Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get the door....its opportunity.

So as most of you know I have been doing some wedding/event planning courses in order to basically tell people, "Hey I know what I'm doing, I have this piece of paper!" I do know what I'm doing with or without the certificate but whatever lets move on.

Lately, a fire was lit under my ass in order to complete my courses. I had really been putting it off and I shouldn't have. I wanted to have my certificate by this wedding season but it looks like I'll be ready in time for next years!

Either way, last night I went to a reception hall with my mom in order to book my sister's wedding shower (Yeah we don't do surprises in my family, she totally knows but is going to pretend to be surprised for her groom's family's sake!) and while talking about the shower I was asking a lot of questions. Apparently I was asking the right questions because the guy just kind of looked at me like HUH!?! So I kept on speaking and giving my ideas for the menu, how the hall should be decorated, what time she should show up, basically the entire time line of the event and he asked me what I did.

I explained to him how I work for EHEIM and what I do at my job but how I'm doing wedding courses in order to become an "official" wedding planner because right now I am an "unofficial" wedding planner! So the guy got all interested and leaned forward on his desk and started asking me if I'd like to work for him as a wedding consultant. Meet with the potential customers, explain to them the different menu options, help them find florists, DJs etc. Basically work as a wedding planner with people who come to him. He even mentioned the word EXCLUSIVELY which kind of scared me but I remembered that he owns 4 different reception halls so there are plenty of couples to meet and deal with.

He asked how I was at decorating and I just laughed and told him how I was a visual person. I can see what I want the end result to be but unfortunately, I can not actually be the one doing the decorating. That's when he said that he could get someone to train me. I'm not sure I'm really interested in doing that kinda stuff hands on. I'm more like the person who hires someone else to make my vision jump to life...

So I thought that was interesting and a pretty awesome opportunity to knock at my door while I was booking my sister's wedding shower!


  1. GO FOR IT!! What an amazing opportunity.

  2. Aw thanks so much for reading my blog! I'm adding yours to my Blog Roll :)


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