Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Paid Not to Wear Clothes?

Now I'm sure we all know that celebrities and television personalities are paid large sums of money to endorse, wear, and promote clothes, shoes, drinks, cereals and whatnot but have you ever heard of a company paying someone NOT to wear their clothes?

If you haven't heard the news Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay Jersey Shore cast members NOT to wear their clothes. Well, that plan backfired big time with A&F's stock falling a HUGE 9% when this news broke. Abercrombie asked Mike Sorrentino better known as "the Situation" and the rest of the cast to not wear their clothes while filming their MTV hit "Jersey Shore".

I, for one, have never been a big fan of Abercrombie & Fitch. It's not readily available in Quebec but I was raised in Texas for a large portion of my life and guess what, I never bought their clothes, in fact I wouldn't even walk in their stores. I was just never attracted to it but I can guarantee you one thing though, if I WAS a fan of A&F this latest douchebag move of one of their executives would make me stop wearing it...Especially when he apparently didn't do his research. Guess what? Abercrombie & Fitch used to sell Jersey Shore t-shirts with their catch phrase G.T.L on it as well as other well known Jersey Shore sayings.

The head honcho's over at A&F thought that by the cast of the Jersey Shore wearing their brand that it was "causing significant damage to their brand" and  that the show was "contrary to the aspirational nature of the brand". Hmmmm looks like being a douchebag bigwig caused more damage to the brand than the Situation, Sammi Sweetheart, Snooki or others could have ever caused it.

I think I might have understood their outrage if it was a huge expensive company that associated itself with class. Imagine Snooki going out to a guido bar all decked out in head to toe vintage Chanel? I could understand Chanel being upset and their reputation hurt by that. Chanel is NOT cheap, it is NOT found in your local mall next to the Gap. But even then, I'm sure that Chanel has enough class not to pay someone not to wear their clothes.

Later in the day MTV released a statement thinking that maybe this was just a publicity stunt to get A&F's name out there...looks like that failed badly. Do you know how huge a 9% fall is in one day? After the market and stock was already falling to shit?

So I guess I'll keep in line with not buying A&F clothes and just stick to my Michael Kors, Prada, Miss Sixty etc. Oh, don't forget tomorrow is Jersday!! Do you have your GTL shirt? I'll be sporting this t-shirt tomorrow.


  1. Abercrombie is the douchiest most racist line of clothing out there. HATE them.

  2. i heard of this and i think that is very discriminatory...i mean i know Abercrombie has a type but really you can't ask people not to wear your clothes! what's up with that! very douchy thing to do..

  3. That is weird! Who does that?
    PS-I am a fellow Montrealer and I am moving to Texas at the end of October for 6 months. Now how funny is that. I think its pretty humorous! :)

  4. Haha, that's too stupid.

    AND. I DISTINCTLY remember the situation wearing some A&F sweatpants on last week's episode.

  5. I am NOT a fan of A & F. I think they're unethical and the smell of their store gives me a huge headache. Do you think they spray that perfume on all their clothes before they ship it?! Sheesh!

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  7. I am so glad that they did this and shot themselves in the foot...A & F is the worst brand ever. This is the same brand that marketed tiny tiny paded bikinis to 7 year olds the same company who had had more than one lawsuits filed against them for discrimnination. I have never understood the appeal of this brand. All they do is sell crappy t shirts and not so great denim. Some people say this was a great marketing ploy. Well obvi it failed. New follower and new blogger would love it if you could stop by anc check mine out!

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone! I tried to avoid writing about A&F's less than stellar reputation but I knew it would come up.

    They are always in the news and never for anything good!

    I'm glad they are getting what is coming to them.

  9. Hi! I just stopped in from the Thirsty Thursday hop and saw this post. Seems to me that if Abercrombie wanted to do damage, they would have just left this idiot (not a jersey shore fan) alone and let him do his own thing. He was obviously providing them with free advertising. Now, you know how many clothing lines will be knocking on this kid's door? I think for being such a huge corporation, they would have better council on staff advising them how to proceed. I followed you on GFC and I will definitely be back in from time to follow your interesting convos! time

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm glad you found my blog, too, because now I've found yours! Great writing!

    To be perfectly honest, I can't take Jersey Shore--or any of that type of "reality" tv, I guess. But we have made of A&F for years--WAY before Jersey Shore was ever around. All of the angst-ridden, half-dressed models painted on the walls was just a little more than I could stand. I've always been a department store kind of girl myself. I always associated all of those brands with snootiness and a "type" that I couldn't relate to. Now I can relate them with idiocy as well.

    Keep writing!

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