Friday, March 13, 2009

Work Day Blues

So I've been meaning to blog for ages now but I just found that either I didn't have the time or that I just couldn't be bothered. My work days just seem to be so rough lately that when I get home I don't want to talk about work, think about work, or write about work. I'd rather lose myself in a book, in a movie or TV show or anything that isn't work related.

So as most of you know, I love my job. Like seriously, I enjoy going to work and doing what I have to do. I'm not one of those people who go into work and complain about it or would rather pull teeth than sit at my desk and do my job (although days when the sun is shining high and bright I do get a bit antsy and wish I could be outside enjoying the weather!) Lately I find myself not wanting to be there as much. In fact, yesterday I woke up thinking I didn't have to go to work and when I realized it was a work day I thought it was Friday. I would do anything to get the weekend here quicker and after thinking about it I know why I hate going to work now a days!

One of my co-workers is a complete pain in my ass...and the kicker is she's a sales rep who is NEVER in our office!! Her phone calls and emails just annoy the hell out of me. She's become so demanding and practically abusive that I just want to scream every time I see her name on the caller ID or see I have new emails from her.

Yes, I realize I am in charge of getting marketing materials out to everyone in regards to promotions, discounts, new products etc...but seriously, how about some freaking notice? What does that mean? Don't email me on a Saturday (a non work day for me by the way) and say that you've signed us up for some show book (stupid because we aren't going to that show) and that we need our ad by Monday 5pm.

Soooo lets see. I don't work on it on Saturday or Sunday because I don't work those days and usually don't check my emails. So that gives me Monday morning to take care of my everyday tasks as well as doing this? Oh and I don't have any idea what kind of promotions my boss wants to offer and talking to him some days is nearly impossible with him having meetings, conference calls etc. After discussing this with my boss I get an email from the co-worker saying that we are going to do a tear out order form and that I should just go ahead and start on the lay out and then she'll call the company and find out IF we can do a tear out ad? So my time is already limited and you want me to start on something that we might have to scrap? Oh did I mention that by this point it's already like 4pm? I have one hour left in my work day and I refuse to stay late for someone else's screw up. Seriously, how do you give me a half day notice? So I started on the project and when it came up to 5pm I sent an email to her and my boss together saying "This is what I've managed to complete up to now, if you want this in the show book feel free to submit it". My boss saw this and he told me to just "Fucking email her and tell her to do it her damn self" so I did. I emailed the co-worker saying "After discussing with Daniel he'd like for you to complete this on your own."

I leave my office and get in my car and go home. I'm exhausted. I've had a long fucking day. I get home and enjoy my night. So I end up checking my GMail from my iPhone and of course it downloads my work email and I see her name. I roll my eyes and wonder what she could have possibly sent me at 10pm. You know what it was? The order form still not complete! She wrote me back saying that she did what she could and if I could go ahead and fill in the missing items. I did not. I forwarded the email to the person in charge of putting the book together and told them at what I sent them was our ad and if they could please provide their item number in the columns that it was blank. Seriously, how about you do your freaking job? If your boss tells you to do something do not pawn the work off on someone else.

I don't think I would have taken it so personal (as if I'm her slave) if this was the first offense. Oh no. At the beginning of the year she was forwarded an email that had a huge Purchase Order from a company asking her to check the purchase order to see if they should add anything to their order blah blah. She didn't. The order was completely forgotten (because I wasn't copied on it) and then at a huge trade show she sends me an email (after I texted everyone at the company that I had a Dr's appointment and would be out for the majority of the morning) that the buyer of that company was in our booth that very moment and wanted information on his order. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you forgetting that we ship from Germany and China and that its impossible to speak with them after 10am EST? So you email me at 1pm EST to ask me what the status is on the order in order for you to look like some kind of big shot in the buyers eyes? Bitch please. Of course after the trade show I get all kinds of emails from her asking about the status of those purchase orders and all that jazz and I just get so frustrated and ask my boss, "Do you have any fucking orders from Royal or is she trying to drive me crazy". Then we discover that Daniel got the orders, sent them to her for checking and she never got back to him and Daniel has a lot on his mind and completely forgot about those orders.

That's not the worst part! The worst part is that she was emailing me telling ME what date IIIIIIIIIIII sent her the POs and what day they were faxed to me. Are you kidding me? You are going to tell me that I forwarded you an email yet its not in my sent messages? I don't have a printed copy of the order in my Purchase Order binder nor in that companies file? Damn I must really be slipping.

So what do we do next? I have to email the buyer for the company and inform him that his orders some how slipped through the cracks (did I mention that his two orders combined are well over $160K) and that we'd offer him an additional 5% off on one of his orders and in the future to always email me the orders and no one else. Give it to me and I will provide everyone who needs it with a copy. So the kicker here is that when this order was missing she sends me an email saying how "we have egg on our face". Bitch please! How in the hell do I, someone who hasn't the slightest clue about this order, have egg on my damn face! Then she has the balls to write an email to my boss and myself saying that "I'm letting y'all handle this since your office lost the order." I really wonder how stupid she felt when we proved that she was provided with a copy of the order and just failed to act on it. (Second time BTW she took over a month to check the first order of the year!!!) Does she not realize that by sitting on her damn hands she's costing the company money? I got an email back from the buyer completely stunned at how a company as big as ours managed to lose orders. How words could not express how he felt. His order has been delayed over a month and since everything ships sea freight.... yeah it equals a really long time.

The end result was that my boss just said to me, "From now on shes not allowed to check orders just send them straight to Germany and if her distributors don't have the product too bad for them". Did I believe him, of course not. He doesn't want distributors to not have our product cuz that means our product won't be out there. Well today we got 4 POs from her area and he told me, "Send it straight to Germany and then fax Jacki a copy and if she needs to add things to their order let them place an add on but get this order out of here."

So what makes someone change from being a pretty good employee to a complete pain in my ass bitch? Jealously. Oh no, not of me. We hired another sales rep for a completely different territory and she fucking rocks and everyone knows it. Our old sales rep is completely jealous!! She doesn't feel like shes number one in Daniel's book any more and for that reason she is acting out and getting awfully high on her horse for no reason.

Okay I think thats enough about work now. My mom cooked dinner and I'm so heading over there!


  1. The old work place drama. I seem to encounter that at every job I've had lately. I know something about unreasonable deadlines like that. Fortunately my last supervisor was a lot more understanding - she would never force me to do five hours of work in one hour and she told me so. But my job at a local printing press - part time summer job in high school - made us crunch for deadlines even if we just found out about them right before. Projects varied in size from a simple pamphlet to a whole line of large books - which could take all day or even multiple days. Fortunately I didn't often have to stay late.

    It's good that you found something you love to do. Even if you make a lot of money at your job it stinks if you're miserable while doing it. I'm hoping to start a foreign joint venture in China someday. I'll try to follow your example and try to make it something I can enjoy on the job.

  2. A nice home cooked meal by your mom sounds like just what you needed. :) hanks for stopping by my blog... I agree with everything you said.

    Do stop by again, I will definitely be doing that with your blog.. which I think is great.


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