Monday, March 16, 2009

To sell or not to sell

So my mom just called me because she just picked up my wedding dress from the dry cleaners. (Yes I know its been there almost a year, I don't plan on wearing it again so I wasn't in any rush to pick it up). But here is my thing, my mom suggested that I sell it.

It's a beautiful wedding dress with a lot of pretty details but I don't think I could sell it. I mean, yes I know I won't be wearing it again but the thought of just selling it to someone freaks me out a bit. Right now its in a huge storage box all air sealed and protected from the elements that could possibly hurt it at my moms house. I'm going to pick it up tonight and most likey shove it in my attic or one of my closets and never look at it again.

I guess I just have a real emotional attachment to my dress. It was the first dress I tried on (but I must have tried on 100 that day just to make sure I really did love my first choice) and its from the happiest day in my life. I feel bad that its just stored up in a box that no one will get to see but I don't know if I like the idea of someone else wearing my wedding dress. My parents paid really good money for that dress and I obviously can't get that money back but at the same time, maybe I can help someone who is on a budget get an amazing wedding dress at a really good price.

What do you think? Should I sell it or keep it?

Let it live in a box until the day I die or help someone else's dream wedding come true?
I've attached some picture so you can see the dress (not amazing pictures as my wedding pictures on my work computer are pretty limited.


  1. Never sell it! You could let your daughter wear it! :)

  2. Did you wear your mom's dress? Do you know anyone who wore their mother's dress? I think that styles change so much by the time I had a daughter the style would be so different. I had no intention of ever wearing my mom's dress!

  3. Its a beautiful dress. But the tradition of wearing your mother's wedding dress is over. Styles changes and your daughter will have her own taste.

    Sell the dress on Ebay and let someone else have a beautiful dress for their wedding.

  4. Sell it! It's beautiful, make a quick buck. ;)
    But I'm a cynic. My ex and I have divorced, and I hated the damn dress anyway.
    It's still at my mother's house, where it smells like smoke/nicotine, and she's already threatened to sell it. I hate to tell her no one would buy the god-awful thing.

  5. SELL! I sold my wedding dress on ebay and made back some bucks. I kept my veil which I loved and I have tons of pictures. It will just rot away in an attic somewhere if you don't. Your daughter will never wear it either!!

  6. Oh keep it! It's gorgeous! And you never know, you might have a daughter who will want to wear it.

  7. It's one of those dresses that I think will always look beautiful. Personally I'd keep it, but then I keep everything so maybe I'm not the best person to listen to ;)


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