Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can we add more hours to this day?

Goodness gracious! Do you people even know the meaning of busy? Just to give you a little info on how long my day has been I woke up at 5:00am and its now 11:00pm and I'm just now sitting down to blog in order to get my post done in time for Dec. 3rd! I've honestly considered hiring a personal assistant to help me out with my everyday life things especially until this work load blows over. I still have to take care of my house, get Demi's room ready, do Xmas shopping.... UGH. It's just never freaking ending! Heather has volunteered to be my personal assistant and then Demi's nanny once she is born! Isn't that swell!?

I'm not much of a procrastinator and it really irks me when other people are. Since about mid September I've been trying to get my boss and co-workers to prepare for the end of year activities we have to do. Every year the first of December we end up scurrying around to figure out what kind of corporate gifts to give to companies that we work with, prepare and send out Xmas cards, come up with a new promotional binder that has product information, price list, important contact info and all that jazz. I didn't want to scurry this year. Oh and our graphic designer is leaving for vacation on Dec. 19th and wants to quit working by the 16th.

So what happened on Dec. 1st? My boss calls me into his office for 4 hours to discuss all of these topics, changes to make, what to order for who and so on and so on. 4 hours. I had a crappy lunch delivered to me and ate it during the meeting. We took notes on what to change and of course I'm the one who puts it into action.

So I email my co-workers discussing what I need from them and giving them deadlines. Of course they ignore the deadlines yet complain if I'm like 3 minutes late replying to their emails. I re-send the email with the little "high importance" exclamation point and copying my boss on the email. Of course I then get a half assed reply from one co-worker and not from the other.

Added to all the stress of end of the year, this is the first year that my boss decided that we should send the promotional calendars from our marketing office in Canada. Oh wait, that means from MY DESK! Yes. I didn't have enough work now I need to print out over 200 labels for dealers, 200 return address labels, stuff the envelopes, seal the envelopes (thank God for self sealing envelopes), apply the labels, apply the stamps, and put them in the bucket for mailing. It's not THAT bad but it is just at the wrong time. We have so much to do before the 16th and this is soooo freaking time consuming.

To boot, I had the day off yesterday for my check up on how my little girl is developing. So of course I'm a day behind. I wanted to stay late at work today but then George called me and told me he was staying late (he owns a toy store, its X-mas season you do the math) so I had to come home to let Dallas out of his cage. George calls me at 4:30 and tells me that he's going home so I can take my time. I worked until about 7pm and eat dinner and then started working from home until 11pm. JESUS! Talk about a freaking burn out just waiting to happen.

On top of that, my head office (in Germany) has requested I have something done by Dec 4th which is like 99% impossible to get done unless I wake up early again tomorrow to start on it. I'm not looking forward to it though. Maybe I'll just work straight thru lunch tomorrow to try to get some stuff done. Even if I send it in on Monday or Tuesday it won't really make that huge of a deal right? My head office is so slow to reply to my requests why should I rush to reply to theirs?

Seriously, I complain too much right? At least I'm cute. That's my excuse for everything thats negative about me. LOL :)

So this is day two for me of NaBloPoMo and to be honest with you, I was really looking forward to blogging all day! For the first time in a long time I couldn't wait to finish up what I had to do in order to do my blog and of course read and comment on other blogs.

BTW: The entire 23 minutes its taken me to write this post my mom has been on the phone with me bitching about something. Being on the phone with her just basically means that I just have to listen and mumbled "uh huh" "yeah" while she talks...for 24 minutes straight now.

I also realize that my blog posts are just too long and since my move I've lost a lot of followers and commenters. :( Stupid poopieheads! Stupid move.

NaBloPoMo 2/31.


  1. I've lost a lot of followers and commenters since I decided to be on a 3 month hiatus. Stupid hiatus.

    You've been extremely busy! I hate that you have to deal with all of this. Especially when you had it already planned out from the fall! That type of stuff bothers me too.

    I feel like you need to be taking it easy since you are pregnant. Stress is not good. And you need sleep! So waking up for Germany is stupid. Make Ugly Face Magoo (I forget what we call her) do it.

  2. I've lost followers too. It sucks. :(

  3. Oh blegh your coworkers bug me.

    I lost commenters (prob followers too, I don't pay attention to that cuz the stat thingy I have is weird) when I took a mini break from blogging back when school started up again. I think once you start blogging consistantly/comment on other blogs, your followers and commenters will come back.


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