Wednesday, April 22, 2009

KeyBoard Confessions

So following in the footsteps of Kearsie over at Soundsliketomatoes and doing a Keyboard Confessions post. Her's are always hilarious. I doubt mine are that interesting but let's give it a whirl.

1. I secretly love it when people ask me what breed dog he is when they first seem him. He's a rare type and I love all the compliments he gets.

2. Today is Administrative Appreciation Day. I was asked to order myself something I really wanted. Wow. The thoughtfulness. I ordered candles from PartyLite to go towards my sells since I'm doing a party this week. I wrote myself a very sweet card too.

3. I booked a vacation to Cuba. My boss does't know yet. Do you think he'll take back my candles!?

4. My bra's are getting tighter. Either my boobs are growing 27 years later or I'm gaining weight.

5. I hope its my boobs getting bigger.

6. I hope its not my boobs getting bigger because I'm gaining weight.

7. I never have liked the word boobs.

8. Or tits. Tits is an ugly word.

9. I hate Twitter. I don't think anyone is important enough to require me to follow their every waking moment. Please, don't update me when you are in the bathroom. That's nasty.

10. I only have one guilty pleasure that costs no money,

11. Oddly enough, I don't really care about celebs. I just love reading how retarded they are.

12. I'm planning my high school's 10 year reunion. The committee seems to have gone MIA and I am considering just dropping off the comittee and using those 12 days to do something else. Like go to Greece or Riveria Maya.

13. I love candles. I love the way they smell, I like how they make a room glow. I spend hundreds of dollars per month on candles. I can't go a day without burning at least one tealight.

14. My LastFM free trial just ended. I didn't know it was a timed thing. I think after listeing to over 22,000 tracks in less than a year they decided I used up enough of their resources.

15. Within minutes of my free trial ending I subscribed for a year. It's the best 36$ USD I've spend in my life.

16. I'm trying to lose 20 lbs in the next 5 weeks so I have a banging bikini body. If Kathy Griffin can be 46 is look smoking why can't I.... I'm 19 years younger.

17. I love Paul Walker. It's unhealthy but I do. My husband knows. He's my "one chance only" guy.

18. Besides me, I think my husband's exgirlfriends were really ugly. I dunno what that says about me. It's not a jealous thing, its that they were really ugly.

19. At times, I think I'm very ugly on the inside. I can't help being judgemental at times.

20. I'm going to be a Godmother on Aug 15, 2009. My cousin and her husband asked me to baptize little Amelia! How can I say no?!

21. I've barely done any work in the past few days. I was busy on Monday planning my vacation, Tuesday I was doing PartyLite related things. Today I've been on the phone all day and am now blogging.

22. I need someone to design a header for my blog. :(

23. I love Kate Voegele's voice. It's so soothing.

24. I wish I could sing.

25. I took pictures of my house and put them on Facebook because I like how it looks after the cleaning lady is over :)

26. I might blog a walk through my house!

27. I've run out of confessions for the day.


  1. Cute! You should totally blog a walk through your house, maybe I will do that once I move next week?
    My 10 year reunion is coming up too! Crazy! I don't feel old enough.

  2. Aren't Keyboard Confessions so liberating? Also, I've been trying to lose just 10 pounds (of the 60 I should be losing) and so far I've managed to gain 2 lbs.


  3. I think all of my boyfriend's exes are ugly. And I wasn't sure if I was being completely biased and jealous, so I showed a few of my friends their pictures of Facebook without telling them who these girls were. I wasn't wrong. They were ugly.

    Also, I'm very judgmental too. I don't think that makes us ugly on the inside. I think it makes us critical and observant.

  4. Amber,
    It's crazy! I don't think I'm old enough to be having a 10 year reunion. I keep thinking, have I really been out of Texas that long!?

    At least you are starting small. You want to lose X number but you do it in stages. I should do that but I don't have enough time :( I guess I'll just have to go buy new swim suits to slim my tubby ass down!!

    I did the same thing! I showed my friends pictures of the exes and I wasn't wrong either. It's just that they aren't pretty.


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