Friday, December 18, 2009

Is the end near?

Is the end near for work? NaBloPoMo? My pregnancy? The cold weather?

No, I'm not complaining, okay well maybe a bit! Work has been so long this year that I just can't believe the holidays haven't started yet. Seriously I think this was one of my longest years. I think the stress is starting to get to me considering the fact that last night I had a dream that my boss/co-worker pissed me off and I just said "I quit" and I stormed out of the office not even bothering to look back.

It's really funny because I honestly don't feel the stress while I'm there. Sure there is a lot to do but two of the big projects are off of my desk and in the hands of the printing company who can hopefully meet the deadline. But I think just being in the office on a daily basis and having to answer all the questions my boss has which are like, "Did you do this?" "Has this been mailed?" "Do you think we should..." It's like GRRRRR! I was trying to plan on all of this stuff MONTHS back but no one cared. You know that expression "Procrastination is like masturbation, you only end up fucking yourself?" Oh so wrong... everyone else's slacking off ended up fucking me!

It's so freaking cold here in Montreal right now. No snow or anything but just bone chilling cold. Like super cold. To top that off George borrowed my car and left me with 2L of gas. Basically that would have gotten me half way to work only. I had to stop to pump gas in freaking -20 weather. Not fun. I bitched so much that when I went to work late my boss was like, "It's okay. Don't worry about it." But I was just so furious! I don't think I spoke to George for the entire day because of that. All I have to say it that I'm so happy that today was the FIRST day in my 10 years in Montreal that I chose to wear gloves!

I don't want this to be a pregnancy blog and I really feel like I talk about the pregnancy so much its driving me crazy but I wanted you guys to know that at 24.5 weeks I am starting to FEEL pregnant in the sense that apparently Demi is 1.7 pounds right now and I can actually FEEL myself carrying that around. Getting in and out of cars that are low to the ground takes some extra effort. I don't have the need to pee in the middle of the night or other weird things that apparently some people are feeling from 10 weeks pregnant (yes that sarcasm and yes thats me rolling my eyes). Although when I do feel the urge to pee I have to pee, like right then and there. There is no more "Oh I'll go in a few minutes."

I'm so sorry I've missed 2 nights in a row. :( On Wednesday I had two doctors appointments and I found out that my best friend is going to have baby girl so Demi will have a best friend. This also makes the baby my SECOND little girl to baptize! George and I are going to baptize her together and this excites us so much! :)

Now I'm off to read all the blogs I missed over the past few days!


  1. I'm so excited that Demi will have a best friend! That's so awesome!

    One of my high school teachers peed her pants in our class. We felt so bad for her. She was pregnant and she couldn't stand up out of her chair fast enough. She wouldn't face us for 3 days. No one laughed at her or anything. We tried helping her but she was just too mortified to do anything. We all felt so bad because we knew it wasn't her fault.

  2. Okay I have to say... there was a pregnant girl at work today (from another campus) and she was HUUUUGE. She looked miserable, poor thing, but I wanted to ask if she was having twins (don't think so). My goodness.

    And fun that Demi will have a best friend. Too cute!


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