Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hospitals & Babies

There are a lot of great things about being a mom but the absolute worst thing has to be dealing with a sick kid. Today my heart broke in so many ways I was so sad. Baby D has had chronic infections in her private regions. She has gotten 3 in the past 3 months. It always starts the same way, it appears to be a diaper rash, a high fever, the rash gets a "pimple" like head which fills with puss and is just an infection.

Her doctor ordered a round of blood tests to check her immune system to see if maybe there is something that her body just can't fight off. I'm not really worried, I'm not the worrying type...my mother and husband on the other hand are huge worry warts! Today was the big day. The day I've been dreading. I hate hospitals and I also hate how my husband always makes me the bad guy. He will drive us to the doctors office or the hospital and he'll sit in the parking lot or drive around while I do the mean mommy routine of taking her in to see the doctor.

So this morning we leave home right around 10:30 and head down to the Montreal Children's Hospital for her 11:40am appointment to have blood drawn. Everything is fine and dandy. She is in great spirits although she has a slight cold. We get to the hospital, hubby parks by the emergency room and I get out and unload the stroller while daddy takes D from the car seat. They say bye and in we go. We check into the blood center and I'm thinking "Hey, its only going to be like 20 minutes or so...." then as we sit in the waiting room (the chairs in the hall way!) I keep on hearing people talk about how long they've been waiting "It's already been two hours!" I suddenly knew that D was NOT going to be happy sitting in her stroller for that long.

I decide to take D out and just let her sit on mommy's lap. She was content for about .15 seconds. She got out of my lap and decided to walk up and down the hall way. I sat on the edge of my chair and just watched her. She went up to every single person and tried to fist bump them. Yes, my 17 month old adorable prim and proper little girl fists bumps. I taught her that while on vacation and she hasn't stopped. I'm not embarrassed by it, I actually find it hilarious that my little girl does this. She actually TEACHES other kids how to do it. She will walk up to someone with a closed fist and wait for them to give her their fist then she pulls her hand back and says "pshhhhhhhhh". So here she is going up and down the little hall way fist bumping everyone, blacks, whites, asians, muslims, she didn't care. She taught a few of the parents what a fist bump was as well. She was the star of the "waiting room".

As we are waiting we learn that we keep getting bumped back for emergency patients to come in and whatnot. I don't mind. I'm a patient person, my kid on the other hand isn't. I sat her in my lap and let her play Old Macdonald on my iPhone. As she was sitting there patiently hitting the pink little pig and watching it run away, I watched a mother push her 3 year old little girl in a wheel chair down the hall. The little gor; had tubes all over her and looked disabled. My heart broke. Sick kids is where I draw my "cold hearted" limit. I can be the biggest bitch about anything and everything but I turn into a little sap when I see a sick kid.

I quickly imagined what life would be like if that was D and I. My heart broke and I wanted to cry. It made me hug my little girl a bit more and give her a little kiss on the head. D hopped off of my lap and ran up to the wheelchair and tried to fist bump that little girl. She waited patiently but the girl wasn't having any of it so of course the talkative little monster that she is starts yelling at the girl. "HI....HELLO.....HI.....Pssssssh" as she put her hand into a fist. She WANTED a fist bump. The mother looked at D and smiled then I smiled at that mom. The little girl curled her hand into a fist and Demi was content. As the girl was strolled down the hall way D yelled "BYE!" until she was out of sight.

We still had some waiting to do so I put D back in the stroller and gently rock her back and forth. I jinxed myself because I told the 17 year old girl next to me, "Any money says that now that she fell asleep they'll call her." Guess what, they called her the second she closed her eyes.

You do the math. Cranky baby + woken up from her sleep + drawing blood = screaming bloody murder.  :( I was so sad for her and I hated how I had to hold her legs down while one nurse held down her arms and someone else drew her blood. I hated how loud she screamed, I hated how she had snot running down her face from screaming so loud and hard. I did love how she gave mommy a huge hug and wouldn't let go afterwards. Poor poor baby.

Hospitals are depressing in general but a children't hospital is even worse. I hope that the love that D has for everyone will last as she grows older. D doesn't know the difference between races,  religions, sexuality and sick or healthy. She treated everyone equally and it made me happy to see that she was still innocent. George and I refuse to allow racist, sexist, homophobic slurs spoken in our house and I hope that when she gets older she won't find herself friends with someone who does use those types of words.

Our children's innocence is the best  thing ever. I fell even more in love with my kid when I saw how she interacted with everyone.


  1. I am so sorry you had to go through that today. Hospitals due suck especially when you have to be there with your sick baby...I hope everything went ok...

  2. Poor baby!!! It's so awesome that she treats everyone the same. I hope that her generation will all be that way (my kids included)!

  3. Oh, poor D - I hope that everything turns out okay! I like to flirt with people everywhere we go, too - I smile and blow kisses. :)

  4. Ugh, sorry she's not feeling well. :(

    I love your philosophy about racist, sexist, homophobic slurs. I refuse to say things like that, but my husband repeats jokes that his dad and dad's buddies say and it drives me INSANE. He "doesn't feel like that - it's just a joke." ... but to me, you shouldn't even be repeating the joke. Ugh, another thing to work through before this kid is born I guess!

  5. Oh my gosh that whole story is pretty much the worst! What a horrible day. I'm glad you'll be able to put it behind you and I hope your little girl starts to feel better really soon!



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