Friday, May 22, 2009

See Ya & Douchebags shouldn't work at banks!

Well, I don't want anyone thinking I'm ignoring them by not posting on their blogs or by writing anything here. I've been sort of in a blog rut since I was working on something else...the ground work for my new company :)

I might be on Saturday during the day since our plane leaves at 930pm :) I'm going to be in Cuba for the next 7 days!! I'm soooo excited. I have never been. My husband has gone a few times and he always loves it. Apparently Cuba is a very tame place to go. You don't get the urge to explore every nook and crany. It's like "here is your 5star resort, here is your beach, check out in 7 days."

I can soooo used a vacation. I feel so burnt out lately. Hopefully this trip to Cuba will help relax me, get me some inspiration for writing not only in my blog but continuing the novel I've been working on, think of my company some more and come back with lots of ideas!

Everyday after work this week I've been running errands, getting things together, shopping for the trip, spa treatments! UGH I had to go to the bank today to deposit a check into my parents account and I used my father's debit card and the guy at the bank looked at me as if I was a fucking criminal. Ummm I'm power of attroney on my parents accounts you fucking douchebag. He was all annoying and just being a pain in the ass (have I ever mentioned how much I hate this one particular bank branch?) Basically I swiped the card, entered the pin, he deposited the check, he gave me cash and then AFTER hes like "Oh wait,.... I can't do this" and he made me give him back the money and he reversed all the transactions.

I was FURIOUS. I already had the cash in my hand. He tried to take my dad's card away from me until I told him that if he touched my fucking bank card I would punch him square in the jaw. (Yep, I do have a loud personality eh?). I told him if he cared about his bank policies soooooooooo much why didn't he check the name on the account BEFORE taking the check, stamping it, marking it, depositing it, and handing me cash? I know for a fact the minute you swipe your card all the information shows up on screen!

I asked to speak to his manager and she was just about as useless as he was. How useless was he? I dunno, lets say as useless as a woman with no holes (hey don't take it sexist okay!?). I hate her. I've hated her for the past 5 years. So I tell them to then deposit the check into my account and then I'll TRANSFER the money into my parents account. Ohhh nope. I didn't have MY bank card on me and they can't do it since its not my home branch? Ummmm explain to me what the purpose of having mulitple banches is if you can't interbranch bank? I can only deposit at my HOME branch if I left my bank card in my other jeans?! Then after douchebag reversed all the transactions he won't give me a print out so I can make sure he hasn't fucked up. UMMM I HAVE THE RIGHT TO THAT PAPER. I HAVE POWER OF ATTRONEY ON THIS ACCOUNT!

So what do I do? While standing at the teller (not letting other clients be served) I call the customer service number for the bank. When it asks you to state what you are calling about I stated "COMPLAINT" and had someone on the phone within 3 seconds. I explained to the person on the phone about how this one branch is filled with morons and how this one particular bank teller was a total douche bag. I complained about how there are 25 people in line but only 3 tellers working because thats how smart the manager is. Its a Friday...a pay day...and only 3 tellers working~ I explained the situation with stupid douche bag. I told the person on thephone how furious I was and how I understand they have policies but when I'm listed as power of attorney on the account, have ID to show that I am who I say I am, and I've been a customer of this bank for the past 10 years and have given the bank ample business (2 house mortgages, numerous acccounts between myself, my husband, and my parents (all accounts or joint or I have POA) and how often I deposit large sums and NEVER had a check bounce how I expect some kind of freaking service and no attitude from Douchebag.

End result? Customer service guy made douchebag take my check, depsoit it to my parents account using my dad's bank card and ME entering the PIN and giving me cash for the deposit. Waived my banking fees on all my accounts for a year :)

So next time I'm going to go back to my normal branch where I walk in and they welcome me with open arms all the time. Where they love to see me and are happy to serve me. But I will call that customer service number for a week when I get back from Cuba to I will call everyday and make a complaint. He'll be the 3rd person from this bank branch to get in trouble due to not knowing how to properly serve customers. Do I feel guilty for this? Nope. I don't. I'm sorry but stupid people shouldn't be working with money.

Anyway, hopefully thats the worst thing that will happen prevacation. I'm counting down the hours!

I hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

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  1. Jenny, wow, a fierce post. I LOVE IT!!!

    What a bunch of morons that bank has. I'm so glad you tell it like it is, because clearly those idiots needed to hear it.

    Like you were eluding to, I can understand banking policies and tougher scrutiny these days... But what about their policies for the idiot who was cashing checks and not paying attention to their own guidelines. If he had been, it should have flagged that there was a power of attorney on the account.

    I have no faith in the customer service representatives at many companies - cable and banking included...

    I laughed out loud when you called the hotline and said "complaint." If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times - Jenny, you are my hero! You go girl.


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