Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our First Valentine's Day

So today is Valentine's Day, or SAD day *Singles Awareness Day*, or Hallmark Holiday or whatever you want to call it. It seriously didn't go the way I thought it would go. I dunno, maybe I'm a pure romantic at heart and I want to be wined and dined, I want to be swooped off of my feet. Did I get that?

Of course not, did you forget who I married? My husband George is a very thoughtful individual but he doesn't want to be told when to be thoughtful. He'd rather be walking around downtown alone one day and see a nice bouquet of flowers and pick them up and bring them to me. He's the type of guy who will be shopping for himself and see something he thinks I'd like and he'll bring it home for me. That's the type of guy I married. I didn't marry the type of guy that likes to throw lavish gifts, flowers, and candy on Valentine's day. In fact, I married the type of guy that doesn't know how to make reservations for Valentine's Day until a few days before. Obviously, the places I wanted to go to were completely booked and we will now be celebrating V-Day tomorrow.

Today was spent with a bunch of people instead of just my husband. Let's see, today we had to wait for Meubles Elegance to deliver the bedroom set that my parents bought us for our one year anniversary (I know I know, I'm very lucky to have parents like that!). Not only that but my mother came over to my house to clean it (and she even knows I have a maid but c'mon no one ever cleans the house as good as she does). My mom took everything out of my china cabinet and washed it, dried it, and put it back she then went upstairs to decorate our guest bedroom (with the comforter/curtain set that she bought me for the guest bedroom (and yes, I know we need to add decorations to the room, give me a week)), and then started to help George put his clothes away since he's been living out of boxes for the first year of our marriage (again, totally not my fault that only my clothes fit into the master bedroom. I'm not getting rid of my things....). George brought his father over to our house ALLLLLL day today and then his nephew showed up too. Oh my sister swung by for a bit too, and apparently my brother in law and his wife are going to come over later on too. Seriously? The only person who got it right today is George's other nephew who is taking his girlfriend out for dinner tonight.

Anyway, so between all the cleaning, moving, arranging etc, my door bell rang and its a delivery guy. My husband ordered me flowers and guess what? They are Birds of Paradise and Red Ginger. I know its nothing too special to anyone else but I love the flowers for two reasons.

1. I hate roses on commerical holidays. If I have to get roses I want voodoo roses or blue roses. I know they are artificial but I love the color.
2. The flowers are the same ones that were used in our engagement centerpieces.

So I guess that he is kind of romantic deep down inside without really showing it. But I really would have enjoyed today a lot more if no one came over and we spent the evening together and had a nice meal together. Instead, I end up with the entire "in law" family over. Not my idea of a perfect first Valentine's Day together.

So our plans for tomorrow night consist of us getting all dolled up and going to the Casino for dinner at Nuances followed by a little casino playing and depending on if time permits or not, George will come with me to go watch Confessions of a Shopaholic.

So how did you all spend your day? Anything romantic? Depressing? Did the day go as you wanted it to go or what?

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