Monday, February 7, 2011

Letter # 12: Letter to the Person You Hate / Caused You the Most Pain

Dear Person I Hate,

I don't really know if I hate you but I certainly know that I don't like you. You were an epic pain in my ass. Seriously. Never had I met a loser as big as you and I guess that says something about my judgement.

See, I gossip a lot but I NEVER start a rumor. If I'm gonna spread a rumor I'm going to make sure that its true first. I don't just randomly start talking shit about people without checking the facts and I guess that is where you screwed up. You tried to start a rumor about me and people decided to check the facts first. We went to Homecoming together and you decided to lie and tell people you slept with me. Seriously? 

I'm not sorry that you told the guys on the wrestling team that lie. I'm not sorry that the team worked you extra hard that practice. I'm not sorry that Derryan, Billy, and J.J. kicked your ass. I'm not sorry that Randy threatened to come from Wyoming to put your ass in place (I'll never forget him asking me if I wanted your body with holes in it or chopped into little pieces), I'm not sorry that you felt the need to transfer schools after that. 

I really shouldn't hate you but in the end it was all very funny. You tried to tell people that you slept with me, it was a lie, and you got your ass handed to you. In the end you fared much worse than I did. Your rumor didn't get to go too far because you decided to start it among the team first. The team squashed that rumor before it left our walls. Funny how your little plan back fired. I'm sorry I rejected you, I'm sorry you felt the need to start a rumor but I guess you learned the hard way what happens when you lie.

Funny enough, if that is the worst thing that has ever happened to me then I guess I'm doing pretty good in my life. :) Thanks for being a jack ass and giving me something to write about.



  1. Interesting approach for a blog. You know what I'm surprised you don't have on here? A letter to your younger self. You should try it. Great exercise to reflect on what you've learned about your life so far.

    Here's mine. Letter to my 17 Year Old Self

  2. Wow, what a scorcher. We've all been there and have wanted to write letters like this. So I'm glad you did and I'd be willing to guess that you felt better afterwards. Anyone with a breath in their body can start a rumor unfortuntely.


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