Friday, January 14, 2011

Letter #4: A Letter to my sister

When I saw who this letter was meant to be written to I thought, oh easy breezy! Guess what. It totally isn't that easy. There is so much to say and not sure of how much I would like for the entire web to read (see how I am assuming my blog is read by a bajillion people!?) goes nothing!

Dearest Sister,

Oh where to start a letter to someone that I have shared the past 29.678 years with? If anyone on this earth knows me...its you. Sometimes you know me way too well. It's kind of scary. It's like we share the same brain or something.

I just wanted to let you know that I am proud of how you turned out regardless of the road you that got you to where you are. Unlike me, you weren't really afraid to break the rules. You followed the beat of your own drum and did what you needed to go. Sometimes I wish your brain was as big as your heart (and I'm sure you sometimes wish my mouth wasn't as big as my ass...but hey we play the hand we are dealt right?!).

You would give anyone the shirt off your back and while its a great thing, I don't necessarily think its the smartest thing. You are willing to give anyone a chance and you have no problem with forgiveness. That makes you a big person with a great big heart. (And hey, this is the only time I'll admit this...a better person than I am)

Even though you and I have had our ups and downs we always end up in the same place. Together. I couldn't imagine a life where I didn't speak to you daily or see you at least weekly. Growing up I never thought that you and I would be this close to one another. I mean seriously there were some stages in our lives where we were all "get the fuck away from me" and now its like "If you fucking look at her funny I'll break every bone in your sorry ass body". We've seen some of our friends relationships with their siblings fail and that is one place I'd never want to be with you. I love you with all my heart and soul. Life without my sister would be pretty fucking bland.

Anyway, I will end this now because I am TRYING to watch a movie while Demi sleeps AND I am already one day behind in my letters! Sorry its a day late but hey, its better late then never right?

I love you,



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This letter was posted a day late. Sorry.


  1. I liked that post. Your sister seems like one of those "forgiving" people. I'm not sure either you or I completely grasp that concept haha.

    But from this letter, she seems to be a great person and a wonderful friend. What's even better is that "blood is thicker than water" so to speak. It doesn't seem like your relationship will fail cause it seems like you two are very close.

  2. i love you with all my heart! i am extremely proud of who you are.. especially in your role as "mommy"


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