Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Letter #8: My Favorite Internet Friend

Dear Dirty Dog (Internet Friend),

Funny how things can change eh? You and I started as nothing more than mere strangers on the internet. We used to chat on a funny website called Greektown connecting all us Greeks together. Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Texas, Greece, Australia and God knows where else.

We hit it off in the chat room and on the forum and we moved our chitter chatter to ICQ and eventually MSN. It was great. You and I could talk for hours and hours. We moved to the phone. It was even better. You made me laugh so much.

Somewhere along the line you and I had made a pact that if I hit 27 and you 30 and we were unmarried we'd get married. I think we made that pact before we even met.

Kopro, you are and will forever be my unicorn. You know, that mythical creature that no one can ever catch. Sometimes I wonder if you are real or just a figment of my imagination and then I remember the good times we had when you would come to Montreal or I'd go to Toronto.

I remember you getting me good and drunk and then feeling very bad for me when I was vomiting in the club (and yelling at the singer that I was better than her), you managing to not only hit me in the head with a vaacumm cleaner but also finding a way to get all the dust to fly in my face, going for coffee to have my cup read and you ruining the aura by sticking your thumb in it!

Our good times were amazingly good times. I believe that you are my soul mate Kopro. Seriously. No, not that typical Hollywood bullshit type of soul mate but the "you were brought into my life in order to help make me a better person". I honestly couldn't imagine my life without you in it.

At times you just disappear but when you reappear its like we never missed a step. The conversation flows and we pick up where we left off BUT I need you to know that I am very upset about the disappearing act. It's getting old. You can't keep doing it. I always wonder about you. I worry about you.

Anyway. It is sort of hard to write your letter as we chat on MSN. I'm just asking you Peter, stop disappearing on me. Let me know what is going on in your life and what you are up to. I truly miss you and have to make a special trip with George and D to see you.

Here, a few pictures from way back when.

You & Me at Cafe 521

You, Me, and the other Peter. I don't care what you say Kopro, he was totally jealous of you. He was a friend of mine, you are my soul mate. There is NO competition. 

You obviously said something very funny. It was probably a comment about my ass. Lord knows that you love my ass. Ha ha.

I'm also very happy that you and I crossed the line from internet friends to real life friends to life long friends. 

I love you,


Okay, fine... Polexeny...


  1. I loved this letter! I too, found my best friend on the internet. I met him as SoulBean but know him as Brian. =) I'm going to Chicago next year, as a graduation present to myself. I can't wait!

  2. Technology has brought us together! thanks for the share..i got my loved one from FB..
    Goodbye Letter to a best friend


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