Saturday, June 27, 2009

  Dallas Armani - My First Born

Today I was looking through pictures I have on my computer of my dog, Dallas Armani, and I can't believe how much he has grown. Dallas is a Weimaraner which is a German hunting dog that was originally used by royalty. This breed of dog is extremely smart, hard headed and very regal. Regal to the point that when Dallas lays down he crosses his front paws and rests his head on them. Regal to the point that his high class ass can not sit on the floor...he needs a carpet or a blanket to be able to be set apart from the rest of the ground.

This dog is too cute. He's always jumping around forgetting his size. My body is constantly bruised from him pouncing on me because he is under the impression that he is a lap dog. When you tell him no nd you have a smile on your face he'll bark at you. When you offer him a treat he'll go through the tricks routine before you can even say "Sit, shake, other paw, lay down, kissy kissy". He's a cuddle bug. He wants to be wherever you are. He follows you to the bathroom, watches you shower and barks if you lock him out. When we have guests at our house late at night he'll smile when they leave...a real genuine smile. He is 100% full of personality.

We got Dallas in January and now I can't imagine a day without him being in my life. I never in my life thought I could love a dog more than Cookie but I do. Cookie still has a special place in my heart but Dallas owns my heart....well co owns it with Georgie.

Here is a little picture walk through of his growth....and I promise to get back to posting about bitchy things on Monday or something.

This is Dallas the first day we were allowed to bring him home. We live in Montreal and had to drive to Kinburn (about 2.5 hours away). On the way back to Montreal we stopped at my uncles house and the family that lived in Ottawa came over to see him. This is my cousin's daughter Aggeliki with Dallas. She loved him so much. He we a bit scared of her. I was so sad when I took Dallas away from his family. He was born with 10 brothers and sisters and 10 half brothers and sisters (two dogs from our breeder went into heat at the same time and they both got pregnant by the same male). He went from being one of 21 to being just by himself. I was really proud that he didn't get car sick on the ride home.

Dallas and his mommy. :) I was so happy to bring him home and he's already showing Montreal team spirit by wearin his Montreal Canadiens collar.

Yeah I don't like this picture of me very much but its one of the few pictures I have with Dallas alone.

Daddy was very happy when Dallas got home! (I went with my mom, dad, and sister to pick him up). George didn't want to come because he was scared that Dallas would throw up in his car (he did have a Porsche Cayenne at the time so I kind of understand). I didn't want to drive because there was a lot of black ice on the road so my father agreed to drive and my mom and sister came for the ride...and to see the family. When my dad saw Dallas his heart melted just a little bit. When George saw Dallas he didn't stop smiling. Dallas was my belated Xmas gift. I knew I was getting Dallas but we couldn't bring him home until after he was 6 weeks old. He wasn't old enough at Xmas.

The above pictures are of him at 6 and 7 weeks. Isn't that face so precious? The picture on the left is my favorite picture of him ever.

Here he is at 8 weeks old. He wanted to help me do laundry. See all the little wrinkles on him? They are all going away now. He's growing into his extra fur/skin. Oh did I mention that he sheds VERY VERY little? Thats amazing. I hate dog fur andI hate cleaning so if I had a shedding dog I'd go insane!!

I also should have told Dallas that Mommy doesn't do laundry. Our cleaning lady does it. Our job is just to put the clothes in the hampers and then Daddy takes them to the laundry room and they are magically washed, ironed, and put away!

He is 4 months old here. He had just taken a bath and I dried him the best I could but he was shivering so I put him in a hoodie. It's not a dog hoodie but there is a reason for it. I can't buy him any clothes until he stops growing which should be at a year old for a breed this size. No, I'm not going to dress my dog in prissy ass clothes. But since Montreal winters are harsh I am going to get him a jacket for when we go for walks in the winter. If I'm wearing gloves, a jacket, a scarf, and winter boots the least I could do is get Dallas a jacket to protect him from the harsh elements.

Here he is at 7 months old. He wasn't very happy with the goings on at my house on June 24th. He knew it was a French holiday and they were supposed to get drunk but he didn't understand why all of his Greek family was getting drunk. He also was not happy with the amount of food people were trying to feed him. He only eats raw food and people were trying feed him hot dogs and hamburgers and chips. Yuccky. He's above all that.

He is finally getting used to the water. This is one of our few family pictures. Isn't it adorable? I love how George's top matches Dallas's fur. Why is George wearing a top in the pool? When Dallas gets nervous he stifftens his paws and his claws dig in deep to anything he finds...which is usually George because I'm a bit far from them. :) I don't need any more scars.

If anyone is a friend of mine on Facebook they can see the pictures of Dallas in his album "Dallas Armani" and there a lot of other pictures in the "Moblie Upload" album as I seem to never have my camera on me but my phone is always at the right place at the right time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

  Raising Children In Today's Society

I am going to apologize in advance if this blog post is slightly buzzy. I got to leave work early on Tuesday due to a power outage and I spent the entire day (11am to 10pm) in my pool in the sun. Wednesday was a Quebec Holiday (They call it St. Jean Baptise, a day they get to liberate themselves but I call it French Separatist Holiday...hey I don't mind.. I get a free day off because of them) and again, I spent the entire day in the pool in the sun. I'm exhausted, I'm sun burnt, and I want to fall asleep at my desk but I can't help myself. I have to get some things off my chest.

Please forgive me if this post is buzzy and lack my usual wit and off the wall comments.


Raising kids is hard. It's always been hard but I think its getting harder and harder with each passing day. How can I say this when I don't even have kids yet? Because I'm a very observant person and I notice thing. I watch the trends and I like to keep up with the kids in my family (combining mine and George's family we probably have about 50 kids under the age of 18). I know that listening to parenting advice from someone with no kids sounds foolish but you know what...I know what I'm talking about.

My husband is 15 years older than me therefore the people in that particular circle of friends are all older and have teen aged kids. When the parents talk to the children the kids often shoot back with something like "Gosh, you dint even remember what its like to be a teenager. Times have changed". That's when I pipe in with something along the lines of "Well, I've been there pretty recently and what you are asking for is completely out of line". The kids from that circle of friends/family respect me because I am closer in age to them and I kind of walk that thin line of authority and friend. I try to see things from their perspective and from the parent's perspective. I play the Devil's Advocate for both sides.

Well recently I'm finding that this balance can't exist anymore. I can't be a Devil's Advocate for the kids anymore. They want crazy ass unreasonable things. They have no respect for their families, their friends, and most importantly for themselves.

One of my posts from Monday mentioned how one of the boys had a girlfriend who cheated on him...and how he is willing to sweep that under a rug which is something I can not stand. But I'm not supposed to know about this so I can't say anything to the kid right? I'd be betraying A LOT of people by being all "hey I heard your girlfriend is a slut..."

Well we had a pool party at my house for the above mentioned French Separatist holiday. The boy, Dan, asked me if he could invite his girlfriend, Marie, over to my house. Since I know nothing, I couldn't very well say no. I said yes. The girlfriend had her parents drop her off and then that's when I got disgusted.

Shortly after being at my house, Marie strips down to her swim suit in order to go swimming (normal) and that's when I notice a tattoo on her thigh/butt area (not normal). Let me explain why its NOT normal. MARIE IS 15 YEARS OLD. Do you know what that means? It means that Marie's mother or father went with her and signed a paper saying that they allow the tattoo parlor to permanently ink their child. 15. Fucking 15 years old. FIFTEEN! At 15 years old I was too fickle to thin of something that I'd want to be on my body for the rest of my life...I still am. A 15 year old girl with a tattoo is TRASHY. I don't care if I get hate mail about this. It's TRASHY. It's DIRTY & DISGUSTING.

Then I thought about. One one hand these parents have Marie in a private school that they pay good money for, she is getting top marks in all of her classes, and they encourage her to do well in school. Bravo for them. It's great right? But on the other hand they take their kid to get tattooed. Are you not sending different messages to your child? They also allow Dan to spend the night at their the basement....alone with their daughter. There are two completely different messages being sent to this kid. Basically, do well in school and you can be as skanky as you want to be...but you have to get good marks!?

But wait, it goes on! After being in my pool for a while they start to make out. Um, there are 25 people at my house. A good portion of them are younger (11 to 16) not to mention Dan's FAMILY MEMBERS. I told my husband to say something since it would make more sense coming from him. He said kids are kids and if Dan's parents are going to say anything why should he? I said, "Because its your house and I don't approve. I don't care if his parents don't care if they are making out. My house my rules." Hubby says nothing because he doesn't want to be the bad guy.

Instead of telling Dan and Marie and embarrassing them I told Dan's mom that I want her to talk to them to stop making out in my pool, around my pool, in my house or whatever. It is disrespectful to my home, myself, my husband, his cousins, and most importantly, his mother. No mother wants to see her kid making out. I'm sorry but I'm 27 (for 3 more days...) and I don't make out with my husband in front of my mother. I have respect for myself, my parents, and their rules. I told Dan's mom that I thought that both kids were being disrespectful. She told them and they stopped. But that's when I thought of something.

When I was younger and would go to my boyfriend's house for the first few times I was so timid. I barely wanted to hold my boyfriend's hand in front of his parents and meanwhile Marie thinks its perfectly fine to make out with her boyfriend at some one's house that she'd never met. Who does that? Who meets someone at their house and then makes out right there in the pool in front of 23 other people!? WHO?!?!

Apparently kids in today's society. They see NOTHING wrong with that. They think its normal or some way of claiming the boy or girl as their own. It's disgusting and will NOT be tolerated in my home. The same rules I'll have for my children extend to my nieces and nephews and friend's children. This is my home, not some random brothel.


The way kids dress today is unnerving. Okay, not all kids but a lot of kids. Everything is so short and so revealing. It leaves nothing to the imagination (not that people should be imaging what a 15 year old girl looks like underneath her clothes) and to put it bluntly, is cheap looking.

I understand that parents don't really go shopping with their teenagers anymore because the teens don't want to be at the mall with their parents but when you kid comes home with shopping bags do you not check what is in there? Daisy dukes aren't right for anyone, especially young teenagers. Stilettos with metal spikes..NOPE! Those should be reserved for the strippers, not the teenagers. Short ruffly skirts that basically only hide the pounai hairs is NOT right for a child.

Parents when your kids come home you MUST go through their bags and see what they purchased. Do you really want your kid to be walking to the ice cream parlor down the street from your house and everyone thinking your kid is a street walker? Should girls that young dress so provocatively? I don't think so. Kids need to be covered up. I agree they can't walk around in turtle necks and jeans all day but why can't they get normal shorts instead of those daisy dukes? Why can't their skirts come a little lower on their thighs? Why are their tank tops so low cut and tight?

A huge problem in what kids wear is when the parents don't agree. If dad is saying that something shouldn't be in their house because its inappropriate and then mom says well all the kids are wearing it, its normal, let them express themselves...the kids never get the right idea. They think dad is wrong and a tyrant bastard while mom is totally awesome and cool.

You are sending mixed messages to your children. Get with your spouse and speak about what is and isn't allowed in your house and enforce the rules. Or let the kid buy what they want and don't let them wear it outside of their bedroom.


I'll keep this section very short. You should always set an example for your child. I am sorry but you cannot drink, get drunk and then get behind the wheel of the car and preach to your kids about drinking and driving. Lead by example.

My husband likes to drink his Chivas and you know what...I don't mind. He never drinks and drives. I'm always the sober one when we go out because I'm not really a big drinker. I can have fun naturally without getting drunk off of my tree. I told him that once we have children he can't drink to the point where he is drunk. The last thing I want is for my child to turn around and tell me "Mommy, why is daddy always drunk?" Or for my teen aged son to tell me, "Well why can't I have a drink, dad has had 4 and Uncle Tony had 6". I believe in leading by example.

Set an example for your children and practice what you preach. Don't be a hypocrite.


A blogger Constant Complainer commented on my last post Even More Cheating, about how TV shows such as Sex and the City promote this kind of behaviour. In a way I agree and in a way I don't agree. In a post on Complainer's website I mentioned how TV shows, movies, news, video games, music etc CANNOT be used as an excuse for violence or stupidity.

When I was growing up my parents taught me the difference between a TV show and real life. I never got the impression that if I wiggled my nose that something could appear. I never thought that I could spin/roll myself into a blue ball of fury and collect coins and jump on my enemies and be a winner. I never thought that the shows on HBO were real and never wanted to model my life off of them. Growing up I had cable in my room. Probably from the time I was 6 years old. My parents never felt the need to put those parental supervision things on my tv. They knew that I knew what I should and shouldn't be watching. As I got older I would stop with the Nick Jr., Nickeloden, and Nick at Night and went over to Showtime, Cinamax, and HBO. I always knew what I was watching and new it was fiction (although some of the things happen all the time in real life settings (Sex and the City, OZ, Dangerous Women).

I would never go to prison and shank someone because "Beecher did it to Keller", and I wouldn't cheat on my husband because "Big did it with Carrie". So using a tv show, movie or anything along those lines as an excuse is incredibly absurd. These things are dramatized for more and more ratings.

People have to learn how to think for themselves.

The end. Please comment! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

  Even More Cheating....

So earlier today I wrote a post about Dan and Marie and I wasn't able to get into too many details because I wrote the post while I was at work and on my lunch break. Oddly enough, I actually DO have to do some work while I'm in the office so my post was a little rushed.

Actually, it was a lot of rushed. There was so much more that I wanted to discuss but I wasn't able to because my boss came in and I had to quickly publish the story and move about my day.

I logged onto my email and saw a comment from Heather where she told me she would be blogging about something similar. After Weight Watcher, dinner, a walk with the dog I'm home and got to read Heather's post Why Am I Not Good Enough and it struck a cord with me.

If you read Heather's blog she talks about how two of her friends slept with their ex boyfriends, who now have new girlfriends. It's an interesting read and I suggest you go there and read it. This post isn't about girls sleeping with their exes even though they've moved on it about CHEATING in general.

I know a girl who was cheated on by the "love of her life" (at least he was for this particular story. This girl (lets call her Emily) was totally in love with her boyfriend (we'll call him dickface of DF for short okay?). She did everything for DF and she could see herself spending the rest of her life with DF.

To put things into perspective Emily was a full time student and DF was employed. He worked in an office building. Can you see where this story is going? DF did the totally typical thing and decided to cheat on Emily with his secretary. Emily eventually found out and she wasn't as livid as I was. She was more upset and hurt. She immediately broke things off with DF and she couldn't stop talking shit about the secretary. Now I don't blame her for that but it does take two to tango. I mean, DF wasn't fucking himself on that wooden desk now was he?

So secretary got a horrible wrap. She was a bitch, a slut, a home wrecker, an evil whore. There were synonyms upon synonyms we called her. And if you ask me, she deserved it. It's not like she didn't know about Emily. She was the one putting the calls thru from Emily to DF. She was the one who would see Emily come into the office for visits.

Emily was disgusted by that evil little home wrecking whore face cunt. I was too. Do you know why I was disgusted? My second serious boyfriend in Montreal cheated on me almost the ENTIRE duration of our 18 month relationship. I couldn't believe it when I found out but thanks to a Greek website and a lot of gossiping girls we finally got to the bottom of it. ExBF of mine was actually cheating on HIS girlfriend with me! WHAAAAAAAAAAT?! Can someone explain that to me? Let's see if any signs of cheating were there.

1. Is with me DAILY. Either to go out to eat dinner or to come hang out at my apartment or to go see a movie. We saw each other EVERYDAY for HOURS at a time.

2. I met his entire family. Mom, Dad, Brother, and Grandmother. I met all of the friends. The friends referred to me as "GF".

3. All major holidays were spent together: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Easter, my birthday, his birthday.

4. We dated for 18 months.

5. On that Greek website we referred to one another as girlfriend/boyfriend and there were pictures of together (hugging, kissing, cuddling) on that website.

Yeah. I couldn't believe all the gossip at first. I mean, how could ExBF have another girlfriend? How was I the other woman?

Well apparently the "real" girlfriend was studying to be a doctor or a lawyer (I don't remember now) and was a real book worm. She'd never leave her house to do anything because she was too busy studying. He'd leave my house at night and go see her. Ummm what?

Yeah so when I found out and actually believed it (Yes it took a lot of convincing. I was young and completely in love) I broke off with him and never wanted to see him again. Although I saw him a lot after that. We'd end up going to the same bars/clubs. I'd see him and stand within a few feet from him and ignore the fact that he was alive. You should have seen the look on his face when both me and the "real" (now also ex) girlfriend were dancing together being *gasp* friends!

But in all seriousness, nothing beats the look on his face when it was my birthday and there was this huge party at a club. He was looking like he was having a good time and my boyfriend at the time decided to send him & his friends some shots (the new boyfriend new the story of the ex). So as they are taking the shots the DJ announces on the speakers how its time to celebrate a very specials person's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Like, how dumb are you to come to that club on that particular night when you KNOW its my birthday party?

Anyway, back to the story of Emily and DF. Emily eventually moved on and got a new BF. He was a pretty awesome guy if I do say so myself. I mean, her BF was my friend way before Emily was my friend so I liked the guy. He was awesome to party with and a great friend. They ended up not working out and life moved on.

Well lets fast forward a few years. Emily now meets this other guy. This guy is a total tool so we will call him Tool. Tool was a bum. I don't recall him ever working. All he'd do was hang out at this coffee shop all the time. Emily and him hit it off and everything was going great...then he had to go on vacation to the "mother land". While he was in the mother land he started to become distant and thats when he informed Emily that although he was head over heels for her he somehow managed to get someone else pregnant. Yeah, I know. Don't you hate when you suddenly impregnate someone and don't even know how?

After having to convince Emily for MONTHS that Tool was...well.... a tool she got it. She went back to her single life and enjoyed it. Then she met someone at school. She met a guy who she considered to be a great guy, only there was a problem.

This guy had a girlfriend. But that doesn't matter. He didn't want to be with his girlfriend she just didn't understand what a break up was? She couldn't accept the fact that it was over. He didn't really love her and was waiting for the right time to break up with her.

Soooo there were all these excuses (from Emily) on why new guy still had a GF. I told Emily that even thinking of being with this guy was a huge mistake. Doesn't she remember what it felt like to be cheated on? She feed me all the excuses from above when I just asked her, "What if DF was telling his secretary the same thing?" What if secretary though that DF was just waiting for the right time to end it with her? What if secretary was being told Emily just didn't get the clue and that it was really over?"

Emily suddenly didn't care. This was the guy for her. The girlfriend was just a little pothole in a perfectly paved high way to Happily Ever After Bliss.

I didn't agree. I mean. I know what its like to find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you. Emily knows what its like to be cheated on. She was pissed off that the secretary was banging her BF KNOWING that EMILY existed but wasn't EMILY doing the very same thing?

Cheaters never change. Once a cheater always a cheater. I just don't understand if you are unhappy with your current relationship why don't you just end it and instead of cheating on someone and making them feel like shit?

People who cheat make me sick.

  The Problem with Young People Today....

is that they don't respect anyone. That includes themselves.

I don't even know how to start this blog especially because I never know who is reading this blog. I'm not trying to be "private" or anonymous in writing this blog but for the sake of people involved I don't want to give out too much information. But this story NEEDS information, it NEEDS details.

Do you guys remember my post from last week My First Reality Check? Well this past weekend I found out that someone else very close to me had their first real reality check too regarding young relationships.

A kid I know, a great kid in fact, has a girlfriend. Let's call these kids Dan and Marie. Dan is a great kid with a huge heart. He hasn't really ever gotten into any trouble, no attitude problem. He's far from perfect but he's a great kid. Dan has been in a relationship for a while with Marie. Dan treats Marie amazingly. He is always taking her out, going to her place, having her at his house. He's introduced her to a lot of his extended family.

Well guess how Marie decided to repay him? Yep, she totally cheated on him! Gasp! Yeah a 16 year old little slut cheated on Dan. I know, it freaked me out. She actually cheated on sweet little Dan.

How do I know this? I won't go into details but the mother, a cell phone, and some spying was all involved. What we were able to come up with was this Marie cheated on Dan by giving head to another guy.

I'll wait while you all pick your jaws up off the floor.

So not only is she having sex regularly with her boyfriend, Dan, she is also giving head to random guys. Um Where exactly is the self respect?

I know, I get it, people are having sex younger and younger these days. Hell, they were apparently having sex young during my time too. I mean Corrie fucked Wayne and she was young. Dan and Marie are having sex and they are young.

It makes me shudder to think what kind of things MY kids will grow up to see.

Aren't you parents of young children completely freaked out by things like this? How do you plan on raising your kids to respect their bodies? What age is the "right" age for starting to have sex?

BTW: An alternate title for this blog was: "She put it in her mouth".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

  The Ramblings of Boredom

I have written an opening sentence to this blog over 10 times already. I have no idea what I want to write about but I do feel compelled to write. I don't know, I'm sure there is something else that I can be doing. Maybe I could be working on my event planning courses, maybe I could be writing my book that has hit a standstill for months now, maybe I could even be cleaning my house (I know that sounds so odd coming from me).

I think that part of my boredom stems from my iPhone breaking. Well rather, it just died. My nephew had unlocked my iPhone so that I could download any type of apps for free and change the look of my phone (fonts, text message keyboard and all that jazz) and I wanted to update the firmware. In order to do that I had to do a complete restore on my phone. Well now my phone is stuck in a loop. It keeps on rebooting but thats as far as it goes. You can't access anything. I went to bad last night hoping it would be magically fixed by the time I woke up. I woke up and it wasn't fixed. As I'm walking thru the kitchen to tell my husband that I have to fix my phone at Rogers today it swings out of my hand and cracks on the bottom. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Do you know how many times I've dropped that stupid phone and it never even got a stratch on it?

I called Rogers and got rerouted to iPhone support and they are sending me a new phone. Apparently, something about spending over 100$ a month on my cell phone and me being extra nice on the phone got them to just offer me a phone without asking any questions. They didn't ask if I had done anything to it, dropped it, or anything. I'm happy for that. Sad I will have no phone for the next few days. Just give me a freaking phone.... I am considering making my husband buy me an iPhone 3GS and I'll give him my iPhone.

So now when I'm driving I can't just call someone (hey I use an ear piece okay?), can't check FB or Twitter while waiting in line at the bank, in the grocery store, or in my coffee shop.

Whatever. Then I've been thinking of something to blog about and nothing is coming to me. I guess after talking about what happened in junior high I just don't have anything else that "shocking" to talk about.

Anyone have anything they'd like me to write about because I'm feeling totally uninspired.

Oh, I gained weight my first week on weight watchers. How about that for fun. But I started new medicine so I'm thinking that had something to do with it seeing as how it is a side effect.

Lately I've been noticing younger girls looking more and more whorish then ever.

My birthday is in 8 days and I'm not asking for too much:
Day at the Spa
Michael Kors/Prada/Marc Jacobs bag
Prada Sunglasses (like the ones I kinda broke a few years ago)
Gift Certificate to a book store

I'm looking for new and interesting reciepes to cook but I can't think of along what lines.

I've updated my blog roll and removed a bunch of blogs. It's not becuase they weren't blogs but it was because the content was always the same day after day. One person who was on my blog roll used her blog as a freaking personal photo album. Really only so many times and places I wanna see you and your dog somewhere in matching dresses.

I think I'm going to the Casino on my birthday with Hubby, Nicole, and Rody (her hubby). Nicole has never been to the Casino and I love their resto. I went on my anniversary.

I'm looking for new and interesting blogs to read. Anyone have any recommendations?

George and I are going to take Dallas to Old Montreal tonight for a walk and to watch the fireworks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

  And the Winner Is......

Okay folks, the long awaited date for the giveaway is here! A winner is announced and the winner is.....


Kearsie from Sounds Like Tomatoes (a website I've referenced before!

Congrats Kearsie! Send me an email at tzenaki(at)gmail[dot]com with your shipping information and you will get yourself a wonderful set of Twilight Action Figures as well as a mini surprise from me :)

For everyone who didn't win.... is selling them and just for me my hubby made a coupon code that will randomly take off between 5-20% off of your order! TWILIGHT figures are still available. He has about 30 sets left and this coupon code will only work for 10 people!!

Congrats and I really look forward to my next giveaway!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

  My First Reality Check

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope that this week is treating you all very well! :) My week has been going okay so far, you know that one whole day that has already passed.

So last night I was at home just thinking about high school. It's a thought that comes up pretty often considering that my reunion is coming up in October. Then this morning I logged onto Facebook and some high school friends and I were discussing how people changed since then (personalities and looks). Then of course it got to the topic of people adding people just for the sake of upping their friend count and why would you add me as a friend when I clearly didn't like you then we live an entire country away so why would I like you today?

It reminded me of something that is very funny (yet sad) now but really had me upset in the 8th grade. Let's just put everything into perspective okay? In grade 8 I was extremely thin, I'm talking under weight and being made fun of for being so small. I had black unstyled hair and stupid ugly glasses. I was an ugly duckling and I can totally admit to that. (Who knew in one summer I'd change completely!!!)

So, I was friends with this girl in grade 8. (hey us undesirables had to stick together) A really big girl. Let's call her Corrie. Corrie and I had a lot of classes together and she used to have a huge crush on the boy (we'll call him Keith) that lived near me so she'd come to my house a lot. We'd often hang out after school at my house or her house (and she lived really far away from my house, I can't for the life of me remember how I used to get there!!!). We'd talk all the time and I'd always make sure we were outside of my house when we were there so she could bump into her boy crush and get to know him better. I was pretty close to Keith. We lived SUPERCLOSE for a really long time and we had a lot of classes together so we'd always talk. Boycrush never wanted to know about Corrie. He was mean and told me that she disgusted him. Not only was she overweight but she also had warts on her hands that grossed him out (and me too now that I think of it!).

I try to tell Corrie in a nice way not to waste time on Keith. I told her that he liked brunettes more than blonds, that he was dating someone who went to a different school. I tried everything short of telling her what he really said. I mean, that would have hurt her feelings right?

The school year goes on and there is a new kid in school. He's in the 9th grade though. He was a God (to me at least). Tall, blond, blue eyes, dimples you could literally fall into. I developed the hugest crush on him ever. I would daydream about him, doodle his name, you know the typical thing that 14 year old little girls do when they like someone. Corrie came up to me one day and told me that she spotted Wayne at the 7-11 by her house and that he's practically her neighbor! Well guess where we started to spend more time? Yep, at Corries house!

I finally got up the courage to talk to Wayne at school. We actually had hit it off. We had a few things in common and he was nice to me. I was shocked that a God would waste his time on a little peasant like me. We exchanged phone numbers and would spend a lot of time talking on the phone. Corrie knew this and she said she was really happy for me. Wayne was a good looking guy.

Wayne, Corrie, and I would hang out most days after school (because at 14 and 15 where can you really go on dates, especially if your parents are super strict Greek parents?) Things were going good. Moving slow but going good. I often felt like Wayne wanted to kiss me but I was soooo scared (Yeah first time a boy kissed me I ran home from school!!) that I'd often find an excuse to move away from him.

One day at school Corrie is starting to act really strange. She found an excuse as to why she couldn't sit with us at lunch (us was our normal lunch friends, no Wayne as he had a different lunch hour). During science class when we were asked to pair up she paired up with someone else. I was really confused. After school I went to our normal meeting spot where Wayne was looking sheepish. I'm not a rocket scientist but it didn't take me long to figure it out.

I demanded to know what happened. Wayne couldn't even look me in the eyes (all 4 of them) when he was telling me what happened. Corrie was crying. They had sex. Accidentally. I guess they must have gotten naked and fallen on top of each other repeatedly or something, I don't know how sex accidental happens! I turned around and walked home, the whole 2 miles, by myself crying.

I got home and my telephone rang and it was Wayne. He said he wanted to explain. I was mad and didn't want to hear anything but I figured that I would let him talk. I always did like the sound of his voice (c'mon, I was a stupid teenager!)He told me how Corrie had called him one night and asked him to go out with him so they could talk. She had something really important to talk to him about. He "borrowed" his older brothers car and they drove to school to talk. She told him that the reason I wouldn't kiss him was because I didn't really like him and that I was hanging out with him in order for the two of them to get closer to one another! (Oh the horror...or should I say whore!?) I was flabbergasted (and yes I knew what that meant back then too!). He told me that he was upset and then Corrie started kissing him and one thing led to another. And they had sex. On the football field. Of my school. That I had to go to for the next year and a half.

I wanted to vomit. I was sick to my stomach. I couldn't believe my ears. My best friend lied to the guy that I just "loved" to death. She not only lied to him but she put the moves on him and had sex with him. How was it that I couldn't bring myself to kiss this guy because I was so scared (of what I don't know!) and there she is getting all naked and fucking on the football field. I told Wayne good bye and that I didn't want to talk to him anymore or ever.

I called Corrie and told her that I knew everything and that I never wanted to talk to her either. The tension between us in classes we shared was strong. You couldn't even cut it with a knife because the knife would get stuck in the thickness of it all. I had other friends and she did too. We just went our separate ways.

Months later I heard a rumor about Corrie. I heard that Corrie and her original crush Keith were having sex. I didn't want to believe it. I mean, someone I once considered to be a friend was a whore? And wait, didn't Keith say he was grossed out by her? Rumor had it that Keith and Corrie had sex in a ditch near school and I couldn't really believe that. It's gross. The next time I saw Corrie she was wearing shorts and her knees were completely scabbed up. I thought nothing of it until Keith told me that he "avenged me". I asked him how this was and he told me that he fucked Corrie, doggie style, in the ditch. That explained her scabbed up knees. His friends were also calling her asking for sexual favors which she was eager to help out.

Now I wasn't only disgusted with Corrie for being a sexual toy but I was also disgusted with Keith and his friends. What they were doing was wrong but if Corrie wanted to be every one's "warm hole" I guess it was her fault.

Now what was the point of this story? A few months ago I got a friends requeste on Facebook from Corrie with a personal message: "Oh my god, I haven't spoken to you since 8th grade! How are you"

I rolled my eyes and laughed while clicking ignore. Did she honestly think that I'd forget that? There was a reason we quit speaking for so many years and I'm sorry but I am not a forgiving person. If you are one of the rare people I manage to forgive...I never forget. I think that event was my first real "reality" check. I had always lived a super sheltered life and didn't believe that things like that happened to real people. It was only things you see on those night time TV shows like The O.C, 90210 etc.

Monday, June 15, 2009

  Another Giveaway?! Worth over $300??

Wow, I must be crazy right? Here I am posting about yet ANOTHER giveaway and this one isn't even mine...well it sort of is.

I work for a company that I often times refer to as "the company" but today I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I work for EHEIM and we recently (as in TODAY) launched a blog. We finally caught up with the times and we are looking to get "more out there". We discussed this and found that blogging is a great way to interact with EHEIM customers and potential customers.

As a way of saying THANKS to people for following our blog, reading our blog, following us on Twitter and Facebook (basically stalking us) we've decided to do a HUGE giveaway.

EHEIM is giving away a NEW UltraG160 Filter (formerly known as the Pro 3 line, but brand spanking new filters)good for aquariums up to 160 Gallons and it comes complete with the media!


This give away is great for anyone who you know that is dabbling in aquariums, thinking of dabbling in them, seriously needs an upgraded filter or whatnot. C'mon who doesn't want a filter that retails for $300? Go read the blog, follow the instructions, and enter the give away. Oh, did I mention the runners up give aways? Seriously, this is a giveaway one would be crazy NOT to enter.

And...well...since I'm the one taking care of this giveaway...if you decide to blog about this giveaway I'll enter you 20 times!! :)

***Wow I just realized how pathetic my giveaway looks in comparison to this one!****

Thursday, June 11, 2009

  Work Gripes & A Giveaway

So I guess its about time that I get back to my regular posting schedule which was sporadic at best. But I figured I'd blog about something other than just a giveaway and get your advice.... but wait...first...a give away. LOL

As you guys probably know by now I'm helping my husband get his blog off the ground for his company (Hey I'm doing the same thing for my work too...Trying to catch them up to 2009 instead of 1989!) So now is following in my footsteps and doing a giveaway.

They are giving away a voice mixer helmet from Transformers 1. It changes your voice to where you sound like Bumble Bee! This is a perfect give away to win in order to have an extra gift away for that special little boy (or girl) in your life! Xmas? Birthday? Grad?

Click on to in order to enter this giveaway. It ends on June 18th and its easy to enter. You can also follow Toyglobe on twitter by following @Toyglobe


And now back to our regularly scheduled bitchin'.

As some of you may remember reading a while back, I had a huge spat with one of my co workers. In fact, I think I may have gone as far as calling her a cunt which is a word that I normally reserve for really really really bad people. People have to push me in order to call them that but this lady has done nothing but get on my nerves. Each time when things are starting to smooth over she'll do something else to get me riled up and when I get riled up I remember everything from the past. My memory can be my downfall because I NEVER forget.

So what happened this time to where Stupid Ugly Bitch (SUB) pissed me off? I was in the office enjoying a quiet day. It was only me and my co-worker in the office. My boss was out for the day tending to his sick kid and the rest of our "office" is sales reps and they are always in the field. I'm sitting at my office doing my daily work, minding my own business when I get an email from SUB. SUB asks me if I have another companies item number for OUR product. I email her that "you were provided a listing of all items that Xcompany carries of our products with our item number, their item number, the product description, UPC code, and price". She writes back "Okay so since you don't have that item do you have these two items?" And I wrote back, "SUB, please see the attached file that you have been e-mailed numerous times. It has ALL the info that I have. If there is something missing you need to contact the buyer at Xcompany."

She leaves me alone...for about an hour. She then emails me and asks me about a project that i was working on a few months ago and completed long ago. She ask if its ready yet. It is. It has been for a while now. It's even been emailed to her. Numerous times.

Now lets get something clear, SUB has pissed me off many many many times in the past. (including earlier in that day) I always go above and beyond my job description to help her out (mainly because I think she is more stupid than gold fish that has an average memory of ummm 3 seconds?) but nope, not today. Instead of just automatically emailing her the file I decided to pull a bitch move. I type in the name of the file in my SENT messages folder and saw HOW many times I've emailed the file to her. I then write her an email in reply:

Dear SUB.

I have already emailed you this file on the following dates (enter dates here). Please check your old emails and save the file to your desk top or in another easy to access place as you will need this file. I cannot constantly resend you the same files. Please organize yourself.

LWP (Lovely Wonderful Person:) )

She then writes back and COPIES my boss and my co-worker in the file saying something along the lines of how my work isn't organized and how I shouldn't name files FINAL because its never the final copy and I should name files like SUBannoysthefuckoutofme06-10-09.xls instead of SUBannoysthefuckoutofmeFINAL.xls Apparently its more organized that way and a "standard" in all major companies and we should KISS.

EXCUSE ME? FUCKING EXCUSE ME? Do you kow what KISS stands for? Keep It Simple, Stupid. Yeah that dumb fucking cunt called me STUPID and thought that I was just going to sit there and take it. Well, I took the high road...kinda.

I reply to her and copy my boss and co-worker into it.


As I mentioned in my earlier email this file has been emailed to you numerous times on the following dates. The problem does not lay with me not sending you the correct file or the way that the file is named. The file I sent you is a FINAL copy therefore the word FINAL is in there. Even though I have emailed you the file numerous times the file NEVER changed.

My suggestion to you would once again be to save all important files to your hard drive, on your desk top, or in another easy to access place because apparently you don't like looking through your emails. I will NOT change the way that I name files and send them out. The rest of the company does not seem to have a problem with this, only you.

Thank you.

I'm angry. I'm steaming. I'm about to blow a gasket. My co-worker who is in the office with me sees this and decides its best for him to stay away from me. I then open a new email window and begin typing.

I write an email to my boss.

Dear Boss,

As you know of over the past few months SUB and I have been having problems working together. I don't want this to reflect badly on me or my work but I find myself no longer wanting to work with her or to help her. The tone that she uses towards me on the telephone and in her emails is rude and downright disrespectful. In her last email she wrote that I should just KISS which means keep it simple stupid. I'd love to tell you that she didn't mean it like that or that she is unaware of how its used but she knows. We both grew up in Texas, we both went to school in the same district and she and I know the same meaning of that expression. I don't tolerate that kind of disrespect.

I would really like it if you could talk to SUB about her attitude towards me because I can not see our future work relationship working out very well if this type of attitude continues. Boss, I really love my job and I love this company and I would have to see that jeporadized because of someone else's actions.

Thank You.

So to this day my boss still hasn't replied to me so I don't know if I should bring this up again. I know for a fact that he barely reads emails from me because I email him and them right away follow up vocally so there is a possibility that he is unaware of my email, or maybe he knows and chooses to just ignore it and hope that everything will blow over. What would you do if you were in my shoes? Would you bring it up? Let it pass?

The reason I'm blogging about this today is because again today she decided to be a bitch. My boss was in the office and asked me to send an email to the sales rep to get them to try to push a product. PUSH a product not INTRODUCE a product.

SUB automatically emails me back asking me what is the item number, how much does it cost, and wanting to know all the details since we've never sold this before. THIS IS A FUCKING PRODUCT WE'VE BEEN SELLING FOR 3 YEARS...THE DISTRIBUTORS ALREADY HAVE THIS FUCKING INFORMATION BECAUSE WE'VE FUCKING SOLD IT TO THEM BEFORE YOU STUPID UGLY BITCH.

The other sales rep wrote back "What do you mean we've never sold this product before. Isn't this the product number a Xcompany selling at this price?! If there are only 200 left to sell across the country we shouldn't have a problem"

SUB writes back "No that was a different product. This is just the dispenser."

I write back,"No its not. It's the same product. Here are the two listings for this from Xcompany. Its the complete unit not just the dispense. Why would we sell a consumer a car and just give them the body and no interior or anything under the hood."

SUB calls me and asks if I'm sure. YES I'M FUCKING BLOODY SURE!!!!!!! I repeat this to her more than once and then just hang up the phone. I'm done with this bitch.

So there is my rant :) Happy reading...

Oh...and don't forget to enter my My GIVEAWAY!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

  My First Give Away - Something Small :)

Okay so I've decided to try to do my first give away. It's something small, nothing big, just to kind of test the waters. This is not to celebrate a certain length of time for blogging, a certain post count, a certain follower count.... its just because!

I don't know if any of you know this but my husband owns an online toystore called so I get all kinds of great goodies coming home whenever I want. The best thing about that is that I get to give away toys/action figures ALL OF THE TIME!

So if you've been reading my blog you should know that I'm a huge fan of Twilight. I adore Twilight. The movie didn't rock my socks or anything but the book series had me in awe. I devoured the books within a week and a half.

So what is my give away?

I'm going to be giving away a two pack set of Edward and Bella from Neca (Reel Toys) collection. If you guys are online toy shoppers you would probably know that these are practically sold out at all online vendors and the ones that are left are selling at inflated prices! Well, I've decided to pull this from my personal collection since I can get it again at another time! (Hey its not like I'm giving away my Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures or statues!)

So how do you enter? It's super easy!

1. Post a comment (1 entry)

2. Become a follower (2 entries)

3. Follow (3 entries)

4. Twitter about this (4 entries and let me know that you've twittered it!)

5. Blog about this give away OR recruit a new follower (6 entries! make sure they tell me in a comment that they came from you/show me your blog post)

That is it...that is all!

Oh and I'll throw in a little something extra for the winner! I won't tell what it is though. It's a surprise! :) And no, its not action figure related, its one of my few obsessions!

I almost forgot, follow me on twitter.


Hey guys I'm editing this to add some information because I'm a retard at times :) This giveaway ends on Wednesday, June 17th. Don't forget to enter the action figures are totally cute and the little extra surprise ain't so bad either!

Friday, June 5, 2009

  Pas Gali. :) The bad part of a great vacation!

So I'm back and I'm black, literally. I got the most amazing tan with very little "burnage". If you moisturize that burn you are sure to tan over it as opposed to peeling. Eww.

The Cuba trip was amazing! We all had such a great time! I went with my husband, my sister and her soon to be husband (less than 6 months away!!), my bestfriend and her man. We had such a blast, I ONLY have 9 albums of pictures up on Facebook but I'm waiting on my sister's camera as well. I imagine I'll get about 3 or 4 more albums out of that. Why so many albums? Because Facebook is being a total twat and won't let me upload more than 60 pictures per album even though they now say you can upload up to 200 pictures. BULLSHIT.

Anyway, as I wrote in my last post I had some interesting stories to tell about my vacation so let the story telling begin.

Our arrival and departure times were complete hell but seriously, with the amazing deal we got for the vacation we didn't care. We left Montreal at 9:30pm so we had to be at the airport 3 hours early. We got first class seats so we had priority check in so it went fairly quickly. We went to eat at Casey's in the airport to kill some time (still had two hours before boarding). After our meal we decide to go through security and start walking towards our gate. As we approach the line for security we all groan. Disgusting there are like 1400 people in front of us. Nicole hears her name called and we are like "Shit! She shouldn't have jumped over the line separators" but instead of being called for a bad thing it was a good thing. One of the guys that works at the mall where she works is head of airport security. He passed us in front of all the people waiting and we went straight to the metal detectors and carry on searches. Plus side was we didn't have to wait in line, downside we had to find a way to kill more time. We shop at duty free, pick up some reading material, get some cross word puzzle books and wait and wait. At this point we realize maybe we shouldn't have ALL left our cell phones at home. Having at least one would have killed time. We could have called friends or family, checked facebook, played some games. Nope instead we got stuck having to make conversation with one another which always ends up hilarious!

Boarding starts for our plane and we are sooooo excited! They announce that people needing help boarding, are elderly or have young children to start boarding, then first class, then everyone else in order of their rows. We get on the plane, fasten our seat belts and are just yapping away excited at our first "adult family vacation". My sister and I have never been anywhere together ALONE as adults...alone as in no mommy...and Toronto does NOT count.

Flight is great even though the stewardess was a major cunt. Like major. So much for flying the friendly skies, I think we were on the PMS flight. Nothing friendly about these women.

So we get off the plane in Cuba, go through their customs, collect our luggage, get on the bus that drives us to our hotels (it made 3 stops). We finally pull up to our hotel and the girls decide to get smart. We'll send our husbands to get the luggage while we go check in. Simple right? 40 people got off the bus at Iberostar Varedero, we are 6. Do you want 34 people in front of you? Uh no.

I get to the line and I'm second, Nicole is 3rd, and Alex is 4th. I'm happy. This should take all of ummm what? 5 minutes? WRONG! Do you know who was in front of me? This rude french bitch. Yep I said it. She finished checking herself in and then she starts SCREAMING in the lobby (wait, did I mention its 3AM now!?)"Susane, Francios its your turn!" So these two come and then she starts again "Phillpie, Marie Josie..." after this happened 3 times I couldn't help but get rude. Sorry dude, its 3am and I want to check in and go to my room and get some sleep so I can enjoy the sun. So as we are standing in line getting extremely impatient the men come up with the luggage and start asking what is going on. I tell them to just go sit down on the couch and we'll be checked in soon. Rody asks Nicole something so she yells across the lobby "it's in the white bag!" and the old lady looks at Nicole like why in the fuck are you yelling at 3am. So of course this pisses me off and I look at her and tell her, "Oh so its okay for you to yell but its not okay for us to yell?" I seriously want to punch her, in the nose...hard. (For the record, shes not an old frail lady like 80 years old. She's in her 50's and a complete bitch. She looks like a bitch and you know what....she is a bitch!)

After waiting for like 20 minutes my husband decides he wants to bitch at the receptionist because why is she allowing this to happen? I on the other hand actually feel really bad for the receptionist because she is only one person and there are so many of us to check in and I'm sure she's just as confused as hell anyway. So Nicole starts mouthing off to old french bitch (OFB) in French and they start mouthing off back. George is yelling at the receptionist, I'm yelling at the receptionist, and Mike is speaking in French to Nicole and OFB trying to get them to calm the freak down! So I'm mad and I'm telling the OFB and her entire entourage that its not fair what they are doing. Some guy pipes up and says "well they are old and have been travelling all night, let them pass in front of you."

That statement makes me angry. I'm sorry but I've been traveling just as long as they have and I may not be old but I do have a disease which affects my muscles and I get tired really easy but I'm not using that as a pass to go in front of everyone. So of course I start telling him off, "Sorry but they CHOSE to fly out late at night instead of taking and earlier flight and WE have ALL been traveling the same amount of time. And not everyone in their group is old. They have people in their 30's and 40's with them and they can WAIT!"

Mike, being the only reasonable person in the group, lets the OFB and family pass in front of us and then explains to the receptionist how it wasn't fair of her to let OFB call her family members one by one to check in when there was a line formed for a reason. As we are checking in OFB comes back all angry and starts complaining that her key card does not work and she wants it fixed immediately. I ignore the OFB and start explaining to the receptionist that we want to be in the same building. We are 6 people, 3 couples who booked our vacations together and asked to be together so why are we in 3 different building. She goes to her computer to put us all in the same building and OFB is standing there impatiently tapping her foot. "Excuse me," she yells out, "I said my key doesn't work". I give OFB a look over with my evil glare (seriously, you should all fear this evil glare) and tell her "She's busy in case you can't tell. The line starts there," and I point to behind my sister.

OFB gives me a look that she can only wish rivals my evil glare but it fails miserably. "Is there a problem," I ask. She says "My key doesn't work and I can't get into my room." So I just said, "Okay just wait until we are checked in...just like we had to wait for you!" So now my husband being a nice guy asks the receptionist, "Can you just fix her key so we can stop looking at her face." The receptionist goes, "No she has to wait her turn. I'm almost finished with you guys."

Yippie! Victory for us. Loss for OFB et al.

So now during the entire duration of our trip the OFB and her family is constantly giving us evil looks and trying to piss us the hell off. I swear, I wanted to give them a beat down, daily. They deserve it. We are at the nightly entertainment shows and their stupid group sits down in front of our group. My husband was smoking cigars and with the wind the cigar smoke would blow in their faces. They asked him to stop smoking his cigar. Umm excuse me? This is Cuba where you can smoke ANYWHERE! No he isn't going to stop smoking. If you don't like where the smoke is blowing you can feel free to move anytime you want. They say that the cigar smoke is blowing in their children's faces...well move your children. They have children seating in the very front of the show, go there. No they want their kids close to them. Well go sit in the front with your kids. No they like the feel of the wind blowing on them but not the cigar smoke. Well sorry we were here first. Would we like to change seats? No we like the wind blowing on us as well. Can he stop smoking for just 10 minutes. No. They get up and leave!

Yippe! Victory for us. Lose for OFB et all...again!

Now fast forward to the very very very last day! We had to check out of our hotel at NOON (05/30)but our bus left for the airport at 12AM the next day (05/31). The hotel has a storage room for our luggage and the bell boy can let you in to get something from your luggage and this room has two private showers for you to shower and change. (This way you can spend the entire day using the hotel facilities and swim in the beach and then get fresh for the airport). Rody went in to get something out of his luggage and OFB came in with her husband and turns around and goes to Rody, "Lock the door before you leave" and Rody tells her all sarcastically, "yes boss." Why wouldn't he lock the door? Does he really want his stuff to get stolen?! Seriously OFB get your head out of your ass.

Hours pass by and now the bus is about to be there! OFB and her family go to the luggage room and get their luggage and leave the door not only unlocked but OPEN with OUR stuff still inside. Rody sees this and goes up to OFB and goes "Why did you demand I lock the door with your stuff inside but you just left the door wide open with our stuff still inside" and she goes "It wasn't me." Rody goes" I saw you" and she goes "Whatever" and thats when Rody just lost it on her. Words like "you dirty old fucking cunt bag..." were heard flying. No one from her family tried to defend her or her actions. C'mon that bitch was just low. I like how only HER stuff matters but our stuff...who cares! Makes me so happy that Nicole swam by them in the pool and pissed! :)

So now we all get on the bus and start our trek to the airports (picking up people we dropped off along the way). We get to the first hotel where 4 drunk french boys get on. How do I know they are french? They get on the bus all loud speaking in french about how drunk they are. We tolerate it for a few minutes. We get to the second hotel where more kids get on the bus but those 4 boys got OFF the bus to go into this hotels bar to get drinks! We bus is now WAITING for them to get on the bus and they get on WITH DRINKS being LOUD again. On their way to the back of the bus (where they are all being loud) they run into Rody and a huge argument ensues. They start yelling at Rody to calm down. Rody asks them to be quiet. They get up in Rody's face. George gets up and gets in their faces telling them to shut the fuck up before he shuts them up. Nicole tells the French girls that are trying to defend the French boys to sit down and shut up before she breaks her. Alex and I are looking at everyone like they are on drugs. Mike once again tries to reason with drunks. It doesn't work.

The drunk kids start to insult us in Haitian but we understand and tell them to fuck off. They then try Italian, we still understand and tell them to fuck off. The tour guide operator comes to the back of the bus and asks if everything is okay. We say its okay but its her fault this is happening. She should NOT have let drunk kids on the bus ESPECIALLY carrying more alcohol on the bus. The kids finally quiet down and say to George, "If you wanted us to be quiet all you had to do was ask." and George shoots back with, "You should know better. You are in your 20's, you get on a bus at 1am and see babies sleeping in the front and you think you need to be TOLD to be quiet?" The kid says "But we are on vacation". Um no. Vacation is over. You are on the bus going to the airport.

We get to the airport where the youngins decide to apologize for being complete douchebags. We say everything is fine and we get our luggage and go to check in (where I am wondering if OFB is going to try to check everyone in like she did at the hotel). We go to the express check in because that is just how we roll :) And one of the kids from the bus is giving us a look like he wants to kill us. In fact he says something like, "C'mon tough guy" to George. I tell George to just walk away and ignore the stupid kid. How can you take someone seriously that has a t-shirt on that says T.I. for President!?

We board the plane. We sit in our first class seats. OFB gets on the plane and gives us an evil look. Rody says "Oh look our friends are here" OFB looks at her husband and goes "what did he just say...what did he say". I said, "Why don't you ask him?" she walks off.

We fly home. We get off the plane. We get our luggage. We go through customs. I go home and see my dog. I'm happy. I decide that I'm going to buy an island and name it Pas Gali (pas in french as in "not" and Gali Greek for French.) my island is NOT FRENCH! I also decided that next time I go on vacation I'm going to fly from Montreal to some US airport (not in Vermont or NYC since Frenchies go there) to my final destination. I am just so sick and tired of dealing with these french people. Seriously, Frenchies...if you want to seperate from Canada JUST leave. Just don't go to France...even they can't stand you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

  I'm Back!

Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm alive :)

Blogs on vacation to come soon!

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