Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Got Nothing to Say

I seriously feel like I have nothing worth blogging about. I've had a super stressful day at work and I thought I had to rush home to take Dallas to his lessons but when I got here George decided to call to cancel. George, as most of you know, owns an online toy store so of course this is his busy time of year. They are short staffed this year and orders are pouring in. He goes into work around 5am and stays until about 2pm, comes home for a rest and then goes back to work its INSANE! I called back the dog school to explain the situation to them and asked if we can just come for his next lesson at the beginning of the new year. He understood and agreed that the beginning of next year would be perfect as long as we promised to work with Dallas while at home.

George takes Dallas for walks and practices the command heel and I work with him here at home. He's doing pretty good but when people first come over he's really excited. I'm hoping he can get trained to the point that when I walk in the front door after being at work all day that he doesn't just straight up jump on me for hugs and kisses. These past two days George has been taking him to the woods by our house to let him run free and Dallas LOVES it. He comes home and naps after his runs.

As much as I am dreading our snow storm tomorrow I am kind of looking forward to it. Not for me, for Dallas. He loves the snow. He hates the rain. When it snows he'll run through the yard trying to sniff UNDER the snow. He's hilarious.

George made sure my car is snow ready. Winter tires, checked all the liquid levels, full gas tank, and all that jazz. I'm ready for this snow storm but a bit scared too. It's my first pregnant winter and this is going to be a big bad storm. I was thinking my boss might call us and say just don't come in (he usually does that in these blizzards) but you have no idea how much we still have left unfinished. It's unreal the amount of things that we have to do still. Taking the day off tomorrow will really put us behind with meeting our deadlines and I just can't afford it. I can't imagine missing work tomorrow and then playing catch up the rest of the week. I already work straight through my lunch, stay at the office late, and do a lot of work when I get home. My boss makes sure my life is easy (days off for drs appointments, personal and family reasons). I've taken basically 2 months off in 2009 and never had a day of pay docked so I only feel its fair to work extra hours to make my deadlines.

Other than that I'm freaking boring, cranky, and super tired tonight so Dallas and I are going to go upstairs and watch some mindless television.

NaBloPoMo: 7/31

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  1. Tons of Christmas specials on. Those are sure to make you happier!!


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