Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Twilight Blog - A Rant

So I'll try to remember the words of my grade 5 English teacher and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)...

I know that I'm a bit late to jump on this Twilight bandwagon. Most people have read Twilight to Breaking Dawn at least a year or so ago and I'm late to clue in on this. What bothers me? When people write their blogs raving about the series or ranting about how it sucks but then they go on to mention DETAILS of things that are happening in ALL the books!

Seriously, do you think the entire world has already read the books? Do you think that people want to be spoiled? What is so wrong with saying "SPOILER" in your blog title so that someone who hasn't read the entire series won't know what is goin on?

Last night I was with my sister and best friend and we were talking about the book very vaguely because I'm nearly finished with New Moon, my best friend just started New Moon, and my sister was about to crack open Twilight. We discussed things about the book and movie very generally but not enough to spoil my sister. How is it that people don't have respect for others?

So I log on to Networked Blogs two days in a row and see a post about Twilight and of course I go to read it because...well... I'm FINISHED with Twilight....and within the first two paragraphs I'm finding out what happens in book 4. Ummm Excuse me? Isn't that called Breaking Dawn?

Like, I'm not going to read a blog called New Moon or Twilight pt 2 until I finish the book. I don't want to be spoiled and look forward to NOT being spoiled but now I basically know how the entire series ends and I fucking hate it.

So, here is my suggestion ladies and gents who want to write blogs about books and movies. If you are going to give away plot details how about you write: SPOILER in your title so I know not to read it!

*grumble grumble*


  1. Oh no! Did any of my Twilight posts include terrible spoilers? I'm soooo sorry if they did!

  2. LOL Oh no Heather!!! Not you. Someone else did it TWICE in one week! :( Do you know how depressing it is to read and already know the ending!?

  3. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry... I know it was me. Don't be mad and hate me please. Pretty please?

    Should I do an apology post to your complain about my blog posts? Or am I forgiven? :D

  4. Although in my defense I did say I was DONE reading Breaking Dawn in both my posts. That was sort of the point of the posts kwim? And the books together are referred to as the Twilight series/saga whatever.

    But you're right... I hate it when something is spoiled for me too like that. So again... my apologies for spoiling it for you.

  5. It's okay Anne! But I swear, It wasn't just you!!! It seems like almost every single day now there is a blog called TWILIGHT and its not about Twilight but rather New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and I end up getting spoiled. I'm taking my sister in laws advice and just pretending that everyone is insane and they don't know what they are talking about and I'll end up being pleasantly surprised!

    I should learn better than to just look at Random Blogs and just stick to the ones I know and like!!

  6. I went through all of my Twilight posts after this and re-read all of them to see if any had any spoilers haha. I was really worried about maybe giving movie spoilers away too but I thought I did ok on the movies

  7. I totally agree.

    I haven't read any Twilight books or seen the movie so it couldn't have been me. ;)

  8. Thank goodness.

    Now I think I'll stick to writing rants about the types of moms I love to hate. Till I find a new topic. ;)

  9. Dude. I seriously hope my blogs didn't contain any spoilers. *bites nails*

    Also, what I want to know is what do you think of what you've read so far??

  10. Jenny, this was a great post. And you are 100% right. Nothing ticks me off more than when people don't say "spoiler" or at least mention that they might be giving something away.

    A buddy of mine heard the ending to "The Sixth Sense" from a radio DJ and has never forgotten how angry it made him.

    Good for you for speaking up!

  11. Darn good topic eh!?

    Kearsie, So far I love it but I do have some issues with it (which will be seperate blogs) but OMG. I was reading Breaking Dawn last night and something happened at the printers because page 125 is completely faint and you can't read it and then flipping through the pages there are like 10 pages like that! I have to take my book back and page 124 was pretty damn interesting!....

    Complainer, would you believe I still haven't seen 6th Sense because someone ruined it for me opening weekend? Someone told me what happened and ever since then I had no desire to see it. The ending is apparently what made it worth watching so here I am more than a decade later not caring to see it. Also, a friend told me the exact ending of "Knowing" so I lost my desire to see that as well. I'm very forunate that I perfer to read over watching movies!

    I look forward to those topics :)

  12. There's nothing worse than people who don't inform when they're about to reveal spoilers.


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