Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Challenge Update

So if you've noticed I didn't post letters number 6 (to a stranger), 7 (to an exboyfriend) and 8 (favorite internet friend). It's not that I don't want to write them letters. I just really don't have time. I seriously don't get how mommy blog people have time to mommy blog. Woah. Maybe they blog while they ship their kid off to their friends, parents, or maybe even a nanny. Yep. I'm gonna go with nanny.

I have decided that in order to keep my sanity I will NOT be doing the challenges on the weekends. I just don't have time on the weekends. I normally write my posts during D's nap time. If she isn't napping, I'm not writing. Our weekends here are fairly full...and I'm OUT during D's nap time. I have a standing hair appointment every Saturday until my dresser or I shall die....and I will NOT miss those to write a blog post.

So I'll be skipping those letters OR writing them on Monday if I like the topic. :) I know I'm kind of cheating on 30 days of letters...but I promise you'll get a good 25. :)

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  1. I made my own rules to the challenge too! I think it's better that way!


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