Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Letter #3: A Letter to my Parents

First of all, this is my 100th post. C'mon thats freaking awesome. I probably wrote more in 2011 than I did in 2010. Kinda sad and pathetic right?

Well here is my letter.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Gosh where does one start a letter to their parents? It seems like there is so much that can be said but other times I feel as if we've said every thing there is to say. You both know that I love you both very very much and wouldn't change my parents for anything. 

Remember how I used to tell you guys that when I had kids I totally wouldn't raise them like you guys raised my sister and me? Well...It's sorta true sorta not.

Now that I am older I realize that you guys were strict on us because you saw everything that was happening in our society and you just weren't used to it. Let's be honest, the way YOU were raised in Greece was most certainly not the way kids were raised in Arlington, TX. I though that you were insanely strict and just didn't want us to have fun, fit in, or be normal. (Hey I'll admit I was allowed to do a lot more than my sister was...) But now that I am a mom I see all the crazy shit that you tried to protect us from...only now its worse. Now its 10 times worse. Today's society is completely insane and I'm very happy to have you both as examples on how to raise children and how to protect them.

Looking back on everything I now know that you didn't miss school plays, talent shows, parent-teacher nights because you wanted did it because you had to work to provide for us the life that we had. (A rather good life if I do say so myself).

If I had to say anything I disliked about your parenting (hey we are being honest right) I'd have to say that I wish you would have given us a little more freedom, given us a bit of space to spread our wings. (Funny I say US but I'm only speaking for myself. I'm not sure what Alex is thinking). I know you wanted to protect us from making mistakes but sometimes learning from our own mistakes is much more powerful than hearing anecdotes and examples of other people's mistakes. Learning and experiencing are very powerful tools.

So mommy and daddy...I basically want to end this the same way I started it. With letting you know that I love you both from the bottom of my heart.

By the way mom: Now I totally get it when you'd tell me "Just become a mom Polexeny and then tell me that I'm crazy!" but can you please STOP telling me,"Wait until you become a grandma...then you'll know why I am the way I am".

Love you,

Your favorite daughter,  (ha ha. I'm kidding Alex now fuck off!)


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  1. Aww I liked this letter. It was very honest and it really sounds like you had great parents. It seems like they worked really hard to provide you and your sister with the best possible life they could give you. And I'm glad you have them as role models as you raise Demi. This is why you are such a great mom: you had great parents!

  2. It's amazing to look back at what sacrifices our parents had to do to give us the life we have now. If they didn't, we might have ended up on Maury.

    My parents weren't strict at all. I still didn't do much since we lived in the country and I was scared to death of getting in trouble. But now, you can respect their opinions and make better decisions for your child(ren) than some people who never had that influence at all. Great post!


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