Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Walk Through: My House

So the other day I wrote a blog talking about my cleaning lady and how she redecorates and all that fun stuff. Well, my house was clean and spotless that I decided to take pictures so I can givemy readers a nice walk through.

This is the outside of my house. This is the only picture that wasn't taken on Monday. This was taken the day after we signed for the house. The house plus the outside (front and backyard) is about 8600 sq. feet. We have 2500 sq. feet of living space.
It has a double garage. It was a MUST from the husband's wish list One part of the double garage has his IROC parked in it and the other side is just an area for junk. Yeah we park the good cars outside and the junk and old car outside. LOL The car in the drive way in this picture is the old owners car.

Soooo let me welcome you to our neighborhood. We don't really know our neighbors that well but as you can see they all have very nice houses. Our area is a relatively new area and they are still building around it. We know our next door neighbor pretty well. They are a Guatemalan couple with a 16 year old daughter. They are very friendly. The lady who lives across the street from me made the curtains inside of my house. She's a nice person. Her neighbors apparently don't talk to anyone. We haven't spoken to them at all. The people at the corner house are also Greek but they are mean. They spend the entire summer yelling at their kids. I want to punch them in the face on a daily basis. (BTW: The Range Rover is my husbands and the Mercedes is mine.)

But anyway, lets go inside shall we? The smallest part of my house has got to be the foyer. I hate it. I'm convinced this is the reason that no one takes off their shoes here or hangs up their coats there. It's soooo small. To be honest with you, right now there is no room for guests jackets because mine and George's coats/jackets/hoodies are hanging up in there. I have even taken over the guest bedroom (junk room) closet to hang up my coats and purses and store my shoes. I don't know whats going to happen when we have kids. Where will our clothes go?

The first thing you see when you walk into the house is my formal living room and dining room.

As you can tell our style is pretty simple and elegant. I don't like too much clutter and I'm not a fan of any type of floral patterns or bright colours. My walls look whitish in these pictures but all the main floor and the majority of the upstairs are a vanilla type colour. It has more pale yellow than white in it. This is probably my favorite little table area in the house. That's the "Last Supper" icon that no Greek House is complete without. The candle holder is the only NON PartyLite candle in my house. This is a center piece I won at a friends wedding. See that vase on the top left? Yeah there is normally a crystal vase there. I should ask my cleaning lady where it went. It's my favorite vase and its was one of the favorite things I got at my wedding shower.

Once you get past this open area, you get to another open area. The whole bottom floor of my house is one big open concept. Now we are getting to the kitchen, dinette, and family room area.

The table in the dinette is a pub style table with tall chairs. This didn't come from the manufacturer like this. The guy we bought our furniture had to call in a favor and they made this table and chairs for us and now they mass produce them. Apparently they are huge seller. I love this set. The family room is where we spend a lot of our time. Dallas likes to make himself a fixture in here as well. Our Koubaro Tommy paid for part of the couch set as an engagement gift. I thought that was awesome. The TV is George's prized possession. As you can tell from the pictures, one of our favorite channels to have the TV on is Food Network! The desk top computer also lives in our family room until we finish off our basement. I love that painting. I have 3 of 5 of this artists paintings in my house!

This is part of our half bath. I didn't think you wanted to see a picture of the toliet or the laundry room (but in case you are wondering I have the LG front load washer/dryer with the steam washer thingie. I've never used it but I love knowing I have that option!). The only thing we changed in this bathroom when we moved in was the vanity and the wall colors. The walls are a smokey oyster colour but it looks pinkish in this picture. The vanity is gorgeous but sometimes I find myself wishing when people use the bathroom that they don't wash their hands! Do you know how hard it is to keep this thing clean? I feel like leaving a note, "Please use a paper towel to wipe the sink dry!"

Well let's go upstairs cuz there isn't much else to see downstairs.

So this is part of my upstairs. Coming up the stairs you see the other painting in that set that we own. As soon as you get upstairs you turn to the right and you are in the guest bedroom. The bedroom set was a gift from my parents for mine and George's 1 year anniversary and the comforter set/matching curtains was a gift from my mom for Christmas. It took me two months to figure out why my mom would buy me a queen sized comforter when my master room is a king. Then we have the bathroom that we gutted completely. Everything in this bathroom is brand spanking new. Double vanity with seperate mirrors, a new tub with nice moasic tiles, and a steam shower spa thingie. I love the shower. I can spend forever in there singing while soaking in the jacuzzi.

This is part of the junk room. The other side looks partically the same way. Another book shelve on the other side and more spare furniture. The ugly thing with the frosted drawers came from George's house. I'm slowly working their way out the house and into the garbage pile.. or maybe sell them on craigslist or kijiji. Someone else might like it, it just doesn't match the rest of the house. This will eventually become a nursey. I'm thinking of painting the room a nice chocolate brown colour and then accenting with pale green and cream colors. I am not a fan of the typical blue for boys and pink for girls. By the way, no I'm not pregnant yet, I'm just a planner!!

Now lets check out the Masterbedroom shall we?

I seriously have no reason why the picture of my curtains turned out so dark! Maybe it was trying to mask the fact that I didn't put my laundry away! So this is the master bedroom, and no I don't normally have the teddy bear on my bed. It WAS the play offs and I keep Higgles (named after Chris Higgins) nearby so we can watch the game together! This is my favorite room in the house. The walls are a nice light brown color (mocha maybe?) with very small and neat decorations. I love my bedding too :)

All that is left is the barbeque and the pool but the pool is green right now and I don't feel like posting it! :P Check out my facebook pictures to see my pool in use last summer :)


  1. Your house is beautiful and so well decorated!!!! Thanks for posting! I love seeing the insides of other people's homes. It always gives me ideas for decorating! :)

  2. Oh Jenny, I adore your house! You did such an amazing job decorating! Where in Montreal is that neighborhood? And your husband has an IROC-Z Camaro? What does he do for a living?

  3. My house isn't exactly in Montreal. It's in the GMA (Greater Montreal Area). We live in Laval, in the new part of Chomedy. The house is only a few years old, it was a model home so it has a lot of perks for a really great low price.

    The IROC-Z is old. He's had it for years and years and has a killer sound system and its super charged (yeah I feel uncomfortable knowing there is NOS in my garage!). My hubby owns a daycare center in Laval as well as (who now has Twilight Action figures for sale!)

    But my mom and dad bought me my car this year. It was a gift for being so fabulous! LOL :)

    Glad you guys like the house. I'm very very picky!


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