Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey MTV I'm not that stupid

You know what MTV's Teen Moms are swimming in?  "Filth"...That is what MTV's Teen Moms (and Teen Mom2) are swimming in. Just one look at their house and I want to throw up. Did you see the tub that Leah bathes her kids in? How about Chelsea's huge mess of a home? Don't even get me started on Amber's house...

But this post is actually about their money. Listen, don't believe the hype that they don't get paid. Don't believe the hype that they actually struggle with making ends meet. MTV pays their asses. A recent article was brought to my attention about what MTV pays  and Maci Bookout says:

"I'm really not supposed to talk about it, but..I still have normal struggles, like I have to budget and pay my bills. But at the same time, I'm not going to put my entire world on camera for the entire world to see and judge me and take away my privacy for free..."

What this roughly translates to is: "MTV has made me sign a nondisclosure agreement which says I can't talk about the mega coin that I do make. I have to pretend to struggle to make the show appear to be more real but if you pay attention to the phones I have, the amount of times my hair changes color, and I get my nails done you'll see that I do get paid...but I'm still a stupid teenager so I blow money on stupid things and end up having to struggle to pay bills but at least my hair looks good!"

The fact that MTV makes these girls pretend they are broke as a joke makes me furious. They aren't....it's all for SHOW. There is no way in hell that MTV pays the Jackasses of Jersey Shore over $10,000 per episode to fuck anything with a warm hole, get drunk, catch STDs and that they pay the teen moms nothing? Bull crap. MTV can't be that heartless. I'm sure that the Teen Moms get equal if not MORE pay because c'mon these girls have to support their children ALONE since apparently Teen Mom means no happy marriage or father figure in the picture.

If these girls don't get paid can you please explain to me how Jenelle was able to total her car and get a new car with no problems? Move out of her mom's house and in with a friend when rent is 375$ and she has NO job, and how did she afford to buy all that weed for her and hoodie boy?

You know what I'd like to see MTV? I'd like for you to put a REAL teen mom on television. I'd like for you to put a girl on there who is actually 16 or 17...had a baby while in high school, has help from her happily married parents, goes to school full time and still makes time for her kid...oh and throw in an actual supportive dad too. I don't know about you but I went to high school, there were a lot of girls in my high school got who pregnant before they graduated and guess what? They all finished high school, went to college, got a degree, and are doing a great job raising their children. They weren't fighting with the baby daddies (if they wanted nothing to do with the kid then see ya, no crying over spilled milk), hating the parents who are trying to help you with your kid, high and drunk days and nights....they were just normal teen age girls trying to do the best for their kid. That is a show I'd like to see. A show where the Teen Mom cares more about her kid than getting laid by a no good loser, where she cares more about her kid then she does about her baby daddy not loving her....a show where the teen mom is actually portrayed as a good mom....

And please, don't give me this bullshit that they have no money and MTV doesn't pay them. I may rot my brain by watching MTV's stupid bullshit but I'm not a complete idiot either.


  1. Great post. Entirely correct. BS that MTV tries to make us believe they're struggling when they have the latest phone in every episode. And, how are they able to eat out ALL THE TIME?

  2. HAHAHA - awesome post. And I couldn't agree with you more... about EVERYTHING.

    ... I especially love the comparison between Jersey Shore. Hilarious.

  3. I know plenty of teen moms as well, and not one of them is like the girls on that show. They are all far more mature in their daily life choices. MTV bugs me in that I am fairly certain that they script some of the predicaments of the girls on that show. It makes people think that all teen moms are like that, which is so unfair. Another case of rampant hypocrisy.

  4. Ha ha ha, that was great!! I always wondered how MTV could stand by and watch while they are struggling to make ends meet while letting the cameras roll and filling their own pockets up from advertising. I hate when reality TV isn't real, it makes gullible people think that is how things really are when that's not the case.


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