Sunday, February 19, 2012

  Since when did women become so anti-women?

So last night I came home from my sister's house and was looking forward to a relaxing night of mind numbing dumb reality TV. I mean, how else does one relax on Saturday if they don't want the humidity of the Jacuzzi to wreck their just blown out hair? 

So while watching my mind numbing TV I was also on Facebook and my dear friend Sunny had commented on a link. I read the title of the link and sort of rolled my eyes when I saw whose post she commented on. (I'm not a huge fan of the original sharer) but curiosity got the best of me and I decided to read the article. I was very happy to see that the author was not the person I'm not fond of but shocked to read the article. 

The article in itself was shocking. To sum it up, in the state of Virginia they want to pass a law that FORCES women seeking an abortion to first have a transvaginal ultrasound for NO MEDICAL reason. If they do not do the ultrasound that is basically shoving a probe in their vagina they cannot get an abortion. According to the article a woman can't make an informed decision about her body unless she gets this ultra sound AND if she chooses NOT to look at the ultra sound video or listen to the heart beat it will be noted in her medical file. WTF?

Wait, let me repeat that again, a bit louder... WTF?!  

What shocked me more than the article were the comments on the original sharer's Facebook wall that were along the lines of "Well good, you should be able to see and hear the sound of the precious baby you are about to shop vac out of your vagina" "Why should the baby pay because the mother was a classless hussy who couldn't help but spread her legs". The woman on woman hate was just so aggravating and of course heart breaking.

A few things I don't understand:

1. Is every single abortion conducted in the US a result of a slutty girl/woman? I mean, are you telling me that people who use precautions to NOT get pregnant still don't end up pregnant? Birth control has never failed? 

2. Why are people trying to give more rights to a fetus than to the mother carrying the fetus? What if I'm pregnant and the pregnancy will kill I have to continue my pregnancy because the government thinks an unborn child has more rights than I do? 

3. Why are women agreeing with the fat white men in Congress trying to decide what I can or cannot do with my body? Since these women think their "place" is to be a child bearing machine regardless of the circumstances why not just take away our right to vote too. I mean, if I can't decide what to do with my body and what affects my family why should I be allowed to vote for something that can effect the entire country?

A lot of the comments I read were just straight out hate against women. "Well you shouldn't have gotten pregnant if you can't take care of the baby" "Well you should just carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption" (because you know, our orphanages aren't already exploding out of control) and SERIOUSLY why is the pregnancy always the woman's fault? Did they go jerk off a man after her fell asleep reading the bible and use a turkey baster to impregnate ourselves and then after going through ALL that we just decided to get an abortion because, well, pregnancy just isn't for me? 

I was having a few twitter discussions about this and at first I thought one man agreed. He sort of did. He wanted to lessen the blow of FORCING a woman to get this ultra sound by changing the word forced to required. A woman isn't forced to have a vaginal probe, she is required.

It's FORCED. Change the word to anything you want its still forcing it. If you HAVE to do one thing to do another even if there is no medical reason then its forced. I do not give you consent to do medical procedures that are not medically required. For example men, if you go get a prostate exam and you consent to get your asshole probed by a finger does that mean you also give your consent to have a metal rod up your ass too? I mean, you gave consent for one medical procedure, that should mean the doctors can do anything to you regardless of your wishes...because you gave consent for one thing! Or how about if a man goes to get a vasectomy and is told, "I'm sorry but unless you first allow me to shove an ultra sound machine up your ass you can't get this done...."

That isn't okay is it? So why is it okay for women?

Forgive me if I'm wrong but isn't the U.S. a country that has separation of State from Church or do they only have the IDEA of it?   Most people who are against abortion state that they are this due to what the Bible says. Newsflash, NOT everyone shares the same religion so why should YOUR religion decide what someone does or doesn't do to their body? Again, forgive my ignorance but does the Bible not also mention something about not judging? If this is the case why are so many quick to judge a woman that has an abortion as a whore? A slut? A stupid careless girl? 

Let me explain something to you, because I've gotten facebook messages asking how many abortions I've had. My answer is this. NONE.

I'm Pro-Life for myself. I could not phantom getting an abortion unless continuing a pregnancy would kill me and leave my daughter motherless OR if the pregnancy was the result of a rape. On a legislative level I am pro-choice. I would NEVER force my beliefs or opinions on another woman. I'm pro-choice because I'm pro-woman. Pro-choice does NOT mean you are pro-abortion. It means you are pro-HAVING a choice in what to do. Oddly enough, it seems that the majority of pro-lifers equate that belief with anti-woman. I just do not believe that the government has the right to make a decision regarding what a woman can and cannot do with her body.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you agree? Disagree? Or would you like me just to STFU?

Monday, February 13, 2012

  What the 2012 Grammys taught me

In case you've been living under a rock for the past couple of days you'd know that a few things happened this weekend.

1. Whitney Houston died on Saturday night (suspected drug related death, ie. Overdose)
2. The 2012 Grammy Awards were on
3. The 2012 Grammy Awards sucked donkeyballs.

The majority of the performances were lack luster and left much to be desired. While it was great to see a stage full of legends it wasn't so great to have it all night and what was with the country overload?

I also learned that the majority of my twitter feed doesn't believe in forgiveness and redemption by their Anti-Chris Brown tweets. While I'm not like one of those girls who were tweeting out "Chris Brown can beat me anytime" I do believe that the guy deserves a second chance. I mean we've given Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van Dame, more than 2 shots why not a guy who was literally a kid when he did what he did. What did he do? He beat the crap out of Rhianna. Now, I'm also not going to go as far as saying that maybe she deserved it and that she had it coming because no matter the circumstances I don't believe a guy should raise his hand to a woman...EVER. He was arrested, he was given a punishment and he completed what he was asked to do. Why can't we forgive him? Why can't we get past that? Why do we insist that we judge him based on his past? Should he no longer have a career because of one action? How would you like to be judged for the rest of your life on the one not so shining moment of your life? Funny thing is that a lot of the people who I see hating on Chris Brown were also people who ran to instantly follow Charlie Sheen when he had his downward spiral and laughed and supported him...Because its cool to follow the guy who pulled a KNIFE on his wife and tried to kill her...and the same guy who has a HISTORY of being abusive towards women. Did anyone boycott him? Did anyone demand that his career suffer? Nope. Not at all. Why?

People are saying that they felt that Chris Brown's apology wasn't heart felt enough, they are saying they felt it was forced and he wasn't sincere. Do YOU know how he felt? Do you know what emotions he was feeling? Do you know if he contacted Rhi via another means and spoke to her and said his sorries? Let me be honest here folks, Chris Brown doesn't owe you or me an apology. He owes it to Rhianna and ONLY to her. While yes, social media makes us think that every thing a celebrity does is our business its NOT. He doesn't owe you shit.

While we are quick to judge Chris Brown for his actions one night we jump up and cry, mourn, and are outraged that people like Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse have died. No, they didn't DIE, they killed themselves. Maybe not intentionally setting out to die but what they did lead to it. Death by their own hands and we insist on honoring and memorializing them. A gorgeous and talented 48 year old woman wanted drugs more than her career. She let her 17 year old daughter take care of her because she was so addicted to drugs and although she will forever be remembered for the music she made she is more known for her battle with drugs. But its okay, we should post videos on Facebook of her performances and tell our children what a wonderful performer she was. We can make her an idol while we shun Chris Brown. And seriously before any idiot spouts off with "But Whitney/Amy only hurt themselves"...NO you are WRONG. Their drug addiction hurt MANY. It hurt their family, it hurt their friends, it hurt themselves. It hurt everyone. Tell me, is it NOT hurtful for a 17 year old girl to have to bury her mother? Why should we idolize a drug addict?

So basically the Grammys taught me that we are not a forgiving bunch of people and we pick and choose what we want to forgive and what we think is acceptable behavior.

For the record #TeamBreezy. I'm happy he performed twice, I'm happy that F.A.M.E won best RnB album. I'm happy that he is making a come back and that not everyone judges him on a mistake he made 3 years ago. I'm happy that some people were able to grant him forgiveness.

Monday, February 6, 2012

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Friday, February 3, 2012

  Komen lost my respect AND my money.

I'm gonna start off with an apology here folks. I'm really not the type of person to get all political on my blog as you can see. I mainly bitch about my everyday experiences, talk about how much I can't stand my father in law, and of course rag on those Teen Moms... and share news that relates to me personally. I hardly ever get involved in these political debates. However; today I felt compelled to write.

Most of us already know that Susan G. Komen, a group that strives for finding cures for women's cancers, has pulled their funding from Planned Parenthood, a group that strives for keeping young women healthy and educated about their bodies...and yes occasionally preforms abortions. That in itself is very disturbing. What is even more disturbing is that amount of crap that has been spewed on Facebook and Twitter.

I logged onto Facebook this morning and I was bombarded with links to articles about how many people have stepped up to donate money to Planned Parenthood (Yeah!), how Susan G Komen has had an influx of donations (Yeah! but confused)... then I got hit with a couple of posts about WHY Komen got extra donations. Do you want to know why? Because now that they've cut ties with Planned Parenthood all these extra conservative right wingers feel more comfortable donating. They don't want their hard earned money going towards some stupid teenage girls abortion.

Then I got to thinking about it....Exactly what does Planned Parenthood do for women (old and young)

They educate women on sex and protection.
They provide birth control in various ways (distribute condoms, give birth control pills, give the shot)
They provide annual pap smears in order to screen for cancer.
They provide mammograms in order to screen for cancer.
Oh and yes, the do also perform abortions.

What I'm basically saying is that they do SO MUCH MORE for women then just perform abortions. Why would you want to cut that funding? Maybe Komen should be happy that they got more funding now that they cut ties with Planned Parenthood because all these women that will lose such a valuable resource will have NO WHERE to get screened and there will be a huge

It makes me sick to know that people who are so pro-life are so anti-women. Shouldn't they be supporting other women and their health? Aren't we all working towards the same end result? Keeping women healthy? Why can't we keep politics out of our uterus? Why can't we keep finding a cure for cancer and abortions separate? Why do people see Planned Parenthood and only think of the abortion aspect and completely ignore all the other great things that Planned Parenthood has to offer?

Just like every woman has the right to have access to a mammogram and pap smear in order to protect her health, she has the RIGHT to have an abortion. It's her choice. Her body. Her right. What I don't get about a lot of these pro-lifers is that they complain and complain women having abortions and how they've killed an innocent child....yet they complain about the amount of taxes that they pay in order keep these families on welfare because they were guilted into keeping the child they KNEW they couldn't afford.

What's my stance? I'm Pro-Life for myself. I couldn't imagine having an abortion but I've never put myself into the position that I would have to consider it. However, on that note, I'm Pro-Choice for everyone else. I am not in your shoes to make decisions for you. Would I love it if no one had an abortion ever, sure....but I wouldn't take away your rights because of my OPINION..... I guess that is the problem. Opinions are like assholes and everyone has one...some of us just like forcing ours on others.

I understand being Pro-Life but when Pro-Life starts to equal Anti-Women you've lost my support. As of this moment forward I will NO longer be supporting Susan G Komen by donating money, by participating in their walks, or spreading the word for them. Instead I will take my hard earned money and the money my company has allotted for donations and put them to Planned Parenthood, an organization that doesn't care if you are black, white, or yellow, doesn't care if you are straight, gay, or transgendered, an organization that will help you with birth control or help you with an abortion. I will NOT donate my money to an organization that is turning their backs on an organization that NEEDS grants and donations to continue to help women.

What are your thoughts about Komen pulling the grants from Planned Parenthood. Was it a wise decision or a huge mistake?


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