Monday, August 29, 2011

Giving Up A Part of Yourself

So there seems to be a common theme on my blog posts. A lot of comments or emails will be like, "Wow, I can't believe you wrote that. Tell us how you really feel." "Oh my god, I'd never be able to say that!" and I've always wondered why. It's can't possibly be that my ass constantly overrides my mouth can it? It can't be that I'm always such a bitch.

Then I take the time to check out the blogs of the people who leave me those comments, emails, or tweets. There is a huge difference between their blog and my blog. I'm not sponsored or doing reviews/giveaways. I've been debating for a while of if I've wanted to seek out sponsorships. I think that they are great and they benefit everyone. The company sponsoring you gets more recognition and when doing reviews/giveaways your blog readership base pretty much grows. It's a win/win situation. 

BUT then I think about "who would sponsor me". My blog isn't all sunshine and roses. Its real. Its raw. Its me. I curse, I say mean things, I don't hold my tongue. There aren't very many companies who want to sponsor someone like that but I don't forsee me changing the way I write to please someone else.

Can I clean up my mouth a bit on my blog? Can I stop dropping the F-Bomb? Sure I can. Can I try to sugar coat the meanness? Sure I could...but it wouldn't be mean. Yes, I'm the one who said "I'm unfollowing someone ugly" on Twitter and then later got called a bully and had a whole blog post dedicated to me and how I obviously must feel horrible about myself since I'm being "mean". I'd hate to NOT be able to blog about how a company did something to irk me, or how my sister in law is an annoying twit. I'd hate to have to basically censor everything I'd want to say because of a sponsor.

So do any of you feel that you are giving up a part of yourself when blogging and being sponsored? How do you NOT lose yourself?


  1. I think it's great that you're staying true to yourself. That's really important. Holding back would be dishonest and a huge disservice to who you are at the core. Just do you...

  2. I tried the cutesy shit before. It's not me either. I know too many blogs that all they do is follow the formula of the boring mom w 3 kids, a cleaning schedule and a mini van full of various sporting equipment. Who says you have to do the same thing?! Do you 'cause you are fab! And I friggin love you bitch!

  3. I DEF hold back but it has nothing to do with being sponsored or anything. I just have no interest in putting that much of myself out there for public consumption if that makes sense? I have family members that are elected officials yada yada and I do not want or need the drama. BELIEVE ME I WISH I could blog whatever I wanted to with no consequences but those arent the times we live in. I know what you mean though because I have pretty good stats and do not get a ton of oportunities because I dare to take on the big boys like Caillou (barf. seriously. im *that*edgy.)

  4. I think a blog is THE place TO stay true to yourself! I don't think I could give that part up about blogging - it's my release! It's where I put it all out there!

    While I do not have a "potty mouth" ;), I DO blog about things that are less than sunshine and roses. If others don't appreciate it, they don't have to sponsor me or let me review my products. However, I think that the more "real" a blogger is, the more likely she is to have true, genuine followers -- which is something I think appeals to sponsors.

    I've done a couple reviews and am hosting my first giveaway tomorrow. It may not be a lot, but I'm still able to be me and to have some of the hosting/sponsorships that those "other" blogs seem to have all of the time.

    Stay true to you! You're wonderful! :)

  5. You stopped following someone because they were ugly? Like, ugly personality?

    I like that you are being you on your blog, or at least you say it's you (I don't doubt it, it's seemingly true!). Sometimes it comes across as a little harsh, but most of the time I think you like the shock value of it all. That's okay! Everything is more shocking in black and white on paper (or screen). Getting context through text is hard.

    I think you stay just the same. Don't change! You're fine just the way you are.

  6. I just came across your blog and I'm digging the honesty! Definitely more interesting to read someone's uncensored thoughts. At least that's the philosophy I follow on my own blog.


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