Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hey. Hey you. Get over yourself!

Have you ever met people that just can't get over themselves? They are so obsessed with thinking that you are obsessed with them meanwhile they haven't crossed your mind in ummmm ages? No this isn't a blog post about an ex-boyfriend that thinks I'm obsessed or hung up on him. This is about a person I barely know and barely cared for when I knew them.

Let me tell you a little story that goes way back. This goes back quite a few years but let's skip all the boring stuff and just get to the "good" part. My husband used to be friends with a guy we'll call B. B is married to someone we'll call G. G and I had a falling out of sorts. Basically, one day about 3 years ago I had gone out with friends and noticed a group of girls. This group was made up of  5 people, 4 of them were what I'd consider pretty. The 5th girl is what I would consider ugly, or if we are trying to be politically correct, she was not pretty. The pretty girls were all wearing jeans or leggings with a long sweater or tunic. The not so pretty girl was dressed like a whore. She was wearing a skin tight tiny dress with no leggings and "fuck me boots". I came home from being out and posted a status on Facebook about how in a group of girls there will always be the ugly girl who tries harder to "out sexy" the rest of the girls. Apparently G thought that my status was about her. I didn't know this around the same time I had posted my status G was "tagged" in a picture that was sort of the same. A group of girls, most pretty, one not, and the not pretty one lookin' like a ho. Let it be known that I AM NOT friends with any of G's friends on Facebook since I don't really like them. I didn't SEE this picture. Anyway, G was upset and thought that my post was about her. It wasn't. I said so. She didn't believe me and then told her husband and some mutual friends. Our friends were like, "I don't think it was about you, I mean, its a known thing, like every group has the token black friend they also have the token whore". She still choose to believe what she wanted to believe. 

She sent me an email asking me about it and we exchanged a few emails back and forth and her husband even called me to tell me his opinion. We basically ended it as we can't be friends. There was a lot of "he said/she said" crap and if we are being honest, which I am, I never really liked G in the first place. I just tolerated her because my friend (at the time) was dating her then married to her. 

Over the past three years we have crossed paths due to being invited to the same functions but I never spoke to them. I didn't even give them so much as a hi. My husband on the other hand would speak to B & G when he'd see them out and about. That is great. I told him I didn't care if eh even hung out with them my own rule was that they couldn't come into my house. 

Well now, 3 whole years later somehow my name gets brought up into a mess that G has found herself in. Unfortunately the details of what happened won't be written here because its NOT my story to tell. The basic jist of it was that G received an anonymous email telling her stuff. When she got the email she was very upset and decided to call a friend to talk to them about it. During that conversation with her friend she said, "the only person who hates me enough to do this to me is Jenny." I'm very happy to know that the friend defended me and said, "She hasn't shown you a sign of life in 3 years, why would she pop out of the woodwork and send you an email after all this time." Let me explain something to you, what the email said, was something I already knew. I knew 3 years ago. I said nothing 3 years ago. Why would I pop so many years later and say something I didn't say when I actually SPOKE to you?

I had decided not to address the issue any further. I was going to let sleeping dogs lie. Even if I wanted to there was nothing I could do. I don't have her phone number, her email address, or any contact information. When I decide to cut someone out of my life, I completely delete them from my life.  Then I got on my blog yesterday and checked some statistics. I saw that someone from her work was logged onto my blog for 2 hours. There were like 30 page views. I don't know if she was scanning my blog to see if there was any reference of her on it or if maybe she trying to compare my writing to her anonymous email or whatever.  But the point is that she was on my blog for 2 freaking hours because she believes that after 3 years, I decided to email her.  Well here is me putting it out, on my blog, for all to see.

Hey Georgia, I didn't email you okay? You can stop stalking my blog, you can stop thinking you are on my mind. Have a nice life okay?


  1. LOL! I don't know any of the people in your story, but I know people like G so this post cracked me up. Too funny.

  2. I am the same way, when someone is dead to me, they are dead.

  3. hahaah what a freaking nut. ahh my love for you grows daily. also i need to redo your blog.

  4. OMG that is hilarious! I hope she feels like an idiot now!

  5. I know someone like this! And she follows me on Twitter. And every time I say something she doesn't like, she's all "That's not why I'm doing it." or something to that matter. So then I have to be all, "OMG, I'm not even talking about you. I didn't even know you were doing that." But she is the wife of one of husby's friends so I guess I have to play nice and not block her or whatever. Ugh.

  6. UGH drama drama drama. I have a few dramatic people in my life and it drives me bonkers. Your post made me snicker a few times though lol.

    Anyhoo I found your blog on a post you left at obviously marvelous. I am following you now on gfc.

    If you wish to follow back you can find me at

    take care

  7. This is SO SO similar to something I've been going through since January, only the woman that I'm trying to avoid kept coming to my old blog ( and giving me 1-star on my posts. I know it was her because her neighborhood would come up in my analytics and ONLY on days when I got 1-star. Even on things like Wordless Wednesday! It was ridiculous and immature and I wrote about her too. Some people are seriously stupid. Glad you're not one of them!

  8. Wow, what a great post. I'm so glad that you're back to blogging regularly. LOL.

    And yeah, I hope she reads it and feels like an ass.

    I had a buddy like this too. His wife was constantly reading my blog to see if I said anything about them. And then when a post would be up that even remotely sounded like them (even though it had nothing to do with them), he would be calling and e-mailing me yelling about it and demanding it be taken down.

    I felt like if those two spent more time talking to each other, they'd spend less time looking for fights with people they thought were talking about them.

    I think your approach is fine too. You don't have to talk to her at public gatherings. Sometimes friends grow apart. It happens. She needs to move on.

  9. It's funny how some people are still in "high-school drama mode" years after high school ends!

    She sounds like either one of those, or someone who just needs drama in their lives constantly because calmness is literally painful for them.


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