Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's been a minute...

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate that expression? Why do we use the expression "it's been a minute" to mean its been a while. Minutes and a while are really different things. Minutes are like 60 seconds each. When I think its been a while since I've eaten, obviously more than a few minutes have passed.

So on with the point, its been a while since I last blogged. I think this is my second post in 2010. WOW. Talk about being slow right? I gave my blog a bit of a facelift but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I might change it again. I saved a few really nice layouts on my hard drive for when I feel I need a change. I think the font is too small by default.

January has been a really busy month for my family. My sister's wedding is this coming Saturday and every single Saturday we've had an event. We had my sister's bridal shower on the 9th and of course that had some of its own usual. Anytime you get a lot of Greeks into a room drama is sure to ensure.

The 16th was my sister's bachelorette and Mike's bachelor party. The girls all had dinner at the casino and then we went to gamble. My sister's sister in law recommended that she play roulette and of course it didn't go so well. $120 not wisely spent. Alex, Nicole, and I (and everyone else) went down to our "Lucky Slots" where we won back everything that was lost at roulette, paid for dinner, drinks, and had some money left over. We had a good time. Besides the 3 of us I don't think anyone else did that great at the casino.

Yesterday we were meant to go to the spa all day but we decided that going on a Saturday would be too crowded and we opted for another day. We are going tomorrow. ALL DAY. First treatment is at 9am for all 3 of us. Nicole and I are going to get a pregnancy message and then a facial. We have to sign a waiver saying we won't be stupid enough to jump into the steaming hot or freezing cold baths.

I wanted to make this blog post longer but ummm... I have to watch this OT and then go to bed!!!!

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