Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 10: A Letter to Someone You Don't Talk to as Much as You'd Like to.

Dear Friend,

I don't know what happened between the two of us. We used to be so close, we used to be inseparable and then suddenly we barely talk, we barely text, we barely see each other. At first I thought the problem was me. I was moving on with my life, I got married, I moved into another suburb and you were still in school, still at home, still single.

I tried, I really did, to always include you in everything I did. It was just too hard for you to come to my house or I was too busy up where I live. Things always got in the way but we both tried to make the friendship work. Then something interesting happened.

You got a boyfriend and suddenly you were missing in action. We would only see you at big events, we would never see you out for a coffee or anything. I know that you had gotten your heart broken in the past but you did what you always do which is pour all of your heart and soul into a relationship. All of your energy went there and you forgot about your real friends.

I don't know if you ever noticed but when you would start dating someone you would ALWAYS forget about your friends. You would go out with the new guy and all of his friends never inviting your friends along (My sister and I started noticing this right around the time you were interested in dating FN). He'd invite you out to where we ALL hung out but you never called us to invite us to go. When he wasn't busy you would call us to hang out. You'd tell us about the fun you had with him and his friends and we were happy for you. We were thrilled that you were dating someone but it kind of sucked that you kept you friends away from your love interest.

Then A happened. We all know why you kept him away from us. (Sorry but its totally true!) He broke your heart and when he came back you still insisted on talking to him, you still insisted on giving him a chance. Something none of your friends thought he deserved.

Now that you are dating B you did the same thing. You have thrown every spare moment of your life into that relationship completely forgetting about you friends. You have gone out with him and his friends, him and his family never once stopping to say "Hey I wonder if my friends would want to come." Our friendship has become very strained.

It's odd. It feels odd having events without you there but it also feels odd to invite you there. It feels as if its a "gift grab" by inviting you because that is the ONLY time we see you .

I seriously wish things were different but I guess the age old expression fits in perfectly here...."It is what it is".

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