Monday, February 13, 2012

What the 2012 Grammys taught me

In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of days you'd know that a few things happened this weekend.

1. Whitney Houston died on Saturday night (suspected drug related death, ie. Overdose)
2. The 2012 Grammy Awards were on
3. The 2012 Grammy Awards sucked donkeyballs.

The majority of the performances were lack luster and left much to be desired. While it was great to see a stage full of legends it wasn't so great to have it all night and what was with the country overload?

I also learned that the majority of my twitter feed doesn't believe in forgiveness and redemption by their Anti-Chris Brown tweets. While I'm not like one of those girls who were tweeting out "Chris Brown can beat me anytime" I do believe that the guy deserves a second chance. I mean we've given Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Dame, more than 2 shots why not a guy who was literally a kid when he did what he did. What did he do? He beat the crap out of Rhianna. Now, I'm also not going to go as far as saying that maybe she deserved it and that she had it coming because no matter the circumstances I don't believe a guy should raise his hand to a woman...EVER. He was arrested, he was given a punishment and he completed what he was asked to do. Why can't we forgive him? Why can't we get past that? Why do we insist that we judge him based on his past? Should he no longer have a career because of one action? How would you like to be judged for the rest of your life on the one not so shining moment of your life? Funny thing is that a lot of the people who I see hating on Chris Brown were also people who ran to instantly follow Charlie Sheen when he had his downward spiral and laughed and supported him...Because its cool to follow the guy who pulled a KNIFE on his wife and tried to kill her...and the same guy who has a HISTORY of being abusive towards women. Did anyone boycott him? Did anyone demand that his career suffer? Nope. Not at all. Why?

People are saying that they felt that Chris Brown's apology wasn't heart felt enough, they are saying they felt it was forced and he wasn't sincere. Do YOU know how he felt? Do you know what emotions he was feeling? Do you know if he contacted Rhi via another means and spoke to her and said his sorries? Let me be honest here folks, Chris Brown doesn't owe you or me an apology. He owes it to Rhianna and ONLY to her. While yes, social media makes us think that every thing a celebrity does is our business its NOT. He doesn't owe you shit.

While we are quick to judge Chris Brown for his actions one night we jump up and cry, mourn, and are outraged that people like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse have died. No, they didn't DIE, they killed themselves. Maybe not intentionally setting out to die but what they did lead to it. Death by their own hands and we insist on honoring and memorializing them. A gorgeous and talented 48 year old woman wanted drugs more than her career. She let her 17 year old daughter take care of her because she was so addicted to drugs and although she will forever be remembered for the music she made she is more known for her battle with drugs. But its okay, we should post videos on Facebook of her performances and tell our children what a wonderful performer she was. We can make her an idol while we shun Chris Brown. And seriously before any idiot spouts off with "But Whitney/Amy only hurt themselves"...NO you are WRONG. Their drug addiction hurt MANY. It hurt their family, it hurt their friends, it hurt themselves. It hurt everyone. Tell me, is it NOT hurtful for a 17 year old girl to have to bury her mother? Why should we idolize a drug addict?

So basically the Grammys taught me that we are not a forgiving bunch of people and we pick and choose what we want to forgive and what we think is acceptable behavior.

For the record #TeamBreezy. I'm happy he performed twice, I'm happy that F.A.M.E won best RnB album. I'm happy that he is making a come back and that not everyone judges him on a mistake he made 3 years ago. I'm happy that some people were able to grant him forgiveness.


  1. Wow - THIS is the reason I follow this blog.

    I agree about Chris Brown. There was no media coverage of Rhianna opposing his success, or refusing to perform at the same event as him. I am 100% positive that if she had even THOUGHT something like that it would have been all over every form of media for ages. It wasn't. If she is okay with him, so am I.

    As for Whitney... Yes, she WAS an amazingly talented woman. She had a gift of a beautiful voice. She chose to throw it away for a cheap high. As did Michael Jackson, and Amy Winehouse, and so many others. I feel no pity for any of them. They may not have committed suicide in a direct manner, but yes, they killed themselves. I'll always enjoy the music, but not respect the people. Alcoholism happens to some who choose to drink. It seems to be more of a disease. Drug addiction is not a disease... unless stupidity is now classified as such.

    As for the rest of the performance - don't get me started on Nikki Minaj.

  2. Disappointed in several of the performances. I think award shows in general are one big circle-jerk--"Look at us, we're famous, we're awesome!" But, I completely agree with your comment about Chris Brown. I think he's a douche--but shit, we give douchebags second (and third) chances all the time.

    Also, yes, Whitney killed herself. She wasted her talent. And she had been wasting it for a decade. She might have died Saturday night, but her career has been dead for a long time.

  3. I was not impressed with the Grammys in general this year. I usually don't watch them back at home to be honest, but now that I am overseas, I feel like it's one more connection I can have to America, if that makes any sense.

    I agree with you completely on the Whitney bit.

    Here's my take on Chris Brown- I read somewhere that he has not completed the terms of his sentence. Also, in the real civilian world, when you apply for a job, the questionnaire will always ask you if you have ever been convicted of a felony or arrested. For the average Joe, answering yes to that is an automatic dead end to most jobs. Why should it be any different for Chris Brown? Why shouldn't his career suffer? Why is it that in our society, when a famous person gets arrested, oftentimes, this leads to a career boost for him/her? (For the record, I thought Charlie Sheen was an a** and refused to follow him/talk about him when his rants happened.)

  4. I am not on the forgiving end of any woman beater for this very reason... studies show that rehabilitation of men that hit women is VERY VERY low. So I am not a fan of Sheen or Brown or anyone else who has raised their hand to a woman. He doesn't owe me any apologies and I don't expect one but I won't I support him in anyway and did not watch the Grammy's because I didn't want to see his face.

    As for Whitney Houston and other celebrities that have passed away from prescription drug overdoses. This is not suicide. I disagree with you here because there is zero accountability from the pharmaceutical companies or doctors that know these drugs are more addictive than heroine yet they prescribe them over and over. I know two mothers that are not famous and in 2010 they died in there sleep from prescription drugs. Both in their 40's and they will not get the coverage that Whitney did. No ILLEGAL drugs were found in Whitney's hotel room. The corporate media tells us it will be “six to eight weeks” before we know for sure how Whitney died . By then they hope nobody will be paying attention, because it’s already been reported that the singer was killed by a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs. I am sad for her family and for the loss of a great singer. I hope her death brings much needed light to this topic and that she hasn't died in vain.

    1. Whitney used crack for years. Even if they rule the death a heart attack, the chances are high that it would not have happened had she not used drugs. Last I checked, crack was not on the list of FDA approved drugs.

  5. Very glad you wrote this post it was exactly what I was thinking on the Whitney/Amy thing. Yesterday I actually stated during a conversation that no they did not die they killed themselves and it was a choice they made and it would have been a choice for them to seek help.If looks could have killed...I would not be here writing this comment. They had a choice in the matter it is not like they were hit with cancer and had no choice. I stopped watching Grammy years ago it has become so damn boring

    Any man Charlie, Jean, Chris or whomever sucks I don't give a shit no one gets a second chance on being a woman beater. I have had many friends suffer through the hand of woman beater and they do not change.


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