Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm going to Blogher 2012

I want to kick myself in the ass. Seriously. Maybe if one of you would like to come up here and kick me in the ass, or to make your life easier, my husband has already volunteered to kick me in the ass. For the past two Bloghers I've been like "Can you STFU already about it" or "What the crap is so special about it" and other things of the sort. This year I actually read a few blogs about Blogher, I've spoken to a lot of people that were attending or had attended in past years and I decided it would be a great opportunity to go.

I am not delusional and think that my trip will be sponsored by anyone other than my darling husband and myself. Yeah, we'll sponsor me all the way. :) Hey, if someone wants to sponsor my blog without asking me to be nicer or whatever than more power to them.

Anyway, yesterday morning I was talking to my husband about Blogher and how it was in San Diego this year and how I'd like to go to one if it ever came back to the East Coast. Later on in the day it was announced that BlogHer12 was going to be in New York City! I was so excited. I spoke to my husband and gave him a run down on the costs of going (I sort of over estimated, I thought tickets just to the conference were like 500-600$ but it turns out its closer to 200-300$), a hotel for 3 or 4 nights, a flight, and of course cab money. I figured out at least 2 roommates for sure and the third is still up in the air.

There are so many interesting bloggers that I can't wait to meet, can't wait to hug, and yes, I'm sure there will be a few I'd like to spit on or accidentally spill a drink on but least I'm honest right? We can't like EVERYONE!

Are you going to blogher12? Could you care less? Have you gone to a past blog her and did you like it? Hate it?


  1. I really, really want to go!! I'm definitely looking into going next year :)

  2. I just found your blog searching for information about BlogHer 2012. I am really hoping to make it next yet. (Better start saving up now.) I grew up in NYC and going there would be cheaper for me since I can stay with my parents.

  3. Hmmm I dont know if I'd be into it. I dont think Im an active enough blogger anymore

  4. @ Amber - I'd love to meet you if you will be attending. I love your blog!

    @Preppy Girl - Did you google to find my blog? I'm always interested in what words people use to find it. LOL I am going to fly into NYC and share a hotel room with a few friends to help bring costs down. I'm so excited.

    @Ashley - I always thought it was a stupid conference but a lot of people tell me they really helped them find their target audience for blogging and how to find more time for it etc. My blog has practically died but I found new love for it.

  5. I just googled blogher 2012, and you were one of the top posts. I just got back from San Diego. I think I'm going to go to NYC, but I'm not sure- I really didn't attend many of the sessions this year. I'm just finishing up grad school, so I was pretty burnt out- so I wanted free stuff and I sat by the pool. And the parties were cool. I was a bit disapointed b/c none of my good blogger friends went, so I really didn't know many people. It was fine, but not nearly as exciting as it will be if they all go.

  6. I'm definitely going!! It's too close not to go. I can't wait. It's already on my 2012 calendar! :)

  7. I would oh-so-very much LOVE to go, but alas, it's just not in the budget for me. You'll have to be sure to write all about it so I can live vicariously through you! It sounds amazing! :)

  8. I went to BlogHer10 an BlogHer11 and cannot wait for BlogHer12. It's so worth it. Just to hang out with your bloggy friends that you connect with on twitter or wherever, is worth it :)

  9. Yay! I had the same, "STFU about it/I really want to go" tug of war in my head all last year. Since it is in NYC this year, I am super going. I'm putting on my calendar right now!


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