Tuesday, January 31, 2012

  Hey MTV I'm not that stupid

You know what MTV's Teen Moms are swimming in?  "Filth"...That is what MTV's Teen Moms (and Teen Mom2) are swimming in. Just one look at their house and I want to throw up. Did you see the tub that Leah bathes her kids in? How about Chelsea's huge mess of a home? Don't even get me started on Amber's house...

But this post is actually about their money. Listen, don't believe the hype that they don't get paid. Don't believe the hype that they actually struggle with making ends meet. MTV pays their asses. A recent article was brought to my attention about what MTV pays  and Maci Bookout says:

"I'm really not supposed to talk about it, but..I still have normal struggles, like I have to budget and pay my bills. But at the same time, I'm not going to put my entire world on camera for the entire world to see and judge me and take away my privacy for free..."

What this roughly translates to is: "MTV has made me sign a nondisclosure agreement which says I can't talk about the mega coin that I do make. I have to pretend to struggle to make the show appear to be more real but if you pay attention to the phones I have, the amount of times my hair changes color, and I get my nails done you'll see that I do get paid...but I'm still a stupid teenager so I blow money on stupid things and end up having to struggle to pay bills but at least my hair looks good!"

The fact that MTV makes these girls pretend they are broke as a joke makes me furious. They aren't....it's all for SHOW. There is no way in hell that MTV pays the Jackasses of Jersey Shore over $10,000 per episode to fuck anything with a warm hole, get drunk, catch STDs and that they pay the teen moms nothing? Bull crap. MTV can't be that heartless. I'm sure that the Teen Moms get equal if not MORE pay because c'mon these girls have to support their children ALONE since apparently Teen Mom means no happy marriage or father figure in the picture.

If these girls don't get paid can you please explain to me how Jenelle was able to total her car and get a new car with no problems? Move out of her mom's house and in with a friend when rent is 375$ and she has NO job, and how did she afford to buy all that weed for her and hoodie boy?

You know what I'd like to see MTV? I'd like for you to put a REAL teen mom on television. I'd like for you to put a girl on there who is actually 16 or 17...had a baby while in high school, has help from her happily married parents, goes to school full time and still makes time for her kid...oh and throw in an actual supportive dad too. I don't know about you but I went to high school, there were a lot of girls in my high school got who pregnant before they graduated and guess what? They all finished high school, went to college, got a degree, and are doing a great job raising their children. They weren't fighting with the baby daddies (if they wanted nothing to do with the kid then see ya, no crying over spilled milk), hating the parents who are trying to help you with your kid, high and drunk days and nights....they were just normal teen age girls trying to do the best for their kid. That is a show I'd like to see. A show where the Teen Mom cares more about her kid than getting laid by a no good loser, where she cares more about her kid then she does about her baby daddy not loving her....a show where the teen mom is actually portrayed as a good mom....

And please, don't give me this bullshit that they have no money and MTV doesn't pay them. I may rot my brain by watching MTV's stupid bullshit but I'm not a complete idiot either.

Monday, January 30, 2012

  Cartoons Suck

So a long time ago, maybe not that long ago, my beautiful friend Veronica over at CrunchyVTMommy wrote a blog post about which cartoon characters she hated and why. People got in an uproar not understanding how a mom can hate on tv designed especially for kids. I can't find that post but I did find this one where it talked about how Caillou is a douche.

Guess what? I agree. I totally do. What a whiny little bitch. "But Daddy I want to play hockey with the big kids even though I can't skate, shoot the puck, or have a hockey stick...please daddddddy" "Oh no mommy I broke the ugly cup that grandma made you and I went to the craft store with grandma to make you a new one and these paints are sooooooo ugly...." "Gilbert doesn't want to play with me...." Oh shut the frak up you stupid whiny brat.

Excuse me, he's 4 (according to the theme song) why does he not have any hair? Why hasn't he been to a doctor to see why he has no hair. This is seriously bothering me. You know what else bothers me? At the end of the opening "credits" Caillou jumps out of the car and runs to his grandparents on their porch BEFORE mommy or daddy are even out of the car. Um how did he get out of his car seat? Is it really that easy for him to get out? And HELLO mom and dad were still in the car....no child safety locks? I'd be concerned if my 4 year old made a habit of jumping out of moving cars.

For the record, I never put Caillou on at my house. I saw how my cousin's kids liked him (ie WORSHIPED) him and I hated it. I wouldn't put it on EVER. Then daycare happened. For 15 minutes a day while the educator gets the class room ready for lunch she puts the tv on. It's always Caillou. ALWAYS. She came home after her first week there and was saying CAILLOU. God how I hated my life. I now have set my DVR to record episodes of that stupid show because an average show is 11 minutes which is perfect for post bath relaxing. I put her on my bed while we put on a diaper, massage her little body, get her dressed, and brush her hair. After the show is over she goes to bed.

I started looking at other shows and I realize that they are all about setting kids up for failure. I personally LOVE Mickey Mouse ClubHouse. Seriously. I love the songs they sing and watching D dance to them. But I don't get it. All their Mousektools make no sense. They need to get from one side of a creek to another side so you know what they do? They use hippos to hop on or they use a giant bendy straw as a slide... Does that make sense? Kids are going to think that they'll always have the right thing in their backpack to solve all the worlds problems. They need to get something off a very high shelf (if its there maybe it is because someone didn't want Mickey et al to have it) so they use GIANT BUILDING BLOCKS! Sure, let's teach kids how to stack and climb on blocks. Yes, that is exactly what I want to teach my kids. Hey Walt Disney, give me your address so I can send you the bill for all of D's broken bones from following Mickey's lead. I especially like teaching the kids how to use a giant candy cane to get things out of the sky or again off a top shelf. Maybe Mickey should tell his friends that if Professor Von Drake up something that high up its because the gang shouldn't be messing with it. Maybe Mickey should tell kids that if they use something long to get something off a shelf that they risk knocking other things down and knocking them in the head with it...

I kind of would rather have D watching those old "violent racist" cartoons. You know like Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Bad guy tries to catch the good guy and he gets in all kinds of trouble. Speedy Gonzales. Sure we are being "racist" by saying Mexicans run fast and speak with an accent but it was just FUNNY. They weren't trying to TEACH use anything. Just keep us entertained. But nope, those are now considered dangerous, violent, racist, and too racy for our children. Cuz you know, watching Pepe Le Pew would make our children start whoring themselves out.

Cartoons now a days suck. They all TRY to teach our kids something but they are just setting them up for failure. I'm waiting for the day that D sees a large puddle and calls out for Toodles waiting for a magic carpet or giant bendy straw to appear while I drag her ass AROUND the puddle, you know....common sense! And seriously why can't they ever use the wrong tool!? They NEVER pick the wrong tool. Why? Mickey doesn't make mistakes?! Maybe he should have picked the piggy bank over the balloons just ONCE! Speaking of piggy banks, Um Pete... Yeah that guy is straight up a creep. He's like a bookie and a pan handler all at once, always begging for money, beans, corn kernels or something.."No Mickey you can't get on this ferris wheel to rescue Daisy who is floating away unless you pay me 10 coins per level..you need 7 levels so I need 7 coins!" "Dude my friend is floating away...we are missing our window of opportunity to save her with this giant candy cane if I don't get high enough." "70 coins or that bitch gets lost in the treetops"....."Fine, its a good thing that Toodle's packed my piggy bank with exactly 70 coins".

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Monday, January 23, 2012

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Monday, January 16, 2012

  It's a Brand New Year

Happy New Year

Ever wonder how long you have to say Happy New Year to people that you haven't seen in since it changed years? Do you do it until you see everyone? Do you only do it for the first week? The first month? Being Greek we have a 40 day grace period for just about everything so I figure that I can extend it for this occasion too. 

I don't know if I've ever told you guys this but I don't do resolutions. I think they are weird. I see so many people make these promises to themselves and then just get angry when they end up not doing whatever they planned on doing. Going to the gym. Going to eat right. Going to do....

I choose not to put myself though that every year. I don't resolve. I don't promise. I tell myself that I'm just going to make myself happy. Sounds kind of selfish doesn't it? Well, selfish or not that is all I want out of life; to be happy. To be happy with my marriage, my family, my job. Who doesn't want that!?

I was actually very proud of myself on my first day back at work after my vacation. I was sitting at my desk doing my work, being productive. My boss walks in and we talk a little bit. As he is on his way out he mentions that one of the people I work with is still out of the office on business and if I could cover a portion of his job. Could I look at the orders and ship them out?

My reply was, "No, no I can't. I have more than enough work here that I need to catch up on that is MY work and when I go out of town who covers my stuff? No one." I actually felt pride. Was it being mean? No, not at all. I was just finally drawing the line in the sand. The boundaries that shouldn't be crossed. I do not need to always please people. I do not always need to go above and beyond the call of duty. I just need to do my job and no one else's. No one does my work. Hell, when I am out of the office no one even answers the phone....why do I always go beyond to make sure the entire office runs smoothly by doing my job plus the job of others.

I didn't say it with snark. I didn't say it with a scowl on my face. And I didn't say it timidly. I said it firmly and matter of factly. Towards the end of last year I was getting very upset with my job. I was finding that I was dreading going in and that the sound of my boss' voice would get on my nerves. Someone would want to speak to me and I'd feel my skin crawl because I knew it would mean more work on my already overflowing plate. I told myself that I had to get rid of that feeling. I had to shake it.

I took my vacation to Texas where I was rarely in contact with the office. I did occasionally look at my emails and answer the ones that were easy but that was it. I have a bad habit of not being able to stay away from email. Those 2 weeks out of the office helped me regain my focus and when I started work again I didn't detest being there. It was a fresh start. Today I had a nice productive day and I plan on keeping up the good work :) I plan on being able to focus on what I need to do vs what everyone thinks I should be doing to help them out.

Anyway...enough about that. How have the first few weeks of the new year treated you?

Wishing you all health and happiness in 2012! And to all my new followers.....WELCOME and THANKS for following!! 

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