Monday, July 13, 2009

Weight Watchers...The Post

Okay. Well I had promised Heather, (who is doing a giveaway really soon!) that I would make a post about Weight Watchers so here it is.

A while back I had written this post about joining weight watchers. I joined 5 weeks ago instead of in May. I found it to be pointless to join Weight Watchers and then run off on a vacation. It would be counter productive. So I joined a week after coming back from my vacation.

The way WW works is with points. You get X amount of points for your weight, age, type of job you have, and if you are breast feeding or whatever. I get a whole freaking 22 points. Do you know how hard it is to eat only 22 points worth of food? An average breakfast is 6 points, an average lunch about 8-10 points, and an average dinner is about 12 to 14. If I stick to the average type of meal I'm in the negatives DAILY! The good thing is that WW gives you 35 bonus points a week to use when you need some extra help and if you had a really bad day you can always work out and gain activity points which are redeemable towards food. It's great right?

Well let me give you a run down on my weight loss since joining WW.

Week One: +.8 pounds (yes I gained weight)
Week Two: - .8 pounds(so now I'm back to even)
Week Three: +.8 (Ummmm can you fuck off already!?)
Week Four: -.8 (Okay I'm really fucking annoyed here)
Week Five: -2.0 (total weight lose 1.2 pounds because of that first .8 pound gain...)
Week Six (today): +/- NOTHING.. NO WEIGHT CHANGE

You could imagine my frustration. WW basically has to open a second class for the amount of people that we come with. Our WW group (family only) consists of two kids, my husband, my husbands partner, my husband's partners wife, and myself. Todays weigh in EVERYONE lost a minimum of 2 lbs.

Yes I understand I am smaller than the rest of the group that I attend with, in fact I am one of the smallest people in the entire meeting. I understand that its harder for me to lose weight but c'mon only 1.2 pounds in six weeks!? My husband's partner has lost 8 pounds in two weeks! Of course I'm pissed off, of course I'm frustrated.

I feel like I work out so hard...that I stick to this diet (aka life style change) daily and rarelyuse my extra points (I'd rather do activities and earn points then just take extra points). I bought a Wii and the Wii Fit in order to motivate me to work out more. I kick my ass and bust a sweat nearly every day and the scale isn't moving. My WW leader has no words of encouragement of me other than..."be patient" you fucking be patient. You lost 50lbs I can't even lose 2!!!

Then while talking among my little group we decided maybe I wasn't losing weight because I'm now working out and my fat is converting to muscle which weighs more than fat. It's great and fine and dandy and all that but why is this just happening to ME? Everyone else in our group uses the Wii Fit or does physical activity (my George mows the lawn, walks the dog, and all that other non fun stuff) and he is getting muscle AND losing weight? I'm just so frustrated I feel useless going to these meeting.

I put time and effort in going to the meetings. I am often available via email and telephone for my "support group" (the 6 of us that go together plus 2 parents that just come for encouragement) to help them figure out the points values of foods, I look up recipes and calculate the point values and print them up for the WW meetings so everyone can have access to tasty healthy food! I've become a little mini WW leader and I feel so stupid now seeing as how I am the ONLY one not losing weight and I hate it.

I do work out, I do follow the diet, I do tell George what to cook, I do healthy grocery shopping, I am in control of what I eat, I have cut down on bad snacks, I've made a complete lift style change and I'm not seeing the results of this.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that WW is bad, or horrible. I just think that maybe its not meant for me? I might need something else because I just get discouraged when I see the scale not move or move in the wrong direction even if its only a couple of ounces. I've decided I'm going to give WW another month for me but in the mean time I'm going to actually MEASURE myself. I want to know how many inches across everything I am and then track that because maybe I am losing inches (rather cms) but not pounds? I'm just afraid if I stop WW that so will my husband and then he'll be all depressed when he gains the weight back.

Fuck my life. This sucks and now I'm feeling all negative. :( Thank God for my sushi dinner!


  1. I work out daily - 6 days a week. And I watch what I eat. And nothing has happened. Ok that's a lie. I now weigh the same tonight as I did last week in the morning. That's supposed to be good. It's supposed to mean I lost 2-3 pounds (they say that's how much you out on temporarily during the day cause of water and food that hasn't exited... Seems a bit high... I don't eat 3 pounds of food in a day!). But I haven't lost any weight. Instead now, I weigh the same in the morning and at night! So basically I'm not even moving .8 either way haha. I'm just the same weight ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

  2. awwww sorry to hear that. I can kinda feel your frustration though, I've been working out in some form for the past... month? And I think I fluctuate like you, one week I've gained .4 and then the next I've lost .2 or something annoying. I think I'm like you, converting fat to muscle. Which is great... but I want to drop the fat already.

    Maybe try something else? I wanna say I have a friend that was doing Jenny Craig and loved it. I think.

  3. is't not easy but you gotta stick to it!!!! Do it for how you feel...Do it for your over all health and most of all continue doing it cause the results will come and then you will feel better!!!Actually you will feel amazing

  4. I've heard WW works. I'm the guy who stops drinking pop, runs two miles a day and can drop 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Sorry ladies.

  5. Oh my goodness, I definitely feel like we're in the same boat. I'd say hang in there (which of course, we have to), but it's definitely discouraging. :(

  6. I was on your blog today and saw your "losing weight" tag. As soon as I saw WW, I had to check it out because... I'm starting on Wednesday. EEKK! I lost 40 lbs befor with Jenny Craig, but I simple can't afford it now. I looked great with them, but then I got pregnant and went all "pizza and cake please." Wish me luck! I'm hoping for 20 lbs... we'll see...


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