunt douchebag whore chokes on a dick, too.

  12. Hi Jenny. Sorry for being away for a few days. I was traveling for work. But I'm back! LOL.

    I loved this post. Wow, that last paragraph was intense. I've said this before - remind me not to get on your sh*t list.

    I mean it, if I ever tick you off, please let me know and I'll send you flowers immediately!!!

  13. I hate it when you disappear and don't blog for days hahahaha


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