Sunday, December 6, 2009

I'm Clueless

I normally know what I want to write about. Something happens to me during the day and I'll instantly say "OMG I have to write about that" but today was an unblog worthy day. Did some sleeping, went to eat, made dinner, had friends over and now I'm just relaxing at home. Pretty uneventful eh?

Tomorrow should be a pretty eventful day. My cleaning lady is coming and shes going to change the curtains in my kitchen, dinette, and family room. (My mom sent me all new curtains for those 3 rooms, new rugs and decorative towels for my bathrooms, and a new bedsheets. It's an early 2nd year anniversary gift). But I'm starting to think that putting everything up tomorrow is a bad idea. Why? Tomorrow the contractor comes to start on the renovations for the basement. I don't know. It's like one person is cleaning and the other person is making a mess and dust... just doesn't seem that normal to me but I can't tell her to not come. She really does depend on the money she makes each day to support her family. Losing $100 she gets paid can affect her bottom line and I'm not about to do that to a. a family friend b. someone who does so much more for me than she should.

I just might ask her not to change the curtains and rugs until the next time she comes because the contractor is going to be here for about 2 weeks. Then again the renovations are happening in the basement and the basement is separated from the rest of the house by two doors. The mess and dust should pretty much be contained right?

Then when thinking of doing all these home renovations I keep on thinking about how I have empty out the room that is going to be Demi's. I have to get rid of that Ikea set that George brought into this house (100% completely against my will. I wouldn't even let him assemble it because its sooo not my style and it really doesn't match the look of this house.) I have to get rid of it because I need to empty out that room and get Demi's room painted and then bring in the boxes with her furniture. It's too early to set it all up (besides I want to do that with my mommy...not the assembling but the actual putting together of the room). So far I have in storage the crib, change table, dresser, chest, nightstand, glider with ottoman, and the bassinet for my room. A lot of things have been taken off of my registery already which is so amazing and amusing. I haven't even sent out invites for the wedding shower or really told a lot of people where I am registered but all the big ticket items are already bought (playpen, bouncey swing, high chair, and car seat).

I think I'm finally getting into the nesting phase. Everytime I see a mess I have to get rid of it. I'm cooking more, looking into things that are easy to make for when Demi is here, thinking of what else I can do to make the house more child friendly and just plain ole getting that feeling. Nesting is kind of fun. I didn't think I'd enjoy nesting because lets be honest, George has done all the upkeep of the house between the times our cleaning lady comes, he's done all the cooking since I got pregnant, he does all the grocery all he does everything while I rot my brains on the computer, reading a book, or watching television. The only thing I really do is accompany George and Dallas to doggie school. George does the walking with him and I do all of the commands (he's pretty good too. Did you guys see his birthday and Christmas pictures? He does the sit/stay so well!)

Anyway my nesting has hit and its great. My house is going to be in tip top condition until this feeling goes away...or until Demi comes along and totally kills my sleeping pattern.

Which brings me to my next thought, before I got pregnant I was completely insomniac. I'd literally go to bed around 2 or 3 each morning and thats only because I KNEW I NEEDED sleep, not because I felt it. Now, I find myself struggling to stay awake past 10pm (although these past couple of nights I've been going to bed way late). Once the baby is here will it change for me again? Will I find late nights and early mornings impossible to deal with or will I be fine with it? Will I go back to not needing sleep?

Oh the many questions I have. Oh I have a post in mind for tomorrow, just someone remind me okay? It's called "Am I normal".

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  1. Aww you're nesting! You're too cute, Jenny!

    I think the new curtains can go up. The mess will be contained, I think at least. But then again... Now I'm having second thoughts too. Best leave the curtains for another day because of all the "what ifs." I doubt the mess will come up but you never know!

  2. Oh and Jenny, up top - you spelled "sometimes" incorrectly. I do it all the time. But just wanted ot let you know :)


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