Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I feel sooooo freaking accomplished!!!

I think my blog title really sums up what I'm feeling. Today was a busy yet great day at work. I showed up at work a bit late... I don't know why but I can't seem to leave my house prior to 8:40am so I'm at work between 9:05 and 9:10, not bad but I'm MEANT to start at 9. I think Daniel comes to work late on purpose around 9:20 to not see me stroll in late on a daily basis. The way I see it though, I work late practically EVERYDAY, coming in 10 minutes late is more than made up by staying at work an hour late or working for 3 hours from home. I dunno, I think its beyond making it up. My boss knows though. When he sees that I send emails around 9 or 10pm he always tells me the next day "Thanks for your dedication."

It makes me feel good to see that he actually does see how hard I work. Anyways today I worked super duper hard! I finished the price list and confirmed the prices against last years and made our head office verify the prices. I also completed the promotional binder that we are giving all the dealers that sell our products complete with sell sheets, advertisements for our products, order forms, sign up forms for our websites spare parts ordering system, condensed color catalog, and much much more.... I made sure that all corporate Christmas gifts were ordered and being delivered on time (so far everything is a go with no hiccups which does please me as I will not be in the office tomorrow to make sure that nothing goes wrong), I sent an ad into one of our distributors and got feedback that "your ads are always the best looking ones". I wish I could take credit for the look but I can't. I just come up with the promotion and the concept and the graphics designer puts on paper what I had in my mind. The graphics designer and I work AMAZING together and we always get such great feedback. I also ordered my boss's Christmas present and got the email confirmation that the order went through and now I just have to write his Christmas card.

Today was just such a productive day that I didn't mind staying an hour late (hey I was also on 3way with my mom and sister) in order to complete everything I had to. That extra hour really helped make sure that everything was done properly and on time! Not only that but my boss asked me jokingly if I had a connection at Oakley and I told him that matter of fact, I do. A lady who brings her children to the daycare my hubby owns is a senior manager at Oakley and she gets 50% off everything Oakley. My boss ordered his son something for Christmas from Oakley and I managed to save him 110$ and have guaranteed delivery before the Christmas closure!

All in all, I just feel really great tonight! :)

Oh, I went to my sister's house to see how the progress on the renovations is going and it seems to be going oh so well. The upstairs bathroom turned out AH-MAZ-ING! I was in shock. They spent at lot of money on the tiles for that bathroom but it is looking really stellar. I wouldn't expect anything less from my sister!

I just went downstairs to see how the progress is going on our basement and I'm really impressed at the speed that this contractor is going. I didn't have any time to take pictures of "before" but I am taking pictures of the progress. If you were to see yesterdays pictures to todays pictures you'd be floored. My bathroom is MASSIVE and the tile work is soooo freaking awesome. One of the biggest downfalls of this reno job is the amount of dust (putting up walls, ceilings, and everything else that needs to be plastered and sanded...) gosh. I'm going to have to pay my cleaning lady DOUBLE just to clean the basement. I'm glad she loves me and she wouldn't dream of me going into the basement for cleaning it. Pregnant people and chemicals just don't mix. Sheesh, George won't even let me downstairs unless I'm wearing a mask so that I don't breath in any dust. He's too cute!

NaBloPoMo: 13/31 (and I think this is my first chipper post!)


  1. Ooo if its super dusty, you should definitely be wearing a mask! Heck, even non-pregnant people shouldnt breathe in tons of dust.

  2. You def got a lot accomplished! Good for you! Must feel good. And esp good to be so happy!

  3. Yay I'm so glad! Accomplishing things feels so rewarding, huh?


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