Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wine & Love

I found the cutest little meme hosted by Nora on Amber's blog and thought I'd join in.

What we are supposed to do is write down what is making us reach for wine, tequila or whatever your poison is followed by our loves. This should be things you've whined about and loved since LAST week.

  • Everyone being out of the office but me. You'd think this is great news but its not. I get to deal with everyone's complaints and problems. Woofuckinghoo.
  • It got cold way way way too fast. It went from a hot summer day to a super chilly fall day. Isn't there supposed to be gradual shift?
  • I have another ear infection. Yes. Really.

  • My daughter started at the daycare we own and I feel so much more comfortable with her there. She seems to have adapted so well and everyone loves her! :)
  • The office is at least peacful :) I SHOULD be able to find time to finish some tedious tasks!
  • My husband bought me the nicest pair of skinny jeans by Calvin Klein an they fit like a glove. 
  • I just reloaded my e-reader with a bunch of new books and I'm so excited to find some time to just read while enjoying a nice glass of wine! 
  • Did I mention I'm going to Blogher12?

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  1. yay! I'm glad you're participating! I like this one too, Thursdays are perfect for it!


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